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Santapplause Santariffic Santastic Scrooge
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Sleigh Snow Special occasion Spread
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Cheer / here Holidays / holly days
Holly / jolly You'll / yule

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Piper Heidsieck is the perfect champagne for making Christmas day really special because…
It's the distinguished label for the festive table.
I think Bells 8 year old Scotch Whisky would make the ideal Christmas drink because…
Family invasions or cosy liaisons, Bells is best for all occasions.
I think Cockburn's Special Reserve Port would make the ideal Christmas drink because…
It's the port that launched a thousand sips
I think Croft Original Sherry would make the ideal Christmas drink because…
From a great past, the house of Croft have created the original present
I think Glenfiddich Scotch Whisky would make the ideal Christmas drink because…
Glenfiddich's the whis-key to un-loching, malt-itudes of pleasure in a Christmas stocking
I think Harvey's Bristol Cream would make the ideal Christmas drink because…
Quality taste, classic bottle design, the label is Harveys, the pleasure is mine
I think Martell Fine Cognac would make the ideal Christmas drink because…
As connoisseurs of taste all know, Martell's a very special three star cadeau
I think Smirnoff Vodka would make the ideal Christmas drink because…
It's straight from the stills and still the best straight
I think Teachers Scotch Whisky would make the ideal Christmas drink because…
Forget the socks, the shaving lotion, give him Teacher's, his favourite potion
I think the Famous Grouse would make the ideal Christmas drink because…
Grouse makes Christmas very jolly for Carol, Ivy, Noel and Holly
I think Delaney's Irish Cream would make the ideal Christmas drink because…
Sipping Delaney's makes for good cheer, not only at Christmas but all through the year
How would you make your Christmas a cracker if you won £5,000 in our competition…
Three French friends, two Turkish rugs and a cartridge for the PC
Santa always carries Pepsi on his sleigh because…
Hark the Herald Angels sing, "refreshing Pepsi is just the thing"
I'd love to enjoy Kelloggs Rice Krispies in Lapland because…
Snap, Crackle, Pop's great Christmas box is poles apart from ties and socks
Visiting Santa in Lapland would be a magical experience because…
Itinerary and venue, 'Caerphilly' planned, 'grate' Christmas magic, a-'whey' in Lapland
Discovering the magic, experiencing the fun, is a 'wonderland' adventure for everyone
I always use Kodak Gold Ultra 400 film to capture my Christmas memories because…
Snap the halls with vibrant holly, Hold holds fast to moments jolly
Sainsbury's unrefined sugars are perfect for Christmas home baking because…
A spoonful of sugar helps the merriment go round
They're stars in the baking
They make a fairytale taste that has a happy blending
Coca-Cola and Schweppes always give me something to sing about at Tesco because...
While 'Shepherds watch' 'You Know Who' is stocking up!
Slimline Schweppes or Diet Coke brand, lead Tesco's healthy keep fit band
They are a classical pair and harmonise with other fare
Every be-bopping bubble bounces to the beat
Mix and mingle or straight and single they make me swingle
I saw three Schweppes Coke sailing by; tonic, coke and ginger dry!
Coke and Schweppes keep me young - and like Cliff, Tesco's number one
They're a cracking Christmas double, loadsa savings, loadsa bubble
Whenever people gather and mingle, Tesco and Schweppes provide the jingle
Party time is ticketyboo with Tesco, Coke and Schhh 'You Know Who'!
You can't buy better this Christmas at Comet because...
Santariffic bargains down every aisle, would even make Scrooge smile
Extensive choice, service and care, plus competitive prices theirs beyond compare
Not even Santa's sledge beats Comet's cutting edge
For Christmas presents great or small, Comet's prices beat them all
Staff are helpful, delivery swift, quality and price are always a gift
Comet is my number one choice for Christmas because…
When the gift you want plugs into a socket, you'll leave with a smile and more in your pocket
I want to visit Father Christmas because…
Every girl would like to sit on Father Christmas's knee to say what they would like
I am forty three years old and I've never seen him in all these years
He is childhood's most magical and enchanting memory
