Paws Pet Food is ideal for my cat because… 
It's the only one that gets a lap of honour 
I know my cat is completely catisfied because…  
20 varieties, deliciously rich, his only problem is deciding which!  
Dish is empty, waddles off, settles down, then nods off!  
Dish licked clean, tummy fat, changes from tiger to pussy cat!  
He 'shows' what he adores, and gives Whiskas his ap-paws  
He sleeps curled up contented, having digested what Whiskas purrfected  
Lid removed, contents inspected, a contented cat when Whiskas selected  
Purr-fectly content, New Whiskas 'memory' lingers on  
Smirking nonchalantly, he struts away from his clean-licked bowl  
Taste, variety, and catisfaction, Whiskas cats purr 'satisfaction'  
Whiskas eaten - bowl licked clean, purrs of contentment - lovely scene  

Whiskas food, the best indeed, catisfaction guaranteed  

I know my cat is completely catisfied because…  
After enjoying Whiskas food, she's in a 'purr-fect' mood
All the Whiskas is eaten, how can it be beaten?  
Before she sleeps, she eats New Whiskas finest meats 
Can't hear the television for the purring 
Catching mice she does decline, purrferring New Whiskas every time 
Choicest chunks, juicy jelly, leave her snoozing by the telly!  
Claws go in after the purrfect variety performance 
Consuming Whiskas she prefers, means glossy fur and contented purrs 
Contented with New Whiskas quality, puss watches 'cat' ellite TV!
Cupboard love never ends 
Driven by consuming passion, his engine purring, Whiskas fashion 
Eating variety he prefers, I spot difference in his purrs 
Eyes bright and tail aloft, she remembers Whiskas, recently scoffed 
Getting Whiskas in her dish, fulfils kitty's every wish 
Given 'New Variety' tins, even Yorkshire cats give Cheshire grins!  
He 'purr' 'paws'ly cleans his dish, Whiskas chicken, meat or fish 
He eats his fill - without me gulping at the bill 
He ignores the canary!  
He leaves the after dinner mice on the doorstep
He purrs with delight, to the very last bite 
He puts a 'claws' in his contract  
He says you can't give 'me-owt' better 
He sleeps 'purrfectly' after washing down his Whiskas 
Her feeding ends, we're best of friends 
Her meal has cat appeal, she's always purring, never stirring 
His bowl is clean after enjoying each deliciously tasty variety 
His dish is empty, and there's purrs a plenty 

I say mice catch - she says 'Me? How?'  

It prefers a cat nap to a cat flap 
It shuts up!  
Its claim to fame, is more of the same 
Jelly, gravy, meats Or fishes, cats always leave empty dishes 
Life's good, life's great, New Whiskas Variety my cats rate 
Mealtimes are can-tentment and purr-fect happiness
More varieties have the vote, for agility and shining coat
Morning, noon and night, he's happy, healthy and bright
My opening ceremony is followed by her lap of honour
New Whiskas, absolute bliss, tasty varieties, too good to miss
New Whiskas, six months stock, larder needing cat-proof lock!
Nothing can be found, but a purrfect sound
Nutritious choices, petfood to savour, Safeway value, varied flavours
On a winter's eve, her brurr turns into a purr
Other catfoods provide no satisfaction, Whiskas gives him catisfaction
Pat cats become fast cats
Purrfectly catisfied, affectionately fussy, she's one contented Whiskas pussy
Purring affection for Whiskas selection, tasty, nutritious and truly delicious
She 'paw'ses and savours, the New Whiskas flavours
She fills her belly, with Whiskas in jelly
She finishes Whiskas for dinner, she's one catisfied grimier

She licks her dish clean and then licks her lips

She looks like a 'duck filled fatty puss'
She purrs with delight, New Whiskas just right
She thinks every meal is the cat’s Whiskas
Staying healthy, purling great, a completely 'catisfactory' Whiskas state
Stealthy, healthily strutting around, purrfectly contented, he's fireside bound
Succulent taste, a meat to savour, Morrisons value, Whiskas flavour
Tasty meals with Whiskas name, give him a purr-r-fect frame
Tempting, tasty, great selection, no waste, just purr-purrfection
The best time of day signals 'Whiskas rules OK!'
The bowl's clean and so's his whiskers
The catmosphere changes and purrfection is restored
The last Whiskas tin is in the bin
The Whiskas selection, shows 'purr-fection' for his delectation
There's no 'paws' for thought
There's no bones for contention, just a tail of contentment
There's no catitude in sight, just purring delight
They purr then curl up and go to sleep
Tummy full, curled on lap, has a purr before catnap
Wagging tail greets Whiskas tin, ending in a Cheshire grin!
When he ignores seconds, curls-up and snores!
Whether gravy, jelly or supermeat - every morsel he does eat
Whiskas cat through and through, no more disembowelled shrew
Whiskas creates such obvious delight, there's purring between each bite
Whiskas enjoyed, grooming complete, she settles to watch 'The Street'
Whiskas on the menu, brings purrs to any venue
Whiskas promises a stroke of luck, beef, chicken, turkey, duck
Whiskas' licked, mealtimes complete, catisfaction's guaranteed with new Whiskas supermeat
Whiskas' quality grants my wish, robust pet clears every dish
With excellent quality, Whiskas enhances, earning my cat admiring glances

