I buy Swiss Emmental at Safeway because...
Emmental excellence, Safeway flair, together they're the perfect pair
I like Edam because ...
It has the flavour my taste buds love to savour
Go Dutch, go Edam
It's the best Dutch treat, I can buy or eat
I like Edam because…
Its flavour excites me, so Edam please invite me
Sarnies, lunches or high teas, Edam taste will never displease
What MADE backwards is always forward on the cheeseboard
I like Edam because…
Losing pounds saving pence - double Dutch makes good sense
It's Hollands famous cheese that lures me overseas
Tangy delicious with Dutch appeal, Edam rounds off any meal
Rupp Mini Mooh is fun for you
From simple snacks to sizzling dinners, these little round cheeses are big time winners.
Visiting Santa in Lapland would be a magical experience because…
Itinerary and venue, 'Caerphilly' planned, 'grate' Christmas magic, a-'whey' in Lapland
Discovering the magic, experiencing the fun, is a 'wonderland' adventure for everyone
I would most like to eat Australian cheddar because ...
It's temptingly tasty, Home and Away, no wonder Neighbours have a g'day
It's far and away the tastiest from Oz, if ever there was....
Rich and nutty beats all other cheeses, Australian's the one that pleases
Delicious in sarnies and scrummy on toast, Australian wonder appeals the most
Barbie,quiche or spread, it's a perfect partner with daily bread
Delicious on toast, it brings sunshine and the taste I like most
The flavour brings sunshine outback of my fridge
Whatever the venue I want it on my menu
Safeway stilton can be enjoyed at any time of the year because ...
Simple snack or gourmet dinner, Safeway Stilton's a certain winner
Winter chill or summer breeze, Safeway Stilton will surely please
Crackers, salad pr any cheeseboard, Stilton's attractions cannot be ignored
Whenever tastebuds bite, Stilton's just right
Xmas week finishes too fast, Safeway Stilton will always last
Quality and flavour, expertly perfected, tastefully enhancing any occasion
Cosy liasions or family invasions, Stilton compliments any occasions
Quality is the reason - it's always in season
Creamy texture we adore, always sends us back for more
It's for life, not just for Christmas
The blue blood of cheeses, a mature taste that pleases
It compliments any occasion, from family lunch to celebration
Whatever the season, Stilton's a winner, complimenting lunch and dinner
It's a flavour for all seasons
Never just a passing trend, consistently tasty - the perfect blend
Unique taste is the reason, whatever the season
Its distinctive flavour gives it a cutting wedge
One wedge never leaves you on a knife's edge
Civic luncheon or church fate, poolside barbecue, Stilton's great
It is the star onboard with port aside
Perfectionists perfect it, connoisseurs select it
It is truly a cheese for all seasons and occasions
It's the cheese that puts a smile on every face
Its taste sensation has no limitation
Perfect flavour is the reason, to enjoy it any season
It's a cheese for all reasons and seasons
Amongst other reasons, it's the cheese for all seasons
Winter, Spring or Summer sun, Safeway Stilton's number one
Safeway Stiltons thickly spread, wakes a banquet out of bread
Safeway's blueprint for perfection, saves being cheesed off with selection
Stilton will always entice, wedge after wedge, slice after slice
It's the blue cheese to drive away the blues
Safeway Stilton's taste is distinctive, and the choice instinctive
Great taste is always in season
It's an everyday winner, especially with port after dinner
Creamy Stilton's taste sensation, really has no limitation
'Tis a cheese for all seasons
Delicious, nutritious and versatile, Safeway Stilton is cheese with style
Tasty snack or after dinner, traditional Stilton - a guaranteed winner
Whatever the venue, Safeway Stilton crowns the menu
A Stilton is not just for Christmas
Family dinner or gourmet venue, Stilton cheese perfects the menu
A Safeway to success - ending a meal with great finesse
The terrific taste's the reason, Stilton's never out of season
From dairy to sold it's Safeway controlled
It matures with age just like me
The taste once acquired is forever desired
If you're happy or blue, Stilton's the cheese for you
A tradition that stood the taste of time
Craftsmen perfect it, experts inspect it, connoisseurs select it
Both taste and texture are supreme whatever the weather
Its sublimely distinctive flavour makes it a four-season favourite
It's just right with my evening glass of port
If gives complete fulfilment to a meal
It's the cheese for all seasons
It tickles your tastebuds so savour it with a smile
It's always party time with Stilton
For a snack or meal it's just ideal
Countless gastronomic reasons, makes it a cheese for all seasons
Stilton's famous traditional style, is always stocking Safeway's aisle
It makes any meal a special occasion
It's an irresistible flavour, and sheer perfection to savour
Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, Stilton cheese enhances them all
It's wholesome, nutritious and simply delicious
Whatever the day or night, delicious Stilton tastes just right
Its flavour is timeless and memorable
It tops off the menu, whatever the venue
Cheese for all seasons, always available, always the best
Whatever the weather, whatever the meal, Stilton has universal appeal
The most important cheese, is guaranteed to please.