I come from the Phillipines and have never seen him or snow before
Childhood fantasies only come true, for the House of Fraser fortunate few
I want to put the House of Fraser logo, above the entrance to Santa's grotto!
My little 'deer', with a starry gaze, asks every year, where Santa stays
Skidoo through the snow, where's Santa? Let's go, what a delight! Let's win that fight
I doubted his existence until I got my super special offer Hotpoint Autowasher from Rackhams
The spirit of Christmas is giving, so I hope he gives me first prize
The children would like to say thanks for all his kindness and see his homeland
Because I think he is a wonderful person, so kind and generous to all the children.
We would like to see the children's eyes light up before Christmas day
To see the joy on my grandson's face
He's the one who brings happiness to the whole world, even for a short time
I am a child at heart and it is every child's dream to visit Santa 
 A Fraser' card buys you time to pay, for the gifts you send from Santa's sleigh
 My children's glowing faces, glimpsing magical scenes, Santa, Snow and reindeer, please fulfill their dreams
 I would like to prove to my husband that Father Christmas really does exist
 He gives everyone so much pleasure it would be nice to thank him personally
 Like visiting Fraser's it would be bliss, a Santastic trip I hope I don't miss!
 Now I'm 35 he doesn't come to see me anymore
 He himself adds something to the spirit of Christmas
It would be an exciting place to see, also quite interesting 
 My big brother said that daddy's Father Christmas
 At last at Santa I can peep - he only visits me when I'm asleep.
 Now we've got a gas fire, he won't be coming to visit down my chimney.
 We could skedadal in a skidoo and See Father Christmas in an igloo
 To ask him to bring some lovely toys.
 D.H 'Evans above', we're off to 'film' Santa and send him our love
 Visiting Santa on skidoo, beats travelling by coach on the M62.
 The family Bruce are in the dumps and need a treat in Lapland at once
 Searching for Santa at the end of the year, beats sitting home in the reindeer
 With reindeer ready, his sleigh full of toys, Santa brings happiness to girls and boys
 He gives pleasure to children young and old and engrosses them enjoy and wonder
 Fraser's anti says 'Ivalo temperature Artic Kota you can borrow Ski-doo-n to Antilampi
 I could enjoy surprising him with a present
 I'd sit on the 'lap' of that wonderful chap and give him gifts to unwrap
I want to find out if he really exists and my dad does too 
 He has been visiting me for 37 years and it's my turn to visit him
My children have written him a letter and personal delivery is quicker - and better. 
 I'd see Santa face to face
 My children's dream is this Lapland trailblazer, with warm Christmas welcome like House of Fraser
 Of excitement in the land of snow and hugging Santa we love him so
 Every time he visits, I am asleep and I would like to say thank you
 He'll then see me in the land of lap and not in the land of nod
 We've waited 93 and 75 years to prove our real and fondest hopes
 I want to show him my credit card balance
 He travels fast just like a laser, he is quick like the House of Fraser
A family trip to Santa's home, would make Christmas Magic for young and old.
I would like to visit Santa Claus in Lapland because…
Family fantasies would come true, being one of Kwik Save's lucky two.
In Cheshire, Gloucester and Caerphilly too, it's everyone's childhood dream come true
I'd love to enjoy Kellogg's Rice Krispies in Lapland because…
Snap, crackle, pops, great Christmas box, is apart from ties and socks
I want to go to Lapland because…
Its magical ingredients are perfectly blended, keeping children believing as Santa intended
I like Christmas pantomimes because…
A comical dame, the villain that's scary, please wave your wand, oh Cadbury's fairy
All kids at heart, we guzzle chox, wishing the genie would refill the box
Baddies to boo, goodies to eat, Cadbury's and panto - a spectacular treat
Cadbury's chocs, a seat front stalls. I'm kept inspired till the curtain falls
Cadbury's kids and my number one fella, make me feel like Cinderella
Each magical assortment takes centre stage, appealing to kids of every age
Hotfoot to Woolworths for Cadbury’s chocs - Frank Bruno's playing Goldilocks
Pantos are fun, roses are yummy, with two ugly sisters, daddy and mummy
They are like Cadbury's - great box office at stocking-up time!
