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A good time was had by all A stitch in time saves nine A long time dead After hours
Against the clock At the eleventh hour Behind the times Better late than never
Bide one's time Clock Clock watcher Dead on time
Dial Digital Do time Double time
Face For old times sake For auld lang syne Good time girl
Grandfather Hands Have a rough time Have no time for
History repeats itself Hour of need Hours In the fullness of time
In the nick of time Keeping up with the times Kill time LCD
Living on borrowed time Long time, no see Make up for lost time Make time
Mark time Minutes More times than hot dinners Never too late to learn
No time like the present No time like the present Now is the time for all good men... On the dot of
Once upon a time One born every minute Only time will tell Open all hours
Pass the time of day Peace in our time Piece Play for time
Procrastination is the thief of time Pushed for time Put the clock back Put off the evil hour
Put the clock back Question of time Race against time Rock around the clock
Round the clock Run like clockwork Same time, same place Seconds
Seemed like a good idea at the time Sign of the times Slip in time Sooner or later
Spring Staggered hours Stand the test of time Stop-watch
Strap Take one's time Take time off Tempus fugit
The darkest hour is just before dawn The dead of night The moment of truth The sands of time
The time is ripe There is a time and place for everything There's no time like the present Tick
Time Time after time Time is money Time will tell
Time flies (when you're enjoying yourself) Time works wonders Time lag Time immemorial
Time drags Time honoured tradition Time and tide wait for no man Time consuming
Time flies Time gentlemen, please Time is a great healer Time is of the essence
Time is running out Timely Time marches on Time off for good behaviour
Time of one's life Time on one's hands Time to kill Time will tell
Time without number Time's money Times change Tock
Turn the clock back Unwind Watch Wind
Work around the clock Zero hour    

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Clock / tock / lock / mock / rock / hock / shock / chock a block / dock / loch / flock / smock / knock / stock / wok Hands / land / sand / and / bands / canned / land / bland / grand / manned / brand / strand
Time / I'm / chime / rhyme / climb / dime / mime / crime / grime / prime / thyme Watch / botch / Scotch / blotch / notch / butterscotch

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I dance away with KP crisps because...
They keep a smile on my dial, while rocking around the clock
Timex watches give you the time of your life because...
Whatever your age, the time, the place, Timex has the perfect 'face'
A slip in time and Mickey's mine
Reliable, attractive, durable too, Timex for me, how about you?
They are all things bright and beautiful, on faces great and small
Handsome face, a fashion must, more precisely a name to trust
One timely purchase from Argos and four could be shaking Mickey's hand
Whilst others simply tick along, a Timex watch keeps going strong
Time is well spent at Asda because...
Their prices are cut at every stroke
The prices are under close watch every second of the day
Its got the stock to make you tick
Their prices stand still while time marches on
They put back the clock with their prices
You clock in for variety and clock out with value
We always find time to wear Piz Buin on the beach because...
We would have style on the one hand and time on the other, to clock up super Piz Buin tans
Like Piz Buin products, they 'watch' over bodies with care every 'second' so that one is in the swim for a fantastic time
Back from our holiday all Piz Buin brown, we'd be 'tick'-led pink and the 'tock' of the town
It's always time for '99' tea because...
When its time for a perfect brew, only '99' will do
It's second to none at a price that won't alarm
I clock in for a good brew and clock out for value
The prices are under close watch every second of the day
Thirst come, thirst served, '99' is the brew preferred
Expert blenders perfect it, connoisseurs select it
At any time of day I like brewing what comes naturally
When its hands up for choice, '99' wins hands down
Its all its clocked up to be - simply fantastic...tic...tic
A Swiss holiday, courtesy of '99' would be just the tick-et
Metamec clocks make ideal presents because...
They have style on the one hand, precision on the other
When its 'hands up' for choice they win 'hands down'
Hard working hands guarantee Metamec is not just a pretty face
They're all they're clocked up to be
The gift of the moment goes on for a lifetime
There's no present like the time

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