Describe why you would like to win a trip to New York to meet Garfield… 
New York is the world's most exciting place, to meet my favourite cat, Garfield there - wow, that would be ace! 
The Simpsons are Golden Wonders because… 
Dudes dig the mega crunch, small fry love this radical bunch 
The sky's the limit for these cheeky-wotsits! 
Wild and wacky, bags of fun, family favourites every one! 
The Simpsons like Golden Wonder crisps and snacks because… 
Hunger strikes? Turn volume high, crunch and continue watching sky 
Their street-cred crunch suits a street-wise bunch 
They're the thing to eat to the Bant man beat 
Why would you like to meet the Flintstones….. 
Flintstones are great, Flintstones are funny, I love them all and so does my mummy 
My favourite Loony Tunes character is…because... 
Road Runner - Always fast and never late, like a Tazo Slammer he's 'flipping’ great! 
I like Duerr's "Space Jam" jam because... 
22 carrot taste, just ask Bugs Bunny, a galaxy of fruit, great value for money 
A 'galaxy' of flavour, without 'rocketing' prices, its 'universal' appeal always entices! 
Always on my shopping list - it's the 'sin-a-ma' can't resist 
As into the unknown I slip, it never gives me the pip 
Because it's so jammy 
Because the label on the 'can', makes the kids eat the jam! 
Best jam in the basket, magic on toast - and fruity kids love it most 
Breakfast brunch, lunch or dinner, a Space Jam addict surely a winner. 
Buttered bread is haute cuisine, with this tasty go between 
Can't 'picture' spreading tastier jam, that disappears faster than Roadrunner can! 
Delicious on sandwiches, pudding or spoon, its superstar taste sends me 'over the moon'
Delicious, seedless and definitely the best, for taste and value it outlaps the rest. 
Delicious, seedless, ideal for dinner, my family vote Space Jam no.1 winner 
Deliciously fruity, no pips to annoy, out of this world taste - so eat and enjoy 
Duerr's drives tastebuds so insane - my Looney's slam dunk every game 
Duerr's fruity taste is self-explanatory - this jam sensation is inter-planetary 
Duerr's jams are on the ball, passing rays of sensations, into inner space stations 
Flavour is magic, the price well-preserved, fruit is jam-packed and the praise deserved 
For tasty jam Duerr's has the knack - the Space Jam pack 
Fruity flavours simply ace, wish my tummy had more space 
Fruity, seedless, delicious on toast, Space Jam jam is the jam I love most 
Fuller flavour, pure sensation, scores on scones and buttered toast 
Heavenly flavours, pure fruit, full of vits, mega tasty, easily spread - no bits!  
I don't get the pip, jam packed with taste, Duerr's clearly fills a space!  
It fills my little monsters without a breakfast battle 
It gives me the energy to hop high enough to slamdunk the winning point 
It gives you the seedless taste without any waste 
It has a wonderful taste and is different to any other, it's the best 
It is fruity, seedless and delicious and the little cartoon on the front 
It is funny and it's got my favourite characters in it 
It is nice, tasty and cool, you can put it in your sister's bed
It is so fruity and full of flavour and it tastes delicious

It is the smoothest, tastiest jam mum has ever slam dunked into the shopping trolley

It jams a space in my tummy
It jams up my space magnificently
It looks delicious, full of flavour, a real blockbuster taste to savour
It looks very nice and it looks tasty
It makes my taste buds fly like an eagle
It never gives me the pip so to speak
It sends my taste buds into orbit, with four tickets from which I could profit
It takes me to a new dimension, an out of this world great taste sensation
It tastes good and is made by the best - Duerr's
It tastes nice, it makes you feel hungry and it smells very nice
It turns the humdrum into 'yum-yum'! Duerr's in my basket always leads - delicious, fruity without the seeds!
It's a star family treat, we don't see gran's gnashers after a Space Jam eat
It's an out of this world jam to slam dunk on your bread
It's fruitful taste keeps me spaced out
It's gone where no jam has gone before
It's got Bugs Bunny on it
It's heavenly like the stars and tastes out of this world
It's jam packed with flavour with no space for bits
It's jamin', jamin', jamin' good jam
It's jelly fantastic!
It's juicy and fruity, you could say it's out of this world
It's mega groovy and tastes really fruity
It's much fruitier than any other jam I've tasted
It's so cool, goes down great every time
It’s tangy, tooney, taste loud looney, slam jam dunking, red and funky
It's tasty and it's bouncing with delicious fruit. It doesn't give me the pip
It's tasty, it's eye catching, easy to spread, once you start you can't stop
It's the jam to dunk, if you don't eat it then you'll be sunk

Its deliciousness spreads such fruity glee, when 'toons' share Space Jam jars with me

Its smooth on my toast, cool on my tongue and jammy in my stomach
Its strawberry, nice, sweet and delicious - mum says it's nutritious
Jam-packed with flavour, it's the best - runs (Saturn's) rings around the rest
Jamming with Duerr's is always the toast of the town
Jordan's top scoring, Bugs Bunny tries, but delicious Duerr's takes first prize

Light years ahead, Duerr's always impress 'astronomical' taste costs quite 'orbit' less

Like the movie a tasty hit, three great flavours I must admit
It’s red, and red is my favourite colour and it is yummy
Mummy bought three, which means more for me
My looney family always finds space, for Duerr's delicious seedless jams taste
Of all the nice flavours and jam is my favourite food
Of its mouth-watering, out of this world taste at a down to earth price
On my tongue the taste unfurled - Duerr's Space Jam's out of this world
One tasty 'slam dunk' for this miss, means a lifetime in 'spreaded' bliss!
Seedless and red it's brill on bread
Seedless jam makes you 'slam'
Shooting star action, Space Jam tastes juicy with seedless attraction
Slam in the jam, hear the cheers, I'm always a winner when Duerr's appears
Slam-dunk on scones for teatime booty - no pips, well preserved and very fruity
Smoothest jam, sweetest jam, spaceiest jam
Space Jam jam is the jammiest jam ever jammed
Space Jam's just the ticket for kiddies tea, after a hard day learning their ABC
The Barth's crust never goes to waste, spread with Duerr's tempting taste!

