CARS - More Tiebreakers (1)



Boeder accessories make it easy because…
Their basic excellence of highest repute, combines compatibility and value to boot!
Joining the RAC at the Post Office was more convenient for me because… 
For minimum fuss and maximum ease, handy locations make enrolment a breeze 
A new Garador garage door is a perfect addition to my home because… 
Craftman.ship, quality, style and precision, make Garardor garage doors the ideal decision 
My special journey with my new fruity Ribena will be… 
Down berry lane, juice passed around-about thirst left into Ka park 
To Ka-toum, because this is one car that's not dead and berry-d 
Nescafe Blend 37 and the new MGF go together perfectly because… 
Rich aroma, stimulating drive, instant response, feeling alive 
I'm feeling jammy because... 
I've had a close Hencounter of the succulent kind! 
I'm counting my chickens for a hatchback 
Tasted Sun Valley, delectable pleasure, Jam-packed with berried treasure! 
Tango and Tigra are a match made in heaven because… 
Both provoke a sparkling smile, litre after litre, mile after mile 
Tango zest, Tigra flair, taste and value, the perfect pair 
Tango's tantalising taste sensation, Tigra's outstanding driving inspiration, truly a heavenly combination
Vauxhall motoring appeals, I've packed the Tango, please send me the wheels 
I bought a Network Q car because… 
I know I will always keep moving in a 'Q' 
I would like to change my car every 2 years because… 
Mitsubishi diamonds are a girl's best friend and new ones every 2 years help her sparkle!
I shop at Motor World/Charlie Browns for my motor accessories because… 
Expert staff with helpful advice, everything at a sensible price 
I think the Citroen Saxo would be the best car for me "to picture my travels" because... 
The Saxo's just right for me and my fella, I do love 'Prints' charming - signed Cinderella 
I use the collect by car service because… 
Although I have his appetite, I do not have arms of Desperate Dan! 
I like a bit of glitz in my life because… 
Orange, apple, sultry peach, remind me of a tropical beach, now sadly out of reach 
You can't beat a champion because… 
A superior performance will always impress, making a Champion a roaring success 
A racing cert, always on track, sparkling performance, winning knack! 
Champion provide what others lack - a spark of genius in every pack 
First for choice, driven to last, performance leaders unsurpassed
Motorvated expert or beginner, a Champion is always the 'overall' winner
There's only one winner and Champions thrive, proven track record - ultimate drive
When buying there's no Indy-cision, Champions take pole position
Haynes Manuals and Gunk are a winning combination because…
These slick distributors' track record takes the lead with finely tuned formula - results are guaranteed
Together their 'winning formula will keep me in pole position
What you need to know and what you need to use go hand in hand.
When you're covered in muck and in doubt they clearly show you the way out
With these two on my pit crew, my car will look and run as new
I'm a natural to win a BMW Z3 because…
It’s my dream come true a ‘vroom’ with a brew
The VW Polo is the ultimate small car because…
Polo performance, always 5-star, like Hildon Sport better by far
My Philishave is sleeker than…
Any other shaving system, because it races through stubble at sports car pace,
 leaving nothing behind but a smooth clean face
What would you rename the "Beetle"…
I would like to drive away in an Alfa Romeo Spider because…
Sexy, handsome, sporty true... if only Alfa made men too
I would like to win a BMW Z3 because…
Like an energiser pack, it has the power others lack
I drink Ribena when I drive…
Because this fruity blend brings satisfaction, replacing thirst with four star action
Philips Navigator is the ultimate road atlas because…
Bigger! Bolder! Better! Philip's have gone out of their way to ensure I don't go out of mine!
Winning a new Vauxhall Corsa would 'meat' our expectations because….
Top performers, proud reputations, 'Corsa' Princes meats our expectations.
