Words / Ideas Winning Tiebreakers



Action (packed)   Adults only Agent  Animation 
At the movies     Backstage Beam me up Scotty  Behind the scenes 
Bette Davis Eyes   Big break  Big screen Bit part 
Blue movie  Bollywood  Cannes film festival  Casting Couch
CinemaScope    Cinerama  Clear the set!  Cliff hanger 
Closed set  Credits  Cut!  Cutting room floor  
Debut  Director  Dolby Sound     Dramatic 
Drama Queen  Drive in  Extras  Feature film 
Film Festival  Flicks    General release  Hollywood 
Hollywood wives  Legend in his own lifetime  Lights, camera action!   Listed in order of appearance 
Low budget  May the force be with you  Me Tarzan, you Jane  Metro Goldwyn Mayer 
Motion pictures  Movie Channel  No business like show business  Oldie 
Pictures  Play it again Sam  Preview  Producer 
Projection  Remake  Repeat performance  Rush 
Screenplay  Script  Shoot  Show 
Silver screen  Soundtrack  Spaghetti  Special effects 
Star  Starlet  Star of stage and screen  Starstruck 
Star turn  Star Quality Studio  Surround sound  Take 
Take One  Thriller   Twentieth Century Fox  Voiceover 
Weepie  Western  X rated   

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I'd make my home a Hoover home because... 
Only Hoover could ‘Hammer’ this house of horrors 
Giving Hoover a twirl, changes this Mrs Mop to Wonder Girl! 
In my ‘Tomorrow's World’ I could enjoy ‘Play for Today’ 
Piper Heidsieck and Showbiz make a great pair because… 
They both sparkle with star quality 
Piper Heidsieck's sparkling fun is a star turn, second to none 
They both have vitality and star quality 
I think James Bond uses a Parker Jotter because… 
Bond separates men from boys, Parker separates men from toys 
James Bond's next assignment should be… 
Decoding the secret of Smirnoff's liquid treasure,giving Bond undiluted pleasure 
From 'Russia with Love' again, like Smirnoff, we never mind repeats 
Inviting me (it seems absurd) to share his Smirnoff - shaken not stirred 
Joining me for thrills 'Galore', with the 'Bond' who needs 'Moore'! 
Pushing my trolley to Safeway's till, it's wonky - licensed to kill! 
Smirnoff and Tonic (great double bill) - the Russian connection, licensed to thrill. 
Take a secret peak, as to why Smirnoff tastes unique 
To catch a Black Russian, Smirnoff's the name, blending the game 
To find who sent the Smirnoff from 'Russia with Love' 
To rid the world of unpure spirits 
Try leaving a bottle of Smirnoff unopened - mission impossible! 
James Bond's next assignment should be… 
Ensuring Smirnoff vodka's reputation isn't 'Shaken or Stirred' by imitation 
 I think James Bond uses a Parker Jotter because…
 The action man from Goldeneye, does not wait for ink to dry!
I think it would be cool to win a camcorder the Tesco and Old Jamaica Ginger Beer hot shots competition... 
Camcorders capture Jamaican spice, Tesco's canned cool runnings of life
I'd be cool, calm and projected
Quadrophenia is the greatest British youth film ever made because…
Adolescent memories fade too fast, Quadrophenia ensured they last.
I want to watch Toy Story on Comet's home cinema TVs because…
It's a pro-logically surround sound investment of movie magic.
I would like to win a Klingon Feast in Las Vegas because…
Heineken makes the 'Star' scene no 'Trek' at all.
The force is strong in me because…
Pepsi Cola, Walkers to eat, watching movies, a proper treat.
My favourite Star Wars character is… because…
Luke Skywalker because he thinks Kwik to become the Saver of the day
I would like to be a Jedi Knight because
Like Woolworths, I'd be light years ahead in the 'store wars'
I'd love to go to Warners World in Germany because…
Action, adventure, lots more besides, putting my towel down makes me first on the rides
Doritos movie premiers are great because...