Its defining taste and quality remain constant whatever the season
Strength variation pending your mood, suitable across the board
The king of cheeses, should be eaten whenever it pleases
Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring, Safeway Stilton has that extra zing
With Stilton on hand, your port tastes grand
A tastes to savour - whatever the flavour of the month
Its flavour is a dairy tale dream come true
Whatever the occasion stilton reigns, with flavour flowing through its veins.
Warm and tasty in winter, smooth and fancy in summer
Classic cheese for every season, delicious, affordable, what better reason ?
This creamy smooth wedge, keeps tastebuds on a knife-edge
The king of cheeses, like Safeway will always please us
It's tasty and nutritious, delightful and delicious
With Safeway Stilton on the board, mealtime harmony is restored
It's a Safeway for ensuring perfect parties and picnics
The seasons never change with Stilton in a Safeway store
The quality is consistently great, enjoy it daily, why wait ?
It can tantalise your tastebuds as nothing else ever will
It's the cheeseboard king - check it out
New Year round to Christmas meal - Stilton cheeses are ideal
It takes the biscuit
It's the best British cheese from the best British supermarket
Choice, value, taste supreme, Stilton and Safeway a winning team
It's the king of cheeses, which always pleases
Whatever the season, once acquired the unique taste is forever desired
Xmas, Easter or summer bite, Safeway Stilton - sheer delight
This King of Cheeses always pleases
Invent a name for the mystery dish…
'Cheddar Tucker Twir1s'
French cheeses are the authentic taste of France because…
They give my taste buds a lingering lesson, the true taste of France from my delicatessen
Chaumes, Brie, Camembert... other cheeses can't compare, each flavour's subtle nuance the signature 
One taste explains De Gaulle's proclamation, each wonderful wedge is a taste sensation
C'est premier for French cooking flair
From rustic simplicity to smooth sophistication, French cheese is superb, and diverse as the nation
They are as varied as French culture
From age to age Fromage is French
Only French cheeses have fuller flavour
Their variety and individual good tastes are a genuine reflection of France and its people
They capture the French desire for good food for all tastes
Their variety, flavour, texture and character encapsulate and uniquely portray France's century old gastronomic
'From age' to age they've been eaten - but not beaten!
They share the French personality, subtle but full of character
The variety of tastes and textures, mirrors the variety of France
French cows know the secret, but they won't grass
The flavour takes you to every part of France
Finest French quality nothing can surpass, comes from contented cows fed on rich velvet grass
The range of tastes textures and flavours reflects the variety that is true France
If it's not fromage, it's a real dommage!
They have the 'je ne sais quoi' for a touch of 'c'est ca’
Some three hundred varieties express the nature and essence of all corners of her land
Tasty Roquefort, delicious Brie, buying French spells bonhomie!
When it comes to country flair they usually have it all wrapped up
Lovingly made with Gallic flair, the taste and the texture are extraordinaire!
Buffet, banquet, snack or spread, they're true French tastes for daily bread
They're from ou? From France - fromage!
From age to age they represent the subtle flavour and character of France
Their traditional perfection, gives an unbeatable selection
Whatever regional cheese I choose - with fine French flavour, I've nowt Tou-louse!