"Beef"iting quality a "ham"some prize, "pork"fect economy and family size
"Corsa" like Princes tins, once within, self-indulgence Kwikly wins
"Kwik" like Princes, conveniently superior - distinctive looks and tasty interior
"Meating" Princes Corsa sensation, at Kwiksave's priceless filling station
Beefy construction, regally neat, unique production, the three Corsa treat
Engine's beefy, porking's neat, slices through traffic - a jumbo treat
Kwikly rising to Princely status, Corsa winning would elate us
Like Princes at Kwiksave, there isn't of Corsa better bargain
Luncheons, functions and tea-junctions - we always turn to Princes
No-one satisfies every fan, but Kwiksave, Vauxhall and Princes can
Of Corsa winner needs not "beef", achieving "ham"bition beyond belief
Princes a la carte dinner - perfect starter, main Corsa winner
Princes in-car-nations always Cors-a celebration, with hands "meating" in ovation
Princes put "me-at" the wheel, of a great Corsa automobile
Princes succulence, meatily best, passes every M.O.Tea test
Princes supporters never stall, Corsa perfect taste wins overall
Taste, economy, freedom - the Corsa and Princes Kwikly exceed 'em
This beefy performer will Corsa sensation, Kwikly driving "meatoric" elation
Turn the key, expertise, Princes serves up Corsas that please
I would like to drive away a red hot Ford Escort Si Cabriolet this summer because
Topless motoring appeals, I've packed the Coke - please send the wheels
A fiery Ford and Cola power, ensure countless 'smiles' per hour
A top performer, second to none, like Coca-Cola my number one
Cool thirst, an original stunner, it fuels a wheelie red hot summer
Daring, dashing, sensuous, sleek, like Coca-Cola quite unique
Elegant, powerful, a dream unleashed, this beauty desires a red hot beast.
Escort-lights, brakes and action, but Diet cokes the star attraction
For a perfect day, I need a Diet Coke and a Cabriolet
I need the wind in my hair, and my Coke right there
I'd be one cool cookie, whilst others were clutching at straws
It'd complement my Coke can - red, cool and open topped
It's the coolest classic that's fizzically irresistible
Its performance and class, match the taste in my glass
Just one sip of an ice cold Coke would raise the roof
Like Coca--Cola, I can't wait to take the top off
Picture this - me and my bloke win Schwepped and cool as Coke
Pulling the top off would quench any driving thirst
Racing red, open top, both car and Coke will make jaws drop
Red is my favourite Cola
Tanked up on Coca-Cola fuel, red hot wheels feel ice cool
Taste-full'. exhilarating, thrilling, fun; - like cool Coke after scorching sun!
To win a Vauxhall Corsa with Princes spreadables at Kwik Save would spread a smile because..
Super models, elegant style, 'Corsa Princes spreads the Kwikest smile.
A sandwich makers driving force, is Princes spreadables of 'Corsa
Corsa I auto have said, Im Car'azy about Princes spread.
Corsa I'm highly motor-vated, by the spreads they've created.
Delicious Princes spreadables from favourite store : supermodel Corsa - happiness galore
Every mouthful will Corsa a sensation, Kwikly spreading smiles of elation
Kwikly opened Princes jar, means smoother spread and Corsa car
Princes equals smiling faces, Vauxhall means we're going places
Princes spreadables give satisfaction, then add Vauxhall four speed action
Vauxhall's dream car, Kwik Save's style, Princes' goodness, 'corsa smile.
Who could ask for more - supermodel, superspread, superstore.
I would like to win a Seat Cordobra car because…
Car of the future - awash with technology - ‘A-riel’ ‘Giant’ in driving ecology
Stylish, handsome, safe and true - if only Seat made men too!
Superb performance, designed with style, my ‘Future’s’ bright mile after mile
The time is always right with Sekonda because…
With precision and style that’s hard to beat, Sekonda puts me in the driving seat
Like the Fiat Cinquecento, they will never let you down
Sekonda’s performance is second to none, just like Fiat - my number one
Time for work, leisure or sports, Sekonda is the affordable accurate quartz
Mobil 1 is the World's most advanced engine oil because…
It matches today’s needs with tomorrow’s technology
‘Sump’tuous quality, champion choice, friction’s challenged, engines rejoice
Aids engine performance with maximum engine protection
Always evolving to perfection, Mobil 1 is my selection
Automotive engineering development and driving demands require it
Be the car old or new, Mobil l’s the one to use
Cars with Mobil 1 can boast the ultimate refinements!
