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Beijing Chinatown Cre’Asian Dragon
Eastern For all the tea in China Great wall New Year
Great wall New Year Oriental Saucery tricks
Silks and spices Shanghai Spicy Year of the

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China / finer / liner / diner / designer Oriental / incidental / fundamental

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I like my glasses because…
I can peek in on Beijing, cast an eye on Shanghai
I would like to go to New York to be Shanghai'd because....
Shanghai's refreshing oriental quencher, replaces thirst worth a stateside adventure.
Manhattan skyline, Broadway shows, with Shanghai unleashed, the weekend flows.
New Millennium, finances chronic, Shanghai and New York the perfect tonic..
Beijing to Brooklyn, Shanghai to Staten, skyscraping tastes refreshes Manhattan.
With Shanghai, dragons, silks and spices, exotic Chinatown entices.
Chinese celebrations, Broadway shows, with Shanghai lager the weekend flows.
Chinatown's new champion team, New York yangtzes reign supreme.
Of the Yankee, Yangtze premium team, the eastern, western American dream.
Over worked, under pressure, New York and Shanghai - the perfect refresher.
New York Shanghai guarantee, great taste, great times, and liberty.
Like Sinatra "Shang-ai" drink it here I drink it anywhere

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