They lead you out of the cellar, into the enlightenment of flavour
Traditional ingredients plus French savoir faire, add up to quality beyond compare
Unique French cheeses are deliciously dreamy - nothing else tastes quite as creamy!
Infinite variety of flavours, texture and colours, ensure French fromage surpass all others
France without Fromage - quelle dommage!
French cheese - c'est magnifique, choice and taste are quite unique
Whether it's Boursin or Brie, French cheese means quality
Camembert and Brie, a crusty baguette, add a fine red Bordeaux, for the perfect quartet
Superb local flavours, with style beyond measure, they're traditionally made, for guaranteed pleasure
From rural areas, natural cheeses epitomise - France!
If what you're offered isn't fromage, turn it down and say 'quelle domage'
Variety, taste and healthy nutrition, finest cheeses, a French tradition
From the strongest bleu to creamiest Brie, their superb French taste is heavenly
Traditional skills from times gone past, ensure quality and flavour unsurpassed
Every region is so distinctively tasteful
'From ages' young to fully matured, la belle France produce is quality assured
Made by people famous for food, taste, perfected and found to be good?
Any substitution would cause another revolution
Gastronomes go for their joie de vivre
Just one bite sets my mind alight, with memories of my summer holidays in France
Brie, Bordeaux and a baguette, is the nearest to heaven you'll ever get
One bite, truly smitten, when it comes to cheeses, bye bye Britain
They are unique!
From Roquefort, Camembert, St Paulin to Brie, they are genuine creations for gourmets like me!
They are the most prestigious and delicious cheeses in the world and taste of France?
They are unmistakable
Traditional quality comes not by chance, but generations of skill from the cheesemakers of France
There is one for every day of the year, and each region has its specialities
The finest French ingredients make natural products
That 'ooh la la' taste, puts a 'smile' on my face
Each cheese shares the essence of its origins with each delicious bite
They have that ooh la la ingredient present
Traditionally matured, unquestionably Francais -the finest cheeses in the world today
Whenever I taste Roulade or Bric, I yearn for a visit to a boulangerie
Snack, lunch or gourmet dinner, add that final touch and use a certain winner
Smooth and tasty, quite unique, the discerning say -c'est magnifique!
A sumptuous meal without French cheese, is like a kiss without a squeeze
They're simply the best - unmistakable from the rest
They have that 'je ne sais quoi'
Delicious varieties, tastiest bite, cheeses from France have a way to delight
Well they're so French, and they're simply so cheesy
Camembert, Roquefort, Livorot or Brie, to magnificent French taste I always say oui!
Other cheeses just aren't the same, le fromage, je t'aime!
Of their consistency of quality, with a flavour for every occasion!
If you close your eyes as you savour the flavour, you could almost be there!
They have a special, almost romantic taste that could only come from France
Like history, it's fact not fiction
Of their distinct tastes
A choice that's unique, a taste that's magnifique, French cheese means bon appetit
Whether it's for supper, lunch or dinner - each fromage Francais is a cross-channel winner
French cheese and charm go arm-in-arm
No matter which variety, real French cheese has 'vintage' quality
They mirror the provocative character of the people and their country
They are the bite at the end of the tunnel
With traditional care and ingredients that are pure, their 'Provence' is cheese for the connoisseur
It's the taste of 'Camembert', 'Roquefort' or 'Brie', that always fill me with 'bonhomie'
It's the provision, for which I have Tunnel vision
Un petit morceau' will give you 'un grand', memorable, flavour of France
Hard or soft always reliable, and flavour of French -undeniable
Distinctive cheeses, impressive selection, there's no mistaking the French connection
It's the taste of French cheeses that ultimately pleases
A taste of heaven for hubby and me – Mouton Cadet, baguette and brie!
It's made with care and destined for pleasure!
For first class taste - the everyday treat, those delicious aromas that nothing can beat
Meals in France are considered a mess, unless they include Brie or Bleu de Bresse
Great flavours and textures are my reward, for exploring France from my cheese board
At peace in Provence so they say, with fromage and Mouton Cadet
They compliment its bread and its wine for the discriminating palate
The subtle flavours of the local produce enhance La Gout
Don't need Le Shuttle to serve me right - Le Roule transports me with delight!