Continually evolving towards perfection, Mobil l’s the engine’s natural selection
Decades of research, knowledge so vast, gives ‘oil’mighty protection unsurpassed
Designed for modem engines, laboratory tested, cannot be bested
Developed for winners, ‘Escorting’ the best, Mobil out-performs the rest
Engine tired - needs a rest - Mobil I rejuvenates best
Engineered to perfection, it’s the Grand Prix and motorists’ selection
Experts have rallied round together to make it just that
Experts perfect it, perfectionists select it
For engine endurance, cleaner emission, Mobil I has pole position
For protection and lubrication, it’s the best medication
Ford rally team use it - so do we!
Forest tracks, tough conditions, Mobil I takes top position
Friction lessens, speed increases, performance improves, wearing ceases
From crude to the car, Mobil’s the best buy far
From jalopies to Rolls, it’s ahead in the polls
Fully protects, completely synthetic, pour in and just forget it
Fun or Formula One, it lubricates engines on the run
I can now rally afford to keep myself Mobil(e)
In the heat of competition, it’s the coolest oil around
It aims for medals, with a champion at the pedals
It always takes a beating, but never loses
It beats the competition at every stage
It enhances the chances of longer life
It gives complete protection whatever the performance level.
It gives every engine a clean ‘Mobil I’ of health
It gives high-tech protection, for high-spec purr-fection
It gives outstanding engine protection, whatever car you drive
It gives you protection as well as performance
It is developed for the world’s most demanding engine conditions
It is oil technology developed to perfection
It is the life blood of a winning car
It keeps the engine clean, and runs like a dream
It keeps your engine cool when the going gets hot
It keeps your engine environmentally clean in every extreme
It lets you go with the flow
It lubes all the tubes
It lubricates every facet, of your major asset
It maintains your engine’s perfect health in all conditions.
It manages and protects, against engine defects
It out performs the best of the rest
It produces films that are always enduring, but never blockbusters
It provides optimum engine protection - all conditions, all temperatures
It provides outstanding performance with high level of engine cleanliness
It reigns where it pours
It takes the (t) out of engine (t)oil
It translates its performance on the track to the road
It’s a fully synthetic oil for long lasting protection
It’s a race apart from the rest
It’s a winning formula, brilliant, resilient and so refined
It’s designed and refined, with perfection in mind
It’s formulated for the toughest treatment on track and stage
It’s got everything but an equal
It’s made science-’friction’ a thing of the past
It’s not an engine additive, it’s a major component
It’s perfected the art of lubricating every part
It’s refined with perfection in mind
It’s smooth, slick, and makes my engine feel real quick!
It’s so slick, it’s got other oils over a barrel
It’s synthetically produced to be naturally the best
It’s the best insurance, to promote engine endurance
It’s the oil that foils, the affliction of friction
It’s tough with the rough, smooth on the move
It’s very slick, and it does the trick!
Its formula has three-way perfection: quality, performance and protection.
Its reputation is well deserved, keeping engines well preserved
Its revolutionary solution gives friction the slip
Its staying power under severe stress makes it Number 1
Its superb quality, protective care, gives higher performance, reduces wear
Its synthetic composition, gives the hardest working engine ultimate protection
Its synthetic composition, is the ideal proposition
Its unique formula gives you Formula I performance every time
Leading Motoring Organisations Believe In its Lubricating qualities
Less wear, less tear, less fuel, smart move
Like blood transfusions, it gives engines new leases of life
Lubricating hot or cold, it suits cars new or old
Matchless lubricating ability, facilitates maximum MOBILity
Mobil 1 - introducing engine care - say goodbye wear and tear
Mobil 1 is best - you can forget the rest
Mobil 1 protects at heart, improving performance in every part
Mobil I is oil of distinction - that’s fact not friction
Mobil’s improved viscosity increases velocity
Mobil’s protective lubrication, gives engines extra motor-vation!
