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0-60 Accelerate Adventure Af'Ford'ability
Agile Air Bags Alarm A little Austination
Appearance A Rover by choice Automatic Automatic choice for
A-wash with technology Banger Bodywork Bonnet(s)
Boot (s) Boot out Brakes Brand new wheels
Breaks Break through in driving ecology Break with / from Bumper to bumper
Bumper value By design Capacious Car care
Care free / a car free Car -is - ma Car in front Car of the future
Catalytic Cats eye my Change Chequered flag
City crawl   Classic Classy appearance Clean getaway
Clutch (at) Comfortable Convert to this gear to be in fashion all year Craftsmanship
Crock Cruising Cut corners Dashboard
Dealership Design Distributor Doesn't give you a breakdown
Don't give a hoot for Drive away my Drive for success Driven to distraction
Driver's dream Drive Drives a good bargain Drives me round the bend
Drive the best Driven to Driving force Driving seat
Economical Economy drive Efficient Elegant
Energy with elegance Engine Engineered for Exciting Exhaust
Exquisite style Exterior Family size Fast
Fast not fuelish Fiat accompli Five star value Formula for
Formula in the wet Formula One Formula to succeed From start to finish
From the sublime to the meticulous Fuel Fuelish economies Flat
Full Tank Fun Garage Garage guidance
Gear(ed) to Geared up for Get along with Gets the green light
Gives a lift to travellers Go belting about Go far Going is smooth
Good start(er) Grand Prix quality Great distributor Grill
Hard shoulder to cry on Hatchback Have in your clutches Headlights
Head turning Highly motor-vated Honey in jams Hot wheels get clean away
If I Diahatsu Ignition Impressive In an estate of excitement
Inflate In front of In gear Interior
In the lead In the forefront Injection of pace In the driving seat
In the headlights Its better by miles Junction Keep to the right, buy
Key(s) King of the road Leader of the brand Left at/ right for
Litre beater Luxurious Makes tracks Manifold advantages
Mar-car-oni Matchless Mean machine Mile after mile
Miles ahead / in front Miles better than Mini More dash/ less cash
More smiles per gallon / litre Mobilisation Motorway to Motor-vation / Motor-vated Motorway melee
Motorway miles MPH Nippy No accident
No mean Fiat No opposition Number one On the move
On the road to On the verge of Overdrive functions Overtaking the opposition
Panache Passed the test Passes Passing
Perfection on wheels Peak performance Performance pleasure Plugs the
Poetry in motion Potent Power(ful) Precision
Purr Quality Quick Radiator of elegance
Rally on Refined Re-lion on Revs
Road holding Road hog Roadside assistance Road to
Rolls along Roundabout Run over the good points Runs
Safe Saloon Second to none Secret under its bonnet
Set the wheels in motion Showroom Solution to pollution Smartest form of travel
Smiles at miles Smooth Something to write home about Spacious
Spaghetti junction Spare Speed Sporting
Sporting the men from the boys Sporty Sporty little number Sporty creature
Start with / stop with Starter for Stay ahead Staying power
Steering Steering wheel Steers towards Streets ahead
Style Stylish Suspension Switch on to
The gear to be in The pits Throttle the opposition Tonic for a tyred work
Torque of the town Traffic Transition Tread the
Transport Travels triumphantly Thrusty and trusty Transmission of
Triffic in traffic Trust Tuned for Turbo (powered)
Tyre(d) Ultimate pair Versatile Vintage
Vroom (at the top) Winter starting/ springs into life Wheel Wheels / deals
Winning combination Won't 'brake' the bank Workmanship XLence Zip

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Accelerator / Greater Advance / Prance / Chance
Appeals / Deals / Wheels Arriving / Driving / Striving
Backs / Tracks / Knacks / Lacks Breakdown / Sad frown / New renown
Hard shoulder / Bolder Cabriolet / style of today / here to stay
Cash / Brash / Panache City crawl / stall / overall / at all / fall
Cliff hanger / old banger Classed / fast / last Clutch / touch / much
Complete / driving seat Desire / tyre
Driving force / course Elegance / performance
Engineered / revered / feared Engineering / steering
Finesse / success Flair/ there/ care/ spare
Foot down / car of renown / around town Ford / accord/ bored/ afford / scored / roared
Four wheeled / open field Forecourt / better sort
Good runner / style stunner Hard to beat / driving seat
Head-turning / heart-churning / garage spurning / youth- yearning / road-burning Highway / my way
Ignition / recognition / nutrition Inspiration/ motor-vation
Interior / exterior / superior Load/ road / Highway code
Mechanisation / mobilisation / sensation Mile/ style / smile
Motion / Potion / Devotion Motor / voter
MOT / me / spree / free Nifty/ swiftly / thrifty
Panics / mechanics/ dynamics Quality / reliability / versatility
Reliable / undeniable Roomy, neat / runs a treat
Rough / tough / enough Slower / power
Speed / need / indeed Start / heart / part
Style/ mile after mile / smile Thrusty / trusty
Trust / rust / must / dust / bust Wheels / Deals

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 If Nestle named a car it should be called...
