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Adds sparkle to life Bottled sunshine Bouncy Break the ice
Bright and bubbly Brut Bubble(s) Bubble with pleasure
Bubbles bursting with Celebrate Celebration Champagne
Champagne campaign Champagne Charlie Chilled Clink
Cold Cool Cool and crisp Cool when toasting
Cork pops out...friends pop in Delicious Diamond sparkle Dom Perignon
Dry Effervescence Elated Energise
Enliven Exciting Fizzical Fizz(y)
Fizz with Flat Froth Fun
Gem of a sparkler Happy Hot I love the Brut
In a glass sparkly Jeraboam Just a sec Keeps me sparkling
Let us spray Lively Magnum Merry
Moet and Chandon More fizz, less bucks Mumms Never flat mates
Outsparkle Party goes with a zing Pizzazz Pop off
Pop the question Pop your cork Red letter day Refreshing
Rejuvenate Renew Restore Revitalise
Revive(r) Scintillate Sec Sparkle
Sparkling Sparkling sensation Sparkle with Special occasion
Splash out Take your fizzical Thirst class honours Tingle with
Top of the pops Tonic (for) Transports of delight Vivacity
Wedding Zip    

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Alive / revive Best / zest / quest / refreshed / impressed/ pressed / request / test / rest
Cool / drool / pool Fill / thrill / not still
Fizz / whizz Fizziness / business
Fizzy / busy / whizzy / dizzy Fling / bring / zing / sting / sing
Ice / nice Measure / pleasure
Sip / tip Toast / boast / coast / ghost / host / most / post / roast

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Piper Heidsieck and Showbiz make a great pair because…
They both sparkle with star quality
Piper Heidsieck's sparkling fun is a star turn, second to none
They both have vitality and star quality
Piper Heidsieck is the perfect champagne for making Christmas day really special because…
It's the distinguished label for the festive table
Moet is the perfect partner for Formula 1 because…
The audience is spellbound, applauding each rendition, whilst Moet unobtrusively secures pole position
It is the grandest Prix you can get
A sparkling performance from start to finish - the thrill and excitement never diminish
Coulthard skids, Schumacher's a spinner, but Moet & Chandon's always a winner
It gives a bit of flash after the 'splash and dash'
Both are tops in their own fields and together unbeatable
Michael and Ferrari going full throttle, reminds me of Moet - like a cork from the bottle
It represents like Formula 1, continuous dedication to achieving perfection
Moet overtakes all opposition with its 'sparkling' success, their winning formula's in pole position - always guaranteed to impress
Murray Walker, top talker; Villeneuve and Williams, top team; but pole position for sparkle is Moet & Chandon Champagne
The first on the track must have the first in champagne
Both give a rush of explosive excitement
It is the Grand Prix of champagne and equally exhilarating in taste
It takes pole position in the champagne stakes and is chequered flag every time
It's a winner every time
Superb performances, Grand Prix class, match the standards in my glass
A blend of experience, skill and finesse, are the common formula for uncommon success
Together they make a winning team
Their 'stirling' qualities make my heart 'race', for 'grandeur' and 'sparkle' they both win first place
On presentation of Moet classic 'bouquet', good taste geared to the formula one likes clearly wins the day
One sparkling performance deserves another
In pole position for success, their sparkling performances always impress
It's a racy little number which sparkles in the eye of a champion
Both provoke a sparkling smile, litre after litre, mile after mile
They've both got the perfect Formula - to be number 1
I love the taste of Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut because…
Sparkling Freixenet on ice, is my idea of pour-adise
Name the Balloon which best sums up Champagne Mercier and Ballooning…
A Cru With A View
Above All
Air of Distinction
Brut 'n Breezy
Bubble Over
Dizzy Fizzy
Excellent range, matured to perfection, for quality and value - an inspired selection
Fantastic wines put to the test - Sainsbury's walks off with the best
Fizzible Difference
For taste, price, fruit and nose, Sainsburv's wines are quel que chose!
Merci Air Fantastique
Pop, Pop and Away
S-Up, S-Up and Away
Sainsbury's are better by miles, for wines to please true Francophiles
Sainsbury's buyers - an 'exceptionnel cru', have assembled a range tempting every corkscrew
Sainsbury's successfully combine, a pleasurable price with excellent wine
Sainsbury's care plus French savoir faire, add up to quality beyond compare
The Epernay Elevator
The Rising Bubble
Their nose for adventure assures perfection - like Abercrombie & Kent's wide selection
This bottled trove of Gallic treasure, signposts a trail of vintage pleasure
Uncorking France's liquid treasures, is one of life's undiluted pleasures
My idea of the Mercier Toast spoken from the ballon basket…
Merciers and Mesdames, Life is for seizing, For making the most, The Cru's aboard, so to excitement we toast
A case of Moet would put a sparkle in my eye this Christmas because…
With a case of Moet they'd sparkle away from Christmas Eve to New Year's Day
It's a case of impeccable good taste, earning compliments of the season
Its beautiful colour and superb smooth taste would bring a smile and a pleasing warmth to the most discerning guest

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