Great movies tonight at eight - Doritos Premier Films, its a date
I’m the first to savour the premier flavour
They’re cool, original, ideal, spicy, exciting and simply ‘unreel’
Directors perfect them for film buff selection
They catch your attention, so then you watch them
From ‘Casablanca’ to ‘Rio’ every movie buff loves Doritos tasty trio
I always get my movie kicks with Doritos first time groovy flicks
Doritas tastefully carry the show - supported by Forbouys - always in the know
With a taste for the occasion, each opening’s a celebration
Like Doritos munchy flavours, they put stars in your eyes
Lights, action - Doritos are the main attraction
Where would you like to make a movie and why? ...
On the moon: The location shots will be out of this world
For quality and taste I always choose Asda British sausages because…
Lights, camera, action, British bangers are Asda's star attraction
They're an all star cost that's unsurpassed
They're just the ticket for tasty snacks, Oscar winning sausage packs!
Value, taste, meaty, lean, - only the best get through Asda's screen
Scotch cassettes star in my movies because…
They outclass the best and outlast the rest
I would like to own a Toshiba home video system because…
It would be like a trip to the cinema in the comfort of my home
My name for a film staring Princes spreads would be…
Liz Taylor story - (only 'paste' you'll see me with)
Rightspread revisited
The 'Butty' professors
Diet Coke and movies go together because…
Lights, Camera, Action, Diet Coke's the star attraction
Alongside Cruise and Swayze, Diet Coke drives me crazy
Bogart, Redford, Monroe, Bacall, Diet Coke toasts them all
Both are a big hit in Cannes
Diet Coke is a blockbuster of a drink
Diet Coke's appeal and zing, even outshines Michelle and Kim
Diet Coke's classic tingle, makes movie magic multilingual
Enjoyment is the name of the game
I can taste the great, whilst enjoying a great taste
If the films in bad taste, your Cola won't be
It always outdoes its competitors at the box office
Movies are fantasy and Diet Coke is the real thing
Sparkling performances I find, increase enjoyment when combined
That's the ultimate taste in entertainment ever
The fun just keeps bubbling on
They are simply the best
They are sparkling and refreshing products of the '90's
They refresh and excite body and soul making an entirety
They top the scale in good taste
They're both full of sparkle and entertainment
They're fizzy, exciting and cool
What's on the reel is the real thing
I would like to poppet to the movies with a friend free for a year because...
'From Poppets with love' comes 'A view to fulfil' my greatest desire
I really, really, really want to Zig ah Zag ahhh!
She has this Fatal Attraction for my Poppets and would Die Hard to get them
Such a sweet and thrilling thing, would really make Zig's eyeballs swing
Weekly watching with Poppet pack, like Arnie says - I'll Poppet back
Say why you want to go the the Oscar ceremony…
Political speeches, costumes brief, Outstanding joy, overwhelming grief, the players assemble bearing souls, Desperate to own the figure of gold
I would like to visit California because…
Hollywood hills from Tesco tills, would be the fruit of smaller bills
I would like to eat my Cadbury's Eclairs in Bel Air because…
After the weekly grind, this sweetie needs to unwind
Amongst the glamour, glitz and action, Cadbury's Eclairs are the star attraction
I would pie 'n' mix with the Hollywood chicks
Mingling with millionaires, I'll share my mints if they share theirs
They are the twentieth century chox
To win a holiday in Hollywood would light up my day because...
A Goldwyn pack or the Goldwyn state, a Goldwyn opportunity to celebrate
Camcorder memories, breathtaking sights, and Hollywood stars displayed in lights
Famous faces, fabulous sights, moments to treasure with Ultra Lights
From camera to action, from prizes to flights, from dream to reality, with Benson’s delights
I’d have a famous time in California, thanks to Benson & Hedges - a star performer
It’s Ultra amazing, my Ultra day dream, LA style, Ultra supreme
Like Benson & Hedges, it’s second to none, thrills and luxury rolled into one
Star studded city from the pack with flair, Hollywood and B&H, the perfect pair
This package of pleasure’s an increasing blend, of action and glamour, beginning to end
Whether home or abroad, the gold B&H packet is my academy award
If I was in LA drinking Carlsberg I would…
Be singing I never felt more like swigging the booze
Buy a drink for two local girls, Beverley Hills and Holly Wood
If Holly wood
RE -45' D
Rock like Haley knowing Carlsberg had the bill
Hollywood is a star attraction because…
The silver screen can make you a star, but only the planets know how far!