Bo Peep because it's a little beauty under the bonnet!
For any mealtime occasion, Princes products please because...
Whether succulent fish or juiciest meat, Princes are in the driving seat.
I would love to win a tasty car with co-op pies and hams because ...
Tell no porkies, tell no lies, Fiat for cars, Co-op for pies.
If Blend 37 and Land Rover Discovery got together to make a limited edition 4x4 they would call it - ...
Quadriga 37
Marshbuck, Mocharuiser, S'Blended, The Buss, The Mudlark, Dervish, Top Drawer, Four by Fortitude, The Leveller, Stampede, Kick-Start, Prospector, Sporting Freedom, My Choice, The Helvetian, Reviving Driving, The Green Genie, Blend of Strength (BOS), Captivator, Blend Ahead, Ambassador, Explore and Pour, The Panorama, Wet'N'Wild, Never Bean Better, Union Force, Synergy, Ecoranger, Outer Limits, Millennium, Cross Continental, Grounds for Survival, Carlotta Fun, Taste the Action, My Stable Mate, Defiant, Le Beano Vert, Achimorra, Green Albatross, Beyond the Pale, Thirst and Four Most, Poetry and Motion, Atlas Conqueror, Hot Roaster, Rovin' Roa'ster, Sportage, Creating a Stir, Tetra Mocha CG, Diamond Among Gems, Badlands Combo.
I would like to vanish away in a VW polo because ...
I'm tickled pink with this vanishing action, no apologies for my complete satisfaction.
I think that the Citroen Saxo car would be the best car for me to 'picture my travels' because...
The Saxo's just right for me and my fella, I do love 'Prints' Charming - signed Cinderella.
Avon and Daewoo make shopping a pleasurable experience because...
Hassles and pressure have been 'driven away', good service and value now 'makeup the day.
My special journey with my new fruity Ribena Ka will be..
To Ka-toum, because this is one car that's not dead and berry-d.
Down Berry Lane, juice passed around-about, thirst left, into Ka park, buy the 'C'.
Mini cheddars are mini but massive because...
Flavour enormous, package petite - keeps Mini in the driving seat.
To keep warm during the 'Big Freeze' I would...
Dream of pizza's 'Niss-an' hot, then 'Go Ahead' scoffing the lot.
I deserve a new look for 1998 with Weight Watchers from Heinz because...
Thanks to Heinz I'm now a winner, every day getting thinner.
They motorvate this lumpy lassie to gain herself a classy chassis.
My just desserts for watching weight, look good - with Heinz to 'motor'vate.
Thirty-something student remodelling career, needs lighter lean body and updated gear
 Michelin tyres are the best because…"
 They are 'Cyprus'ingly good value for money
 They let the miles roll round
 Gripping performance, terrific round bends, Michelin steers safely without overspend
 Michelins and ATS are my car's gain
 Outstanding performance in ice, snow and rain
 With Michelin my number one, I won't need a 'hard shoulder' to cry on
 Great traction, feels driver reaction, with price satisfaction
 They keep you on the straight and narrow
 You pneu there's pnothing pnicer
A man and a woman in swimsuits are jumping while holding a giant melon...
Honey, do you think you can hold this while I take a Seat?
A new car with Princes Buon Appetito would be a tasty surprise because…
Kwik and easy mouthwatering cuisine unsur'pasta'ble flavour, Princes 'Clioly' supreme
Buon Appetito with Clio inspires, motor-vation of tasteful desires
Clio and Princes overdrive functions, Kwikly amaze even spaghetti junctions
Clio macchina-ECCELLENTE, like Princes paste, but not al dente.