Motorway mayhem, city crawl, designed for tomorrow, superb overall
Motorway miles, city queue, Mobil protection keeps engines like new
My engine is never stressed, because Mobil 1 is the best
Nothing closer to perfection for engine protection
Oils well - that blends well
Peak performance is their quest, coating moving parts the best
Performance and protection’s finest aid, takes motoring into another decade
Rain, snow or shine, it’s top of line
Rally tuned, race refined, Mobil and Ford quality
School run or Formula 1, overall protector is Mobil 1
Smooth and refined, it’s one of a kind
Spotless engine, minimum drag, Mobil I takes the chequered flag
Stopping, starting, racing, touring, Mobil 1 keeps engines roaring
Superb quality, protective care, ensures higher performance, reducing wear
Synthetic result of creative skill is Mobil 1: Friction 0
The ultimate in lubrication, protecting, preserving, driving the nation
They keep ahead of the rest, in every test
This formula has no equivalent, the ultimate protecting lubricant
This oil won’t spoil, it’s the smooth feel that’s real
This protection perfection is rally more than just smooth torque!
To be in tune, you have to be slick
What better exudate, that penetrates and lubricates, could you incorporate?
Whatever car you drive, Mobil I gives outstanding engine protection
When performance matters most, Mobil l’s first past the post.
When put through the paces, it always comes up aces!
When the going gets tough, Mobil 1 keeps you going
Wherever friction works, Mobil I works
With Mobil in your car, you know you’ll go far.
You care about your car, you care about the oil
You will get reliability, mileability if you use Mobility
I would like to win a Ford Fiesta With BHS and Coca Cola because…
All three mean style - whether shopping, driving or just relaxing
As I'm a trendy Coca-Cola drinker driver
Fashion and flair will get you there
I could sip Coke in my new MOT, wearing my BHS coat
Shopping's such pleasure, sipping Coke at leisure, driving home a treasure
They set the pace, whatever you're doing, wherever you're going
They're classy, stylish, tasteful and cool
To get me to the theatre, business lunch, shopping and picnic
To give me the "treads" to show off my "threads"
I would like to win a Citroen AX Jazz because…
Like Mars and Circle K it's got all you need, every day
I took a closer look at XL because…
Closer inspection revealed XL's perfection
Experts perfected them and connoisseurs prefer them
I like a good long smoke so it just Astra be XL
Like the Astra a very smooth performer and perfection guaranteed
Like the Astra it gives 5 star value at 2 star prices
Their Astral quality excels all other earthly brands
Wheels in motion, mind on the road, smoking XL - best highway code
When the Vauxhall Astra caught the eye, the cigarette I just had to try
With the Astra's XLeration they both leave the rest in second place.
XL are a five star attraction and they give astronomical satisfaction
4 me 2 bin GTE XL's I buy 2 smoke uc
After inspection, no rejection, for quality XL is my selection
An Astra XL would suit me as well
An Astra, I'd feel so grand, just by smoking my favourite brand
Astra's finesse excels all other tastes
Attractive packaging with superb quality that Astra be to my satisfaction
Both XL and the GTE are refined and the ultimate in pleasure.
Contained in that distinctive pack are length and taste that others lack
I am an XLent smoker with a desire for an excellent car
I don't pay for XS quality without XL
I like the length and I like the strength
I want to win an Astra but will still smoke 'em after
I was smitten by the Vauxhall Astra XLence
I'd have contentment in one hand and precision in the other
I'd like to XLerate away in a new Astra GTE 16V
I've tried the rest and found XL to be cheap and best
Inhalation leads to exhilaration with no limitation in an astralocation
It may mean better motoring and does mean better smoking
It's a flavour to savour, not stronger just longer
It's such a smooth cool burner just like the Astra GTE 16V
Like the Astra it leaves other competition in a puff of smoke
Like the Astra they've got class and quality rolled into one
Like the Astra's 16V they're tipped to be the best
Like the GTE it has a style and smoothness of its own
Like the GTE, they are ahead of the rest
Like the Vauxhall Astra they pull away nicely at the lights
Like the XL is top of its class in every way
My XLent taste needs an excellent car
No other cigarette allows you to excel at Astra4 travel
Puffing on XL's really divine, give us an Astra that's totally mine
Referred when preferred - excited when slighted - delighted when lighted
Seeking perfection at a cost economical your XLent brand brought joy Astranomical
That X-tra little means an X-tra lot
The tortoiseshell pack is what the others brands lack
Their length with Benson and Hedges quality makes the Xlent value
They are always magic abracadabra XL and an Astra
They are as stylish, dynamic and enjoyable as an Astra GTE 16V
They are top of the range like the Astra GTE 16V
They mean just as much to me as an Astra GTE
They're low to middle tar and I could win your fabulous car
To be specific they taste terrific
To identify Xlence you Astra have XL sense
To smoke is human to eXell is divine
Together with an Astra I could XLerate
With a five star rating they must be worth investigating
XLent prizes Astra and CD no other competition can XL for me
XLent value, superlative taste making all others an absolute waste
I would like to own a Mini Cooper because…
With stylish car and corrected sight, the road ahead looks forever bright
I'd like to win a Subaru Car and be the best on the road by far, with first class tyres and fuel…
To establish the rule, that Impreza, the car, is the star
A jacket in blue looking cool, I’d be the star - thank you, ta
Carefree motoring will rule, and I’ll travel the world like a star
Comfort and economy rule, with Repsol, Pirelli and your Subaru car.