This British tradition, unique to these isles, like roses, brings happiness, laughter and smiles
Quality approved Scottish Salmon makes Christmas special because…
Scottish salmon, the quality fish, makes the perfect Xmas family dish
I think Paxo and Ocean Spray cranberry sauce are a great Christmas combination because…
Christmas lunch or Sunday dinner, Paxo and Cranberry make turkey a winner
For quality and flavour, they soared to fame, tastefully enhancing every festive 'game'
Ocean Spray and Paxo, discerning diners howl, without this tasty twosome, turkey tastes just fowl!
They turn just another 'fowl' dinner into a festive meal that's a real winner
When stuffed with taste, berried in flavour, your Christmas bird is something to savour
Cranberry sauce is the perfect accompaniment to my Christmas turkey because…
All the trimmings I can boast, if Ocean Spray completes my roast
Always fresh, always sound, always a joy to pass around
Christmas turkey isn't dressed, unless it wears the berry best
Cranberry Sauce by Ocean Spray, compliments turkey in every way
Cranberry Sauce is the only reason, for eating turkey whatever the season
For Cranberry Sauce say Ocean Spray, the perfect taste for Christmas Day
Fruity, juicy, sharp, yet sweet, makes any turkey taste unique
It's fruity flavour enhances the day, but only if it's Ocean Spray
My Christmas would be incomplete, without Cranberry Sauce on my meat
My dish of the day is "made" with Ocean Spray
No doubt about it, can't eat my turkey without it
Ocean Spray is "jolly" fruity, - turns our bird into a festive beauty
Ocean Spray on Christmas Day, delicious in its "saucy" way
Only turkey eaten with Ocean Spray, my perfect present on Christmas
Our Christmas wouldn't be merry, without this little red berry
The best part of tradition, is Ocean Spray's addition
The cost is nominal, the taste phenomenal
The cranberries in Ocean Spray, keep the taste buds popping on Christmas Day
The perfect partners for Christmas Day, - turkey served with Ocean Spray
The rich fruit, the bright berry, Ocean Spray makes Christmas merry
I'm going to have a great time this Christmas thanks to BT because…
Hark the Freestyles gentle ring; Heralds calls for answering; Never moving from the chair; Press a button, calls right there
A cordless phone means the kids won't moan, now they can walk and talk instead of war and jaw
All next year I know this much, My forgetful son will keep in touch
Although my family's far away, it's cheap to phone on Christmas day
Although the love of my heart is apart, we can still keep in touch, without costing much
Anywhere worldwide - London to Perth, Telecom's services prove their worth
Away from home, that BT tone, melts the miles away.
Basted Turkey, Bright Tinsel, Brimming Tankards, Brandy-filled Tarts, Bath Talcs, Being Thoughtful, Bristling Tree, Bringing Together, British Telecom
Beside him in the chair, husband will have the phone, no fighting ‘twix us pair, to answer not a moan
Better than baubles, Tinsel, Bells, Trees, Bears, Toys, Bras, Teddies, Brandy', Toddies, BT Bridging Traditions, Breeding Thoughtfulness. Bringing Togetherness
Brother ‘Relates's to Doris, sister 'Duet's with Boris, the family 'Freelances's Christmas cheer - a 'Prelude' to 'ringing' Happy New Year!
BT cordless sets help to take calls, BT memories help to make calls, BT technologies help to make it easier
BT is very much like ET - out of this world. Except prices are very much down to Earth
BT’s a winner, improving so much, I'm so well connected and always in touch
BT's DF100 is intelligent and it shows, and if you faxed it, you would even say it knows!
Cheaper calls, all to share, nothing missed, Falcon flair, with the Freelance anywhere, to roam the house without a care
Christmas finds me reminiscing; Family friends that I’m missing; Seconds later I'm in touch; Now the hurt's not hurting much
Ding Dung merrily on high - it's heaven the bells are ringing 
Dring! Dring! merrily on high; My telephone hell is singing; With my answering machine; I always know who's ringing
For quality and value BT is no Scrooge, with their cornucopia of technology and the chance to win a cruise
Forget partridges and geese, British Telecom's exceeds these, with the happiness it brings, when my true love gives five rings
Grandchildren dialling Christmas cheer: the miles between us disappear
I can hide from the kitchen, kids, the dog, my husband and natter as long as l like

