Words / Ideas Winning Tiebreakers



A-maize-ing Balance Body maintainance Breakfast fun
Breakfast brilliance Crisp and crunchy Crunch Energy
Filling Fortifies Fuel Fuel injection
Fuel reserves Get up and go Healthy Instant
Nature Nutrition Puts the brake on hunger Snap crackle and pop
Sun-filled Sunshine in a bowl Tasty Toasted flakes
Vitamin packed Vitamin packed way to start the day Wake up call  

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I'd love to enjoy Kelloggs Rice Krispies in Lapland because…
Snap, Crackle, Pop's great Christmas box is poles apart from ties and socks
I would love to watch Euro 96 on TV after eating my Kelloggs cereal because…
Kelloggs in my tummy, England winning ball, so much excitement, I long for Ragdale hall
I'd like to 'go wild' in Disney's Animal Kingdom because...
Mufasa cheering, Simba's delighted, the hyenas are laughing cos we've been invited
It's cheerio England impetuous me, unrestrained creatures fantastic to see
The only wildlife I've ever seen is a zebra crossing in our concrete jungle
Tracking serial killers on the roof would send my adrenalin through the roof
We Shere Khan cause a hulla Baloo, the mancubs and I on our Disney debut
Ce-real animal magic ze brand gnu creation! I'm relion on Shreddies
Seventeen years married to my spouse, we'd love to rave with Mickey Mouse
Minnies my heroine Mickey's a star, Florida's my dream world with Shreddies it's not far
I'd stampede the hero run with the pride, take a safari on Walt's wild side
With animals live theatre safaris hair raising rides each Disney day is extremely spectacular

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