Each journey’s much less cruel, with Pirelli and Repsol 4 star.
I could rally be cruel, and park next to my neighbour’s Lada
I would have to be a fool, not to perform like a rally star
I’d be driving a jewel, and I could give up my job as a char
I’d be sure to win any duel, on my Pirellis and Repsol 4 star
I’d certainly challenge and duel, with any world rally team star
I’d challenge Colin to a duel, then we’d see who’s the real superstar
I’d challenge McRae to a duel, and then we’d see who’s the star.
I’d go to a rally school, so my driving was better than par
I’d own a motoring jewel, a gem of a car, rated triple five star
I’d really feel so cool, what a team, what a car, what a star
I’d take on any duel, to Monaco or even Dakar
It would be my treasured jewel, with safety and comfort five star
Just to make my wife drool, that should be all l need to Impreza
My daily trips to school, will always be 4 star
My transport’s a jewel, I’m the envy of the neighbours - hurrah
The car’s hot I’m so cool, move over McRae I’m the star
The open road I will rule, able to drive like a sporting star
The road I would rule, as a queen in a new Impreza
The roads I would rule, like a female McRae in a Wonderbra
The ultimate driver’s tool, a proven winner by Britain’s rallying star
This car’s a real jewel, like Colin McRae, it’s a thoroughbred star
This dazzling crown jewel, would turn heads from Penzance to Stranraer
This motoring jewel, would impress even Nicole’s papa
To compare would be cruel, other cars are just way below par
Where speed is the rule, and comfort no less than 5 star
Winter’s weather may be cruel, but my wheels would grip on the tar
Wouldn’t I look cool, as I burnt up rubber and tar
Mini Cheddars are mini but massive because…
Flavour enormous, package petit - keeps Mini in the driving seat
Best comes in small packets, giant flavour in round jackets!
Champion Cheddars, winning line, looks delicious, and tastes divine
Don't be fooled by the size, enormous cheesy mouthfuls in disguise
For a snack or main meal, Mini Cheddars have maxi appeal
It's the feel good snack, in the golden pack
Massive flavour, Mini size, cheese Cheddars wins first prize
Massive flavour, mini size, massive giveaway, Mini prize.
Massive savings on multipacks, Mini prize with tasty snacks
Mini size, massive crunch, for Mini snacks or massive lunch
Minis provide fun to the max - driving out snack attacks
Monstrously moreish, enormously cheesy, thousands squeeze inside Minis easy-peasy
Real Cheddar and biscuits combined, guarantees a one snack mind
Small size but big bite - eat 'em Kwik on Mar-mite
Taste performance, records snap, with Mini Cheddars on my lap
Tasty, nutritious, approved by mums, MAXI snacks for MINI tums
The big cheese lingers longer for you to savour
The taste sensation has no limitation
There's nothing Mini about their massive Hugely popular pocket sized snacks, in whopping great value packs.
They're little and light, and always just right
They're the light snack with the big impact
What starts with a nibble ends with a Cheddars Gorge!