I can invite friends from all over the world into my home -without even going to the door!

I can send my seasonal greetings without delay and keep in touch on Christmas Day

I can talk to friends rather than using pens, I can keep in touch and it doesn't cost much

I dial my selection, for instant selection, to banish dejection with some aural affection

I hold the telephone to my earlobe, then dial right round the globe, and it's jingle bells all the way

I suffered hang ups every Christmas, enduring many a silent night, since I sent BT phonecards, telephone's Brrring delight

I'll phone greetings to relations, slog at slogan combinations, then await congratulations, with BT communications

I'll have piece of mind knowing my mum's just a call away, and though she’s blind, she can call us each day

If hubby's in the pub, I'll bleep him for Christmas grub, He'll soon be on his way, THIS Christmas Day

If you can't he with those who matter, at least you can have a festive chatter

Last minute party? No need for dismay, forget slow Christmas post BT saves the day

Miles don't matter, when you can have a cheap chatter

My mother-in-law is now just a phone call away, so we will be having a turkey for Christmas instead of her!

Oh what joy it brings; When I hear five gold rings

On the fifth day of Christmas my true love sends to me -Five gold rings - cheap rate of course!

Perfect gift now is made, as a mobile phone BT Jade
Relations and friends; Home or away; Come that bit nearer; The BT way
Resplendent on my dresser it sits: I am absolutely thrilled to bits!
Ringing long distance makes the heart grow - 'Phone-der'
Santa heard my plea: An answerphone from thee

Satellite viewing, phoning or faxing, BT products make communicating more relaxing

Telephones ring - are you listening? O'er the world - faces glistening.' Beautiful sound - beaming around, Talking in a BT wonderland

The rates are down, the lines are clear, I'll speak to all, my near and dear

The voice tells you the time of day: Your friends will know you're out to play: There's always time to have your say: B. Telecom will find a way

Their phone-tastic gifts give me the perfect reason, to wish one and all British Telecom’pliments of the season

There's goodwill all along the line, from Christmas Eve to Auld Lang Syne
There's one bill that we're able to peg - phoning won't cost an arm or a leg
They B-ring the very best to you
They make my nearest and dearest, nearer but no dearer

They'll he no more partridges, geese, turtledoves, french hens, drummers, maids or lords... only lots of rings

This elegant phone gives me the leads, it's dependable, reliable and 'answers' my needs

Unto us a child is born, at Christmas time rejoice, with BT's cordless telephone this wise man heard his voice

What better way can you be given a gift, when that way is the gift of talking

When Christmas cards I overlook, BT helps get me off the hook Seasonal greetings yule express, BTs a phone-nomenal success!

When Gold is expensive, Frrankincense sold out and Myrrh not stocked, Wise Men give someone special a ring for Christmas

While Santa delivers Christmas cheer, BT brings our dearest near

Title of video of a typical family Christmas and all its magic moments…
Blow the balloons, hang the holly, stuff the turkey - it's Christmas
The day the lid came off
Trivial Disputes
When you wish upon a Jar
Who wrapped Roger's rabbit?
A trolley dash through Kwik Save would bring me Christmas cheer...
And the season of goodwill - without a shopping bill
As saving lolly, with a KwikSave trolley, would make Christmas jolly
Dashing around with cheesey grin, would make my Christmas hope to win
For festive feasting without the lolly, Santa's sleigh becomes the trolley!
Presents to buy, tummies to fill, Santa Kwik Save footing the bill
Skis fixed, Rudolph ready, cheese picked, nerves steady, four minutes gone already!
Spending my premier points at Argos this Xmas means…
Argos pressies fill up our sack, pounds saved, still in the black
Argos shops are a Christmas dream, with competition prices for gifts mainstream
Bags of choice, less to pay, more festive fun on Christmas Day
Converting power for my engine into extra power for my purse

Enclosing Premier Points in Santa's letter, guarantees Argos gifts priced much better

Less expensive in store, Premier Points galore - smiles all round for sure
Merrily choosing from ranges enticing, with Premier Points 'sleighing' the prices
Miles run on Mobil, points to gifts galore - but no bill
Mobil, Argos perfect friends, helping you save money each time you spend
My car becomes a Christmas sleigh, Argos shopping the low bill way
My Mobil shopping, means Argos are chopping, prices on all my Christmas shopping
My season is merry and jolly with quality gifts whilst saving lolly
No bill, Mobil more free shopping each time I fill
Oil fill Santa's sack, and chance I'll get my money back
On bargains galore, I can save more in my favourite store
Premier Points clocking on the dash, means for me more spending cash
Saving pounds and pence on Premier presents, that must make sense
Stocking up with savings galore, extensive choice who could ask for more
There's no coupon botheration. at the Premier filling station

This year his sack was looking thin... until Mobil invited Santa in!