My co-star in a big Hollywood movie presented by Berkley Superkings would be … because…
Burt Reynolds - Berkley’s would guarantee the greatest smokey cannonball run, filtering the best excitement and action all rolled into one
Busby Berkley - Like his namesake Berkley cigarettes, his films always gave quality, luxury and value for money. Berkley the Superking of Hollywood
Danny De Vito - Big stars come in small packages. We would light up the screen and have a Superking-size success
Demi Moore - With her gorgeous body and beautiful face, I would need a Berkley to return my heart to normal
Fred Astaire - Cool and inspirational, smooth and debonair, with Fred and Berkley Menthol, I’d be walking on air
George Formby - Whilst he’s cleaning windows, I’ll be smoking Berkley
Harrison Ford - I have great taste, he has quality to spare - Berkley Superkings have both - an Oscar winning affair
Hugh Grant - Like my favourite cigarette, he’s tall, slim, smooth and sophisticated and unlike other superstars, available at a much fairer price
My Mother - At 80 and after ten children, this leading lady still has more class and style than anything tinseltown can match
My Wife - If the scriptwriter agrees, I might manage to get a few words in
My Wife Doreen - She is my leading lady and the ‘light of my life’
Robbie Coltrane - He is extra large, cool and smooth - like the Superkings taste we both approve
Sylvester ‘Rocky’ Stallone - Superstar and Superking, knock spots off their rivals in or out of the ring
Tina Turner - With Berkley and Tina, I’m doubly impressed, both smouldering and smooth -they’re simply the best!
Whoopi Goldberg - Packed with style, panache, and flair - twenty reasons beyond compare, Superkings presented as Berldey invented - tipped as the best Hollywood premiere
If you were to remake a famous film staring Dolmio Sauce what would you call it...
A Dish Called Wonder
1001 Dolmio Creations
A Fistful of Dolmio (Spaghetti Western)
A Jar Is Born
A View To A Meal
Anthony and Cleopasta
Dolmio Grande - A Spaghetti Western
From Dolmio With Love
Goodbye Mr Chips
Goodbye Mr Chips, Hello Papa Dolmio
Guess What's Coming For Dinner
Hello Dollymio
Oh For A Few Dolmios More
Plate It Again, Sam!
Plateful Attraction
Shakespeare's "Pasta-Piece" "Dolmio And Julue Ate"
Surround The Whirls In 80 Ways
The Goodmother
The Six Million Dolmio Man
To Stir With Love
I think Cliffhanger is this year's number 1 action movie because…
Quality, value, equally shared, Chronicle and Marriort perfectly paired
The excitement doesn't stop for a minute. I got so carried away I thought l was in it!
Describe Walls Feast Bar and the film you saw at the cinema…
A foul politician, two fledglings and vultures of the press cause havoc in this merry lark
Feast - A chilling tale of crunchy biscuit, smothered by toffee and chocolate ice cream captured in chocolate
Film: The Birdcage - Two gay lovebirds’ cosy nest is disturbed when they pretend to be straight
I would like to capture the spirit of the American West by…
Feeling the history, breathing the air, exploring traditions beyond compare
Dolmio Pasta Sauce is the star ingredient in my kitchen because…
Its appeal is "Universal" and its taste is "Paramount"
No "Casualty" for 'Tools and Sauces", it "Masterminds" "Blockbuster" courses!
Produce Dolmio - 'pan' meat - 'zoom' to table - 'action' - eat!
A prize performer in cuisine, Dolmio always steals the scene!
Like Pisa - it's always on the list
Super'smashin' 'simply great' - bullseye scored with every plate
Forget Hoffman, Cruise and Swayze - Dolmio drives my tastebuds crazy
Natural ingredients, guaranteed to please, Italian cuisine without any E's
It is simply Supernovapastarrtficexpertdolmiocious
Dolmio is the only Safeway to have a Saucy Italian

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