When put to the test they out-crunch the rest
With pulling power second to none, Mini Cheddars delight everyone
You can't bag more in a 4 x 4
With Geest and the Co-op you're really motoring because…
Geest's farmers share Co-op care, delving forward for trade that's fair
Stonegate eggs and a Ford Escort are the perfect weekend combination because…
In reliable components like weekender and Ford, lay the foundation of quality assured
Shaped for success, a tasteful combination, instantly fulfilling every weekend expectation
Stonegate's succulent taste sensation, with Ford's outstanding driving inspiration, promise a heavenly combination
A Ford Escort 'brings home the bacon', to complement those lovely fresh Stonegate eggs
A Ford Escort Finesse is a cracker hatched, a Stonegate Weekender egg is a cracker unhatched
A perfect combination for the two E's - Eggs and Escort, now for a wonderful partnership
A taste of Old England, an Englishman's dream, a traditional Sunday breakfast and then polish the car of his dreams
A-FORDord-able wheels, wonderful yolks, it's quality time, let’s crack on with it folks
AFORDable eggs, tasty and nutritious, making weekend breakfast quite delicious.
After enjoying a phenomenal breakfast of Stonegate eggs, it's great to go for a ride in a Ford
After Weekender eggs for breakfast, I'd be wreathed in smiles - with an AfFORDable Escort, I could drive for miles
Boiled Stonegate eggs and a bit of scrambling in a Ford Escort lead to a fun-packed weekend
Both are perfectly packaged, providing power, strength and vitality for prolonged action, meeting the highest expectations
Both are quality products with stylish packaging to catch the customer's eye
Both are selected on perfection and merit for pure Joy and pleasure on a weekend of leisure
Both give you a start you just can't beat, with the EGGstra you deserve to make weekends complete
Both provide great weekend deals, with tasty nutrition and afFORD'able wheels
Crack a Stonegate, drive a cracking car
Don't need Jeremy Clarkson or Delia's EGGSellent schemes, to enjoy these wonderful eggs and the hatchback of my dreams
EGGceptional value, AfFORDable price, they make leisure a pleasure to be precise
EGGciting things can happen with both, treat your family to a good start
Eggs are as versatile as the drive of a Ford Finesse
Eggs from Stonegate are my breakfast treat, but without an Escort I'm incomplete
Eggs give energy to enjoy Escort motoring evety day, especially at weekends.
Egham my favourite weekend destination, after Stonegate's good egg breakfast, I'll enjoy Ford Escort transportation
Favourite breakfast, stylish motor, united delights make EGGsiting quota!
For a fun packed weekend I need speedy fuel injection, great value and good taste - now I can afford protection
For cooking up breakfast or cooking up fum - I'm driven to say they are second to none
For quality, taste and goodness, breakfast with Stonegate eggs - it's a millennium experience all year round
For soave and sophisticated transport, Stonegate provide the perfect Escort
Ford and Stonegate hold the key, to taste and AfFORDability.
Ford is the luxury 'laid' back feeling of a superior car, Stonegate is the best 'break' by far
Fry-days through to sunny-side Sundays, eggs and Ford make weekends fun days
Great for scrambling with a coddled touch, relaxing they both have me in their clutch
I have bought 600 eggs to make the most of the fantastic Ford Escort every weekend
I'd smile mile after mile, after a 'special' breakfast to be Escorted in style
It takes eggheads to make something so good - it's a pleasure to have when time is for pleasure 
MOTORVated by Ford's drive to reach EGG&ellent perfection, I'm fuelled by Stonegate's del'EGG'table selection
My egg cup floweth over - it's no yolk, this afFORDably EGGScellent duo understand weekend folk
Nourishing starters - comFORDabie drive, make ideal partners
On weekends we like to travel far, so we need a Weekender breakfast and Ford's reliable car
One's a cracking good way to drive away, the other's a cracking good way to start the day!
Peck a Stonegate egg, pick an Escort car, these weekend treats are never beat, their standards are best by far
Roaring weekend success, champion standards with Finesse, class A big breakfast, EGGcellent fuelling, so 'cheap' it's a yolk
Saturdays and Sundays, I live like a lord, I enjoy Stonegate eggs and easily 'aFORD'
Stonegate and Escort AfFORD me the 'great EGGscape'!
Stonegate can EGG-scort me to a-FORD-able eggs for the perfect Sunday breakfast
Stonegate eggs 'shell' out satisfaction, then add Ford for four speed action!