With the last lick of the plate she's feline great

I know my cat is completely catisfied because…
He's wonderfully happy, inquisitive & smart, kind, affection-ate & my sweetheart
Clean dish - happy cat, only New Whiskas gives all that
Co-opted Whiskas, taste adored, former favourite, even cream - ignored!
Contented purr, affectionate rub, my cat's joined the 'Variety Club'
Familiarity, with new Whiskas, breeds contentment!
His bowl is clean, and tomorrow seems a distant dream
Nourished, content, what cat needs more, Whiskas varieties always score
Purring pleasure, feline smiles, Whiskas contentment, wins by miles
Spotless plates are achieved with ease, thanks to Whiskas ex-'purr'tise
Succulent Whiskas, superbly presented, leaves pockets pleased and pussy contented
The wishes he whispers, are for New Variety Whiskas!
There's so much variety, it's the cat's Whiskas
They've eaten, bowl's empty, they know they've had plenty
I know my cat is completely catisfied because…
'Paws for forks' savouring which delight in store tonight
Curled in contented sleep, dreaming sweet dreams of Whiskas treats
Licks, purrs, by the plenty, Whiskas' food dish's empty
My fussy feline, pussy galore, stops him scrounging round next door
Purring contentedly on my lap, enjoying her 'after-Whiskas' nap
Purring loudly, with each bite, licks his 'Whiskas' in delight
She purrs loudly with delight
She's contented, it's money well spent, the goodness 'Whiskas' provides
Shiny coat, sparkling eyes, prove that he's been Whiskarized!
The answer's under Whiskas lid, with substitutes you cannot kid
Whiskas eaten, 'Whiskas' wiped, daddy's favourite armchair's swiped!
Whiskas eaten, cleans his fur, gives a loud contented purr
Whiskas in his dish, there's no need to buy fresh fish
Whiskas is for dinner, every tin's a winner
'Hampering' after variety 'n' taste, I know that 'Whiskas' face!
After dinner he licks his fur and starts to purr
After lunch, pleased as punch, after dinner looks a winner
Appetite is filled to 'purrfection' thanks to Whiskas new selection
Appetite is never hampered, because twenty varieties make kitty pampered
Cat smiles, greets the Whiskas dish, fulfilling every purrful wish
Catstatic appreciation, loudly purred, categorical proof Whiskas preferred
Contemplating the catstatic contents of his variety Whiskas hamper
Contented look, empty dish, Whiskas grant pussies wish
Delicious dinner, fireside nap, Whiskas makes him a contented chap
Delicious Whiskas, empty plate, happy cat who's feline great
Ecstatic purring greeting dinner, every Whiskas meal a tasty winner
Every meal with Whiskas appeal, earns the Catisfactory purring seal
He has Whiskas on his whiskers
He licks lips, washes paws, yawns, stretches curls up and snores!
He tells me prowling works, by giving fat cat smirks
He's overworked, under pressure, too much mouseing needs Whiskas refresher
Healthy, contented, eager to play, enjoying life the Whiskas way
Her bowl is clean no Whiskas to be seen
His ears are pricked, he's got that bowl completely licked
His tail has twirled and his claws are curled
I pamper her with a new selection, guaranteeing purraffection
I show love and affection, with New Whiskas selection
Loudly purring, nice full tum, 'love New Whiskas - thanks mum'
Meowing ceases at my feet, as she enjoys her Supermeat
Mice swagger past with gleeful grins, kicking empty Whiskas tins
New Whiskas eaten, plate bare, snuggly sleeping in my chair!
From every can take your pick, each one is cantastic
Purrfect mood, healthy grace, she cleans Whiskas off her face
Sammy offers love and affection, Whiskas gives feeding perfection
She becomes an instant fan of every New Whiskas can
She eats Whiskas varieties with every one a surprise
She pounces, purrs and plays, echoing her kitten days
She purrs purr-fection, New Whiskas selection
She shares her Whiskas with a friend
She simply purrs and catnaps -probably dreaming of Whiskas
She stops being fickle, and comes for a tickle
She's content, it's money well spent, 'Whiskas', the aristocats dream
She's healthy, playful, purrfect advertising, for nutritious Whiskas h-appetising
Somerfield and Whiskas unite, she purrs endlessly with delight
The dish has been cat-napped
The grin between her ears appears - as every morsel disappears
The last crumb of Whiskas, is licked off her Whiskers
The plate is clean - pure purr-fection
Tropical fish and birds ignored, Whiskas top 'score' his reward
When my queen purrs with pleasure, after every variety show
Whiskas and bowl, purrfectly clean, pussy pawsed on my knee
Whiskas brings contentment divine, she's looking good, feline fine
Whiskas eaten, dish licked clean, no leftovers to be seen
With 'satis-cation' knowing New Whiskas dinners are cantastic
With so many cantastic new varieties, she's purring mad
I would like to go on safari because…
AfriCat helps wildlife through every season, assisted by IAMS, what better reason?
IAMS cats should thrive, lets help them survive
A safari excites me, wild animals delight me, hope IAMS invite me

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