Diamond White and Diamond Blush are the perfect carnival drinks because...
For extra sparkle and laughter, these little gems are what you're after
Blackthorn is a magical drink because...
I made a wish upon a 'Spar', that Blackthorn sends me to Flor-i-da!
Blackthorn's the one my mancubs choose, because one pint Shere Khan beat the Baloos 
Because, because, because, because, because of the wonderful things it does!  
Hubby swears it's an occasional treat but it mysteriously appears on each receipt!
It's bewitchingly delicious, spellbinding I think, Blackthorn is clearly no Mickey Mouse drink
Refreshing, unique, a spellbinding brew, (Disney must make Blackthorn too!)
Pour it, adore it, a marvellous trick, abra'spar'dabra, it disappears quick!  
There's no need for newt's eye, frogs or snails, Blackthorn's formula never fails 
Couple of pints!...and "alabzam"!! A Disney attraction, refreshing taste and all in a can!
Without magic wand or tasselled hat, I pour perfection with Blackthorn - "just like that"!  
De-"cider"dly different, like Disney fun, no 'wand'er Blackthorn is number one!
Fa-mouse-ly refreshing in bottles and cans, always deserves the Spar  treatment from Disney fans
The best things in life are three - Florida, Spar and Blackthorn for me!  
Like Tinkerbell in Peter Pan, Blackthorn 'Spar'-kles like no other can
Wished on a 'Spar' for Disney vacation, delicious Blackthorn bestowed transportation 
Wizard Blackthorn casts spells that grow, witch get you where you wand to go 
Says the mirror on the wall, Blackthorn's the finest of them all
With Spar-kling Blackthorn wishes granted, thirst refreshed and kids enchanted
Enchanting in hand, bewitching in dishes, Blackthorn fulfils a whole fountain of wishes!
Its glow is like the Florida sun, a taste so enchanting, the fairytale's begun 
Even the Sorcerer's Apprentice, Mickey, would find conjuring-up anything better....Tricky!  
The tastebuds awaken, the senses soar, we're transported to Disney for enchantment galore  
Hey Presto! From Florida to Spar stores, Blackthorn cider reigns when it pours 
Blackthorn's expertise makes Paul Daniels gasp: "their cider making secrets are way beyond my grasp"
It conjures-up strength with unique fermentation, it's de-cider-dly different - a true in-Spar-ation.
This refreshingly different, 'Spar'-kling bubbly "potion", could 'turn into' a trip across the Atlantic Ocean 
Fres is the cider for the nineties because… 

I always sip something tasteful after a hard day 

Diamond White and Diamond Blush are the perfect carnival drinks because…  

For extra sparkle and laughter, these little gems are what you're after 

White lightening strikes me as a great cider because…  
A flash bike for her indoors, wins the support for my cider cause 
As a 'tour de force', it helps me stay the course 
Bike riding can be very tiring. White Lightening keeps my engine firing 
Cool and sparkling, the power to shock, makes a party really rock 
Drunk in Devon, downed in Dover, White Lightening always bowls me over 
During breaks I cant-I-leve it alone 
For thirst satisfaction, my inner tubes tyre of lightening chain reaction 
Having discovered perfection, why risk random selection 
It 'switches' my taste buds to 'positive' without being 'charged' the 'earth' 
It gives tyred frames a glimmer, a chain reaction for a winner 
It makes me more tottery, than winning the lottery 
It supplies rockets to my sprockets 
It tastes delicious - I'm a fan, certainly no 'flash' in the pan 
It's a drink packed with power, like a storm, not a shower 
It's a heavenly taste at a down to earth price 
It's a storm in a glass that Inch's down perfectly 
It's an electrifying taste at a down to earth charge 
It's clearly a brilliant way to raise my street cred
It's made by Inch's, so I drink it as a rule
It's positively charged with flavour, for thirsty inner tubes to flavour
It's so strong, you must be careful to 'conduct' yourself properly
It's the apple alliance of science
It's the perfect way to have my apple a day
Its electrifying taste is clear to see, this cider is liquid quality
The charge is nominal, but the power phenomenal
The tasty sparkle in a bottle, enables me to go full throttle
Whatever size the measure, it's always Inch perfect

You don't need to peddle these goods as it's top gear

Bulmer is the best name for cider because…
Simply the best in any decider, Bulmer's outsparkles all other cider

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