They have that French 'je ne sais quoi', with wine and baguette perfect 'pour moi'
The premier position for traditional cheeses, the taste of France that really pleases
With hundreds of tasty regional cheeses, the French supply the taste which pleases!
There's nothing finer with French wines
Each region produces its own speciality from its natural resources
Enjoying French cheeses gives me the chance, of tasting sensuous pleasures, that symbolise France
They reflect her traditions, her variety and her world famed culinary excellence
French expertise produces life's finer pleasures, flavoursome cheese being the best of pleasures!
They are produced with loving care by the people who love good food
Almost every rural district has its own local cheese
France takes the lead in clothing and fashion, but cheese is their 'all consuming' passion
Haute cuisine cheeses for today's gourmet pride from ages pasture land France supplied
True to French tradition, their standards never waiver - first for value, first for flavour
Only French savoir-faire, makes cheese with such flair
They're tasty, colourful and very chic, these fragrant fromages are magnifique
They so successfully compliment French cuisine
For quality cheeses that are sheer perfection, France is the place to make your selection
The ingredients are fresh and local, and tried, ancient traditions are used to make them
Toujours they have that 'Oh La La!' flavour you don't get anywhere else!
Fromage, vin et une baguette, the nearest to heaven you'll ever get
French cheeses (expertly blended) with bread and wine - simply splendid!
The French are ‘ar-biters' of good taste
Renowned the world over for their gastronomic chic -it's no wonder their cheeses - c'est magnifique
From a traditional past comes a mouth-watering present
Culture, heritage, expertise and experience spell excellence!
A Tour de France with every bite, exquisite, distinctive - sheer delight.
Unique French climate, pasture and herbs, produce delectable cheese from finest curds
'Camembert' to be without it
On authentic taste I must take a stance; only the real thing comes from France
French cheese, wine and fresh baguette – how authentic can you get?
From bistro snack to gourmet venue, real French cheeses enhance the menu
Camembert, chevre & brie are the essence of Frenchness to me!
From marble Roquefort to plump creamy brie, the essence of France is fromage to me!
An excellent range, matured to perfection - puts fromage savoir faire on my cheese board selection!
True to French tradition standards never waiver, excellence in value, character and flavour
Like each French region, each cheese is unique, the variety's endless the taste magnifique
Distinctive flavours, they all taste divine, bringing out the best in French bread and wine
Finest French cheeses, matured to their peak, a taste of France c'est magnifique
With delicious taste beyond compare, French cheeses are extraordinaire!
Creamy French cheese and classic red wine, a combination that is simply divine
Their 'revolutionary' flavour embodies the uniqueness, and variety of a nation dedicated to excellence
They offer the richness and limitless variety, of unspoilt local and seasonal flavour and aroma
Loire, Provence, Alsace to Pyrenees, you taste where you are when you eat local cheese
Centuries of satisfaction and expertise, guarantees, each of the many varieties is sure to please
Luxurious flavours linger longer
Camembert, Boursin, Roquefort or Brie, each variety reinforces France's spell over me
C'est magnifique - there's over 400 tasty cheeses and they're all unique
They get their distinction fromage - old tradition
Undeniabrie the best selection, matured to perfection, from Roquefort to Camembert, nothing can compare
Traditional quality comes not by chance - it's the heritage of the fromages de France
Flavour, variety, texture, colour, make French cheeses like no other
One bite au gratin et j'arrive au matin
They are good, have great variety and a je ne sais quoi
Cheese is the food most resembling wine; and France has created these two, quite divine
The distinctive flavour is exciting, very rich, and adds that special satisfaction to a meal
Saint Paulin, Roquefort, Roule with herbs, this taste of France is simply superb
Made by masters, matured by time, textures superb, results sublime
Fromage, vin de pays, and a baguette – most authentic French taste I'll ever get!
With variety of texture, colour and taste, I explore all France with cheeseboard and plate!
Each cheese is still closely linked with the tradition of their region.