Stonegate eggs are a good feed and the fantastic Ford Escort is up to speed
Stonegate Eggs are the best in meals, Ford Escort is the best on wheels
Stonegate eggs satisfies your appetite at home, a Ford Escort satisfies your appetite on the road
Stonegate excellence, Ford's flair, together they're the perfect pair
Stonegate leads with an egg and ford leads with a Focus
Stonegate's freshness and Ford's reliability separate the hen from a-lloys
Stonegate offers a 'cracking' Weekender with EGGceptional flair, whilst Ford Escorts you with Finesse for a weekend affair
Stonegate's good eggs provide a cracking good time, with the best looking Escort in town
Stonegate's taste tempts every lip, Ford's flair gives extra zip, for an exhilarating occasion, this pair makes the wining liaison!
Sunday breakfast my plate begs, indulgence with Stonegate eggs, later craving thrilling sport, demands a spin in my Ford Escort
Sunny side up, we're on our way, with our Escort to show us the way
Tasty and delicious, no weekend is complete without that 'EGGscort' treat
Thanks to Stonegate the weekend is EGGShilarating with aFORDability
The best laid plans for a weekend drive are hatched over a nourishing breakfast
The eggs are very tasty, with get up and go energy within, just like the Ford Escort 
The Ford Escort Finesse is one basket you CAN safely put all your eggs and little chicks in
The Ford Escort is the finest basket to carry all of your eggs home in
The smooth taste of Stonegate eggs unscramble any doubts about driving a Ford Escort
Their eggs are as reliable as the dependable Escort
There is always a scramble for the keys!
There's no need to 'shell' out at great 'EGG'spense, -aFORDable treat this 'clutch' makes sense
There's something about an Escort - its refinement and Finesse, something about the Stonegate taste, no others can contest
These 'cracking' winners are without match, they send other 'brands' down the hatch
These (h)encounters of the 'pre-Ford' kind 'motorvate' me to unwind
They are each top of their range and represent EGGsellent value for money.
They are guaranteed to get you off to a great start Stonegate eggs for delicious meals, Ford Escort perfection on wheels
They both get you started first time for an active weekend
They both have the power to make our world EGGstatic
They both provide a cracking start and the driving force that lifts the heart.
They give us the fuel to range our free time, therefore shelling our pressures into pleasures
They're versatile, fun and exciting, easy to handle and adapt to your ever-changing lifestyle
This duo's Finesse is so hard to beat, their 'gold' standards 'out-shell' making weekends complete
Together they are the ultimate in EGG-xoti-car!
Top performers, good reputations, both meet my weekend expectations
Two perfect eggs (00) and the Ford Escort's power (mph) would give me the 'oomph' for a lively break
Two Stonegate eggs a day, make you work, rest and drive a Ford Escort away
Weekend Excitement, Entertainment, Kitchen Empty, No Dishes, Escape Routes, Enjoy Get-a-away in Gorgeous Supercar
Weekender meals are made of Stonegate eggs after your expert drive with the Ford Escort
Weekender's EGGcel for the picnic bake, Ford Escorted's the icing on the cake.
When I shell out for my table fare, Stonegate and Ford are a cracking good pair
When Stonegate and Ford are carefully blended, weekends are refined, boredom ended
Where there is excellent quality food, and an Escort with Ford's reputation, they add up to equal good quality time
With cracking good taste a bumper range is created -engine-eously afFORDable my performance is motor-vated
With Stonegate nutrition, to fire my ignition, their 'fry way code' leads to 'open road'
With Stonegate on the menu I can AfFORD a 'cracking' weekend
With the Finesse of an Escort and my favourite fried eggs to boot, a wonderful combination spending no loot
With these two weekends are no longer a 'bind', they guarantee close 'hen'counters of the EGGtatic kind!
You can 'shell' out less for a 'cracking' vacation, with a little 'free range' imagination
You can beat a good egg, but you can't beat the Ford Escort
You can separate your whites from your yolks, but you can't keep Ford Escort away from your folks
You can transport them to any destination, with a little 'free range' imagination
You won't feel hungry, you won't feel bored, eat scrambled eggs and drive a Ford
Stonegate Eggs give you the inner drive, to enjoy the Escort's perfect outdoor drive

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