I think that families should play MB games together at Christmas because…

'Guess Who' makes yuletide fun, 'Knockout' games for everyone, caring families love to play, MB games on Christmas Day

After a 'Knockout' lunch, no 'Hungry Hippos' suffer 'Frustration, but 'Guess Who' gets 'Giggle Wiggle' with Christmas spirit, sheer 'Perfection'

Being fast, funny and full of dare, MB Games always make Christmas a family affair

Christmas is a time of fun and glee, and it would not be the same without MB

It's a chance to laugh and see who's won, with excitement and fun that's second to none

Merry-making with MB Games, makes aunts and uncles glad they came!

They are worth their weight in gold, everlasting pleasures enjoyed by young and old

When all the Christmas presents have gone, those wonderful games go on and on...

Winners, losers, little cheaters, all love MB boredom beaters

With a house full, MB takes the stage, satisfying 'Kids' of any age

Remy Martin makes a great Christmas gift because…
Christmases come, yuletides go, but Remy maintains that sumptuous glow
Cognac made the Remy way, raises spirits on Christmas day
Past experience makes it the perfect present
Remy's silky smooth taste perfection, helps post-pud depression
Superior cognac delivered by Santa, satisfies every discerning decanter!
Wise men travel from afar, to sample cognac’s brightest star
A case of Moet would put a sparkle in my eye this Christmas because…
With a case of Moet they'd sparkle away from Christmas Eve to New Year's Day
It's a case of impeccable good taste, earning compliments of the season
Its beautiful colour and superb smooth taste would bring a smile and a pleasing warmth to the most discerning guest
I want to win back my Christmas spend because…
After buying presents and festive fare, Mastercard makes it easier to bear
After buying presents, full of cheer, nothing's left to buy the beer!
After paying my household bills, all I have left is - humbug!
After the Christmas fun, I want a week in the sun
Although a season of great cheer, Christmas can be very dear!
Bargains spotted, no cash allotted, NatWest plastic, turns cash elastic
Being retired, income is less, win back would give our bank balance a rest
Brought presents, cards and a tree, but haven't treated poor old me
Christmas can severely damage your wealth
Christmas gifts for free! Then no scrooge I'll be
Christmas goodies bought by plastic, NatWest paying? That's fantastic!
Christmas tree, decked with gifts, credit card full of debts
Christmas would be extra merry- topping the cake would be this 'cherry'
Generosity at Christmas requires funding at New Year
How nice it would be to have Christmas shopping free
I can spend it once and then go spend it all again!
I don't want my future haunted by the ghost of Christmas presents
I don't want to limit my Christmas spirit
I forgot about the in-laws, the other half is clenching his paws!
I have a 'grand idea', a family holiday in the NewYear!
I want to feel great at the start of ninety eight
I want to put some Christmas spice back into my life
I want to start '98 with a clean slate
I was not a Scrooge and therefore my bill is huge
I would like to have my Christmas cake and eat it
I'd disprove my wife's rave 'you can't spend it - and save'
I'll merrily spend without a pause, with NatWest playing Santa Claus
I'm stony broke because of the Santa bloke
It can snowman or reindeer, but NatWest, my aching mistletoes Yule cheer
It will pay for Caribbean cruise, to beat those January blues
It will revitalise me ready to shop my way through 1998
It would be a great reason, for treats in the festive season
It's plain to see I've been on a spree! Oh dear me!
Luck like that brings boundless pleasure, like striking gold or finding treasure
Money does not grow on trees, not even Christmas trees!
My Christmas would be brighter, without making my wallet lighter.
My family of nine will expect a good time, MasterCard rescue? Fine!
My spending power is encumbered, because my card my wife has plundered
NatWest credit helped me spend, NatWest refund - what a friend!
Now that I've done my Santa stint, I'm definitely feeling rather skint
Oh, what Christmas glee for me, to have a free shopping spree
On the first day of Christmas my true love spent for me
Past Christmas presents leave future excesses for my Access to clear
With children, six, grandchildren, eight, money disappears one hell of a rate
Santa's been working very hard, using his favourite Christmas card
Strapped for cash, Christmas shopping chores, but with NatWest I'm Santa Claus!
Then Christmas will be a time of cheer, without the financial fear
Then the next shopping spree, could be presents just for me!
Turkey, tinsel, Christmas cheer, thanks to NatWest, they're free this year!
Working hard throughout the year, we really would love some Christmas cheer

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