Class and 'brie'ding always shows, when fromage abounds and Bordeaux flows
They are made with love and consumed with passion
They're perfect for breakfast and lunchtime's a treat, these fine fromages are cheese's elite
The choice is endless, each tastes unique, available locally, c'est magnifique
They're subtle, distinctive, created with care, with love, tradition and savoir faire
Of the variety of textures, shapes and flavours, depending on the region of origin
Let's be franc, tasty French cheeses make cents!
They're subtle, they're fine - you can savour them with wine
Trying cheeses from other nations, is just a 'rindless' occupation
Smooth creamy varieties, tasting supreme, the French connection to haute cuisine
Never lacking in tasteful ambition, French cheese follows a fine tradition
Original ingredients without imitation, guarantees traditional recipes without deviation
There's an essence of France in every bite, that pampers the palette with sheer delight
They're all-time favourites in prime condition, produced with skill and years of tradition
Their regional character, flavour divine, bring out the best in French bread and wine
Tradition, history, taste and flair, are facets that all French cheeses share
Creative culinary skill and style, blends tastes and traditions versatile
Served on a crusty baguette, the taste of France – a perfect duet
Products made in the finest national traditions, will delight the most critical palate
Lush green grass and country air, give French cheeses flavour beyond compare
Their taste, texture and sheer character is always unmistakably French
Their subtle flavours will compliment every wine, and the great variety will satisfy any palate
They pack a munster-ous flavour
Be it buffet, picnic, mild or mature, they're cheeses without equal for the connoisseur
They've endured fromage to age
A classic French meal should always end with cheese
They bring great French flavour to my shopping, without the need for channel hopping
Excellence deserves more rhan a glance, unmistakably French, they leave nothing to chance!
From Normandy to Hautc-Savoie, they have a little 'je ne sais quoi'
They have an accent all of their own
Gentle climate, purest air, naturally produce the finest fare
Their unique regional flavours matches the variety of the French countryside
'From Age' to age they reign supreme
Over the years they've stood the test, superior flavours have proved them best
They always have a distinctive flavour, which is truly French and great to savour
'Cam on Bert', the truth is 'Brie'f, 'From age' to age, French cheese is chief
They are the fastest channel crossing, one bite and you're there!
They capture the real ‘je ne sais quoi' of France
Creamy Rambol, subtle Bric, the perfect taste of France for me
A distinctive flavour, perfected through time, creating delicious cheese, quite sublime
Where else- is food a passion with cheese the flavour of France
Only smooth and sultry flavoursome fromage, tickles true tn color tastebuds!
Eight families make up the dynastical band, blessed with a diversity of grazing land
They capture the flavour and tradition that is unquestionably French
'Fromage' is what makes people smile
Taste, tradition, skill and care, blend to Gallic perfection there
Their unsurpassed variety and excellence makes them as much a French tradition as Bastille day!
Open the fridge and there's a canny can-can in the air!
I get taste perfection, from the superb selection
Finest quality, range and flavour, there's always a cheese for you to savour
French know-how creates 'La Difference'
Their Camemberts and Bries, know just how to please
They have been so perfected that they are truly la creme de la creme
They are crusty on the outside but soft on the inside - just like Frenchmen!
Warm sun, lush grass, charming people, are all reflected in a superb variety of cheeses
They capture the essential rich diversity of the French landscape with flavours that enrapture
They encapsulate the diverse distinctive features of the country
Each unique area of France comes through in the taste
They really take the biscuit!
Unexcelled variety of texture and flavour - undeniably French
They are 'From Ages' of refinement
They're full of variety and flavour, for those who have the 'savoir'
For quality, value, taste and tradition, fine cheeses from France defy competition
C'est la Brie!
With every bite, you get that Vendredi feeling
Specialists perfect them, connoisseurs select them!
