Safeway brings me flavours from afar because...
They give you exotic tastes, mysterious spices, far away places at affordable prices
Sharwoods is the natural choice for the full flavour of the Orient because...
They make wholesome, authentic Chinese fare, with that extra ingredient - Sharwoods care
For authentic flavour, find Sharwoods display, it's the ultimate Chinese take away
Eastern spices I unlock, so I can be wicked with my wok
With crackers, marinades, oils, sauces, Sharwoods great for all the courses
I discovered the world of taste at Safeway when I...
Became an armchair traveller last night, transported with every bite
Sample ideas from many cultures, exciting and new for my family of vultures
Tried a papaya and a kebab, without needing a visa or jab!
Found affordable luxuries, flavours defined, plus fruits of the world in this home town of mine
 If you were to write a play or musical about Uncle Bens, what would you call itů
Annie Get Your Chopsticks
Ben Is From Heaven
One Night in Ben' swok
Pillau Talk
Stir Rice Express
Stirway to Heaven
The Fried A'Stir Story
Uncle Ben's lli"Sauciety"
Uncle Ben's; Licence to Fill
Wok On

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