The Duerr's team's extra-terrestrial winner - net's delicious fruit flavour for a slam dunk thriller

The spaced-out, seedless, fruity taste, ensures that not one scoop goes to waste
There's nothing better for cheering up the bread-bored!
They have got my favourite Looney Tunes characters
They're never pipped at the toast
This star performer fulfils his aim, of scoring top marks in the taste game
Watching movies late at night, Space Jam makes the perfect bite
When I eat the fruitiest jam of all - I can really slamdunk that basketball
When space jam tastes to superior, only a Looney Tunes' into jam that's inferior
When the jar clicks, I like my lips, it tastes so yummy, in my tummy
With all the quality Duerr's muster, there is no better jam, buster

With Duerr's heavenly space jam styles, I'm over the moon and better by smiles

My life is like a bugs life because…
A wom'ants' work is never done
A working ant I'll always bee, unless I win the lottery
Af-Flik-ted by bouts of indigestion, the ant-idote - a Nestle injection
All kids are pests anthill they grow up
All work and no play, sounds like a school day
All work, no play - winning flik would make my day
Always busy and in demand, always cool and in command
Always caring, always fair, always loving and always there
Always jumping that's me, with energy of a flea
At Tesco, I Flik and choose all my favourites
Beetling along antennae twitching, for t’ant’alising Nestle I'm always itching
Being a Tesco shopper, I ecolonize like Flik and Hopper
Being little has many restrictions - bugged by parental afflictions
Being usual granny, loving infants, feeding and entertaining them
Being wee one big snag, avoiding feet a real drag
Birds keep bugging me cause I'm an 'ant'some guy
Brother's a pest always bugging me - wish he'd flea
Bug-infested home under attack, seeking hero for fighting back
Creep and crawl at school, swotting is the rule
Creeping. crawling achieving my aim, I'm a smartie dame
Creeps, crawlers and high flyers cause uphill battles
Creepy son, crawly wife, Flicks a lousy life!
Downtrodden with bugs to feed, shopping's followed by stampede

Even small people get mountains for their money at Tesco

Everyday I ant-icipate everything mite still be great
Everyday starts the same, me shouting earwig go again
Flying here, flying there, Um as busy as a bee
Gnat gigantic I always flea, al'mite'y foes in’midge’ately
Greedy sisters ant-agonise me, eating my Nestle treats you see
Grounded again, flea in my ear, please make adults disappear
I 'ant' gonna beetle about the bush - I'm a crawler!
I am stuck on you
I beaver away but no-one seems to notice
I creep into bed and mum says hop it!
I creep, crawl, slime, I love Flik - make him mine
I fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee
I get a lot of tasty grub at Tesco under 'antenna'
I have five little glow worms that brighten my life
I live on a dual cabbage way
I may be mini, but I'm a maxi mum
I nestle down at night knowing bugs don't really bite
I spend all day rolling around in mud and eating
I spend all my time pushing baby buggies
I still wear a shell suit
I tick along nicely when people let me bee
I'll tell you in a tick - have to fly!
I'm an inhabit-ant of a close 'nit' community
I'm anti cooking and lousy chores, desperate to flea outdoors
I'm certainly unique, but sadly I'm also 'ant'ique
I'm dim and don't like swats
I'm happy as can bee, there 'antenna' flies on me
I'm Inspector Morse of the lice squad
I'm nippy and zippy, and a tiny bit dippy
I'm small, cute but ugly, hey that doesn't bug me
Ifs frill of Disney magic and always ant-ertaining
Insects have always been the larva of my life
It's a buzz with excitement in every 'flea'ting moment
Like Nestles, leader of the pack, I repeatedly bounce back
Mum, dad. sisters x 3, everyone of them bugs me!
My antenna get tangled and need a Flik
My big brother says I'm a little creep
My budding Indiana Jones, loves bringing creepy crawlies home
My darling little mites, keep me busy day and night
My mum's a worker and my dad's a drone
Nestle and Disney, double delight, sensational tingles, taste and delight
On cold mornings I like to be cocooned in bed
Piercing, chewing, ever at it, can't resist a Nestle packet
Rushing here, rushing there, hungry mouths everywhere
Rushing round in a spin, nobody sees the intelligence within
Scurry, hurry, puff, pant, mother bee of worker ant
Seven days without grub makes one weak
Six-foot, fathered three - daddy longlegs that's me
Small and grubby, I often get stuck in the bath
Soldier ant, busy bee, Tesco quality pampers me
Stocking up for every' occasion, prepared for a greedy invasion
The better I creep, the further I crawl
This antiquated busy bee flies about quite naturally
This ladybug needs a lovebug, 'cos my bedbugs a humbug
This little pest, adorably sweet, is always under mummy's feet
This worker ant labours to pay the greedy grasshopper
Three nippers fr'ant'ic lifestyle, flying around but fantastically worthwhile
Tick-nology used for re-creation, Disney amuse my generation
Under feet, misunderstood, dreaming of hero's trying to be good
We are so fastidious very fast and very' hideous
Whatever life throws at me, I soldier on
When I go to ballet, I dance like a butterfly
When people come, I squirm, nobody likes a hookworm
Whenever they raid my store, I beetle off for more
Worker ant the family's slave, appreciation's all I crave
Worker instinct a'Fliks' me, currently employed as mum of three

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