Of the wonderful depth of flavour and variety
Their regional cheeses, tasting divine, reflects the passion for good food and wine
They go with red wine and crusty bread for a tourist's delight
From goat, sheep or cow they all have a 'wow"
They have that certain 'je ne sais quoi'
No impressionist could copy their traditional taste, original cheeses by old masters, naturally
They mirror the richness of French regional quality and variety, giving something for every taste
Custom cannot stake their infinite variety
They guarantee and vow, you'll remember their know how
Fresh baguette piled high with Brie, that's French that's heaven 'Bon Appetite'
Each region bestows its own distinct flavour, of rich creamy blends that all connoisseurs favour
They are distinctive tasting
France is the home of good cheeses
Perfectly blended, they always please, nothing surpasses fine French cheese
Steeped in tradition, matured by time, savoured with 'vin', they're simply sublime
I buy French cheese at Asda because…
Forget about costly channel hopping, Asda's ideal for French cheese shopping
Lots of choice, lots of taste, lower prices, little waste
Asda value is sure to please, and nothing surpasses fine French cheese
Quality cheese, standards so high, Asda - the place to buy
Whatever the occasion, they're a winning liason
Choice of eight, flvours taste great, open late, no check out wait
Name your favourite French cheese and say why it is your favourite…
Camembert Rustique - pleasing little number in red and white, revealing a double bite
Blue and white, "subtle bite", very creamy, taste is dreamy, great allure - St Agur!
Choosing's hard from all those treasures, but Brie is one of life's great pleasures
Brindel Brie is the cheese for me, a taste sensation denies imitation
Tasty, tempting, undeniably delicious, Rambol is nicely nutty and naturally delicious
It has to be delicious Brie, combining taste and quality
Brie - traditional quality comes not by chance, it's one of the finest fromages de France
Le Roule - fresh, creamy, deliciously chic, the flavour and swirl, together unique
A wedge of Brie, a glass of wine, French bread and fruit, toujours sublime
Brie - it's that little taste of heaven, that doesn't taste the earth
Roquefort - its creamy saltiness and blue tang, makes a gourmet feast of a simple meal
Brie, French wine and bagette, is the neaest to heaven that I'll ever get
Subtle Brie, smooth, creamy light, pampers the palate with velvet delight
Rambol - a melange of flavours, this walnutty treat, guarantees dinners "bon appetit"!
When dining with friends or snacking alone, I always find there's no taste like Chaumes
Le Roule - a carousel of contrasting tastes, that blend with perfect harmony on the palate
Le Roule - for family party or festive occasion, it's herby flavour is gourmet sensation
Chaumes - for the contrast between its springy, good-tempered texture and the deep, satisfying "big cheese" taste
Chandamour tastes divine, Camembert extra fine, Neufchatel's delightful too, but number one is Port Salut
Le Roule - smooth and dreamy in a creamy swirl, it always delights this particular girl
Rambol - a walnut-topped, superbly flavoured, creamy cheese, a cross-channel winner, sure to please
I buy French cheese art Asda because…
Hygienic deli, French cheeses galore, courtesy and service, sum up Asda'a store
It's a first class taste, from a first class place
Value and flavour, equally shared, make Asda and French cheese perfectly paired
Together they are a great combination, always deserving a standing ovation
Day trippers to Calais, miss the French selection in Asda's trolley
Asda's attention to customer care, ensure flavours of France are always there
Asda's excellent standards never waiver, first for value, first for flavour
Both take pride in the pleasure they provide
They're the taste I adore from my favourite store
Every delicious purchase is D-day, with smiling discounts at the checkouts
A choice for any celebration, Asda French cheeses - a taste sensation
For melting moments unsurpassed, French cheese wins by finishing last
French flair and Asda's care, make cheese taste far more than ordinaire
With Asda's selection, simply a glance, gives a gastronomic "Tour de France"!
Like Asda, it's special, full of good taste and flair
Quality, value, lesser expense, a package like this makes perfect sense
For French cheese and more, Asda's the "grate" value store
French cheeses stand supmeme and Asda sets standards never seen
Lots of choice, lots of taste, lower prices, little waste
Their standards never waver, first for value, first for flavour
Romantic dinner or family invasion, there's one to suit every occasion
Asda value is sure to please and nothing surpasses fine French cheese
I regularly buy fine cheeses from France because…
Brie, French wine and a bagette, is the nearest to heaven that I'll ever get
Comments from my guests are my just reward, forget the dessert, pass the cheese board
Cheesed off with cheddar and red Leicester, I like to have a French Cheese Fiesta
Different varieties for supper, lunch and dinner - each fromage francais is a cross - channel winner
When Savacentre cheese are put to test, Fromage de France is simply the best
If it's quality and variety you seek, try French cheese - c'est magnifique
The variety of flavours, textures, colours, make French cheese like no others
French fromage in all shapes and sizes, ensures my cheeseboard is full of surprises
I love the value, cannot resist the taste and I adore the variety
The variety is infinate, and the taste always superb
Quality, range, flavour, cheese produced with skill, plus a pleasant surprise at Savacentre's till
They're distinctive and traditional so I always applaud, a "Savourcentre" on my cheeseboard
I never buy my cheese in haste, I choose French cheese for its taste
My conscience won't let me steal them!
The wonderful flavours remind me of wondreful times in France
They tempt and tease and always please, no wonder I love French cheese
They're my favourite with fresh bread, unsalted butter and salad onions sliced
La fromage is a cheaper form of transportation than Le Shuttle or Le Ferry!
I am choosy with my cheese and France has plenty of cheeses to choose from
When you love superb cheese, only the best will do
Special occasions deserve special cheeses
They "channelled" in for a joint venture, French cheese and Savacentre
Fine cheeses from France can be enjoyed at anytime of the day because…
Buffet or banquet, snack or spread, they are perfect partners for our daily bread
Like WM Low, and French cheese, good taste wins with ease
Such timeless quality second to none, makes French cheeses (h)our numero un
Au Matin or dejeuner, they bridge that gap for le gourmet
Be it picnic, party, mild or mature, there's always something new for the connoisseur
They're the taste we adore from-a-gem of a store - Wm Low
They’re perfect for breakfast and lunchtime's a treat, these fragrant fromages are cheeses elite
Whatever the time, whatever the event, cheeses from France are heaven sent
From anytime suppers to grand Sunday dinners, cheeses from France are everyday winners
Flavours outstanding, delicious to eat, with aromas enchanting an anytime treat
With a cup of tea or a glass of wine, fromage francais tastes just fine
The French know the tasteful way to enjoy the whole day
For variety and taste, French cheese wins first place
There's a wedge divine from every segment of time
WM Low's French collection guarantees a good selection.
I love Dutch Edam from Safeway because…
With premier taste and priceless care, quite frankly they're the ultimate pair
Red rind, Safeway label, guarantee quality on the table
Edam for breakfast, Edam for lunch, it's great for tea too
Dutch Edam, tastier than the rest, Safeway's prices, simply the best
Edam's subtle flavour can always please me, outstanding value too - Safeway guarantees me
Wholesome, round and red, Safeway's cheese takes the biscuit - or bread!
Prepared in the Dutch tradition, Safeway fresh and full of nutrition
Good taste, good value, good for my family
However it's served, it serves up a treat
For delicious meals and saving pence, going Dutch at Safeway makes sense
You can't improve on "all round" versatility and Safeway reliability
When it comes to cheese they know how to please
Dutch tradition flavours every slice, Safeway's addition - a pocket pleasing price
Dutch Edam, heavenly flavour, thanks to Saafeway, the money saver
Tasty, versatile, best I've found, Safeway's Edam is great "all round".
Preparing dishes your family wishes, good health, good taste without any waste
Edam meals end happily ever after, lovingly perfected by Safeway's Dutch master
The cheese is superb, the store divine, excellent quality, all the time
A Dutch treat plus Safeway flair, together they're a super pair
Slicing, dicing, for cheese go Dutch, Edam the taste, just too much
Going Dutch with Edam cheese, bite or sliced, just as I please
For sandwich or garnish, party snack or cooking the family love it
I like cheeses from Switzerland because…
Cheese Has Essential Elements Specially Emmental from Switzerland
Whatever the venue Swiss cheese fits the menu
Pure ingredients and traditional care make Emmental and Gruyere
My mother Swiss, a childhood treat, a cheese fondue, the memory sweet
I know that the Alpine Horn Blower on the label means satisfaction around the table
Eaten alone or with bread or wine, Swiss cheeses are great, there's none so fine
They taste so delightful, meals are divine, Suisse on the label, the pleasure is mine
Emmental has "hole"some flavour, Gruyere spicy taste to savour delicious "two" in a Swiss fondue
They have wonderful taste, superb textures and are so versatile
Mountainous flavours, outstanding to eat, standard never wavers, a fresh alpine treat
It has the flavour my tastebuds love to savour
A connoisseur I love to savour, their unique and distinctive flavour
Rival products can't compare, Swiss cheeses are unique
Their taste is a mountainous experience, like a yodel in fresh air
I like to savour the flavour of an alpine fondue
It's irreswisstibly the taste for me
The Swiss symbol stands supreme and Safeway sets standards seldom seen
The Swiss symbol stands supreme and Safeway sets standards seldom seen
They are tasty, nutritious and simply delicious
Alpine meadows with clean fresh breeze produce a fuller flavoured cheese
They're always at the peak of perfection
Flavour outstanding, dinners are divine, Suisse on the label, the pleasure is mine
Cheese is only bliss when it's real Swiss
For taste and flavour no cheese can compare with nutty Emmental and matured Gruyere
As a mature student who enjoys delicious cheeses, Swiss are a Safeway of guaranteeing satisfaction
My palate is hard to please, I only eat the finest cheese
It's the Safeway to guarantee quality
I've tried the rest and I know what's best
They're a GRATE idea for any occasion, from fondue supper to a family invasion.
For lunchtime temptation or evening treat, tasty Swiss cheeses are hard to beat
Quality food, standards high, from Safeway the best place to buy
I buy Swiss Emmental at Safeway because…
Emmental excellence, Safeway flair, together they're a perfect pair
The best treasures are always kept in a Safeway
Safeway's expertise at keeping Swiss cheese, means superb flavour, sure to please
Flavour's delightful, taste divine, with the Emmental label, the pleasure is mine
It is wholly the finest place for cheese and service alike
It’s taste once acquired is forever desired
Their alpine selection makes fondue perfection
They both bring delight to the bored
This taste of Switzerland, superbly presented, leaves palates pleased and pockets contented
Close your eyes, smell and taste, Safeway's Emmental the delight of Switzerland
I am fond(ue) see of good quality
It's a gourmets invitation to forget inflation
Their Swiss cheese display draws me to it every day
Both are monuemmental in the spread of good taste
There's no mountains to climb in Safeway to find your dream
Alpine fresh, 'holesome' flavour, Emmental cheese is the taste to savour.
Quality counts, prices please, unique flavour, greatest cheese
King of cheeses, principal store, who could ask for anything more
Switzerland's across the sea, but Safeway is right next to me
Safeway sells singularly super Swiss cheese
For quality and selection, Safeway's Emmental is perfection
From Safeway its taste is assured, fresh as the day it matured
Both have a good history, recognised by all perfectionists
The delicious taste drives me mildly nutty
I'm just 'nuts' about Emmental
Emmental - a temptation 'alpine' for
Flavour outstanding - fondue's divine, Swiss on the label, the pleasure is mine
It's the best that there is, it gives this miss Swiss bliss
I love Swiss cheeses and the best are at Safeway
I put great store by a great cheese
For fondues with an alpine flavour, Safeway is the store I favour.
I can recognise genuine "Cheeses From Switzerland" because…
The alpine horn you can hardly miss, shows these cheeses are really Swiss
Over 700 years of Swiss expertise has produced, without doubt, the finest Swiss Cheese
Seven hundred years, long test of time have brought out cheeses quite sublime
Flavours outstanding, delicious to eat with aromas enchanting, an alpine-fresh treat
If the trade mark isn't on it the flavour isn't in it
They taste so delightful, meals are divine, Suisse on the label, the pleasure is mine
The alphorn blower stands on the edge. Was it him who ate the wedge?
I know it's time for Australian Cheddar when…
I download from downunder!
I need something tasty for my lap top!
I need that Great Australian Bight!
I want a byte with my silicon chips!
I want something better than a Big Mac and chips!
I've been surfing and need a mega-byte
It's key that I input a delightful taste!
My kids say PC means "Please, Cheese!"
My mouse needs a mega-bite!
My mouse says I need to trade my keyboard for a cheeseboard!
My tummy rumbles Down Under!

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