Clio's door now a-jar, Kwiksave and Princes unsurpassable by far
Driving authenticity home, Princes car-is-ma pastaport to Rome
Family key words taste and nutrition, Kwikly Princes add ignition
Italian 'Kwisine' gourmet selection, Buon Appetito is 'Clio-ly' perfection
Kwik cooked princes served al-dente, and Clio primo - excellente
Kwik Save, Princes, Renault Clio - together create a magnificent trio
Ma-car-oni what an exciting twist, to Princes deliciously re-sauce-ful list
Mamma-mia this Princely creation, Kwikens as-Renault-lin with tasteful sensation
Pasta performance Kwikly inspired, a sauce of celebration Clioly admired
Pasta' my wildest dreams Clio goes, while Princes tantalises 'To-ma-toes'
Princes pasta's always Clioly delicious at Kwik Save price
Princes pasta, win a Clio, Kwik Save prices - tasty trio
Princes quality, Kwik Save economy, leaves me driving Renault technology
The Princes and Kwik Save combination, guarantee a 'Car-bonara' sensation.
To Kwiksavissimo in Clio delissimo for Buon Appetito just supremissimo
With Princes tastebuds are aroused, Kwikly leaving Clio-entole open mouthed
Winning a Renault Clio with Princes BuonAppetito at Kwik Save would be fantastico because…
Kwikly delissimo, Princely cuisine, mum's pasta'port to her clio dream
The Micra Hot Wheels from Hotpoint and Nissan is the hottest little car because…
Hotpoint drives out the dirt every day, while Nissan's Micra Hotwheels gets clean away
Sekonda and Peugeot make a winning team because…
They are two compact, highly stylish movers, excellent for work or fun time groovers
I bought my vileda mop at Texas Homecare because…
Vileda makes me char-free, Texas care-free, perhaps a car-free?
I use Holts & Turtle Wax products because…
When put to the test, they outclass the rest - from engine interior to gleaming exterior, making my car’s performance superior
I think that a Mitsibishi makes an ideal family car because…
From bumper to bumper, beginning to end, the Mitsubishi is the family’s friend
Playtex lingerie is vital for my statistics because…
Quality garments, classic design, the label is Playtex, the comfort is mine
I applied to take out a Nat West personal loan because…
Vehicle deceased, immobilised priest, NatWest comprehended, problem ended
Dream car just a notion, ‘till NatWest sets the wheels in motion
Tired of taxi, train and bus, - Nat West’s loan new car, no fuss
With very attractive APR, came the chance to win the car
I like eating Kellogg's Crunchy Nut Cornflakes before driving my Mini Mayfair because…
Nothing comes before Crunchy Nut Cornflakes - but the whole world's after my Mini!
Both the Renault Clio and Kellogg's Crunchy Nut Cornflakes are irresistible because…
Kelloggs and Renault grew to fame, by putting quality and taste behind their name
Lemon + lime = Gio, Gio + my tastebuds…
The Giofizzical Law - One swallow always makes it summer
The Giological equation solved - sparkle and tang have equal values
Sirius chose a Renault Clio as the car to win because…
Stylish and elegant, whatever the course - ideal qualities for Sirius to endorse
Skona is my favourite brand of lager because…
From the first taste, you know it's Skoda be winner!
I would drive miles for Mayfair because…
There's nothing mini about a Mayfair
When quality and price are the main attraction, Mayfair gives most satisfaction

I would like to hit the road with Unichem this summer because…

The Corsa cruises trouble free, while Unichem pampers the family
Trico are training the champions because…
When buying there's no Indy-cision, Trico blades take pole position
Premier points is a super promotion for Argos customers because…
It's better by miles - a premier solution to coupon pollution
Electrolux was the obvious choice for me because…
Classy appearance, brand new wheels, Electrolux 'drive’ the greatest deals
Electrolux like Peugeot, take pride in perfect perform
Fantastic quality means excellent buy, plus another 106 reasons why
For freezing, cooking, cleaning and dishes, Electrolux fulfils my wishes.
The Hyundai coupe is the sporty number you've always wanted because…
A top performer that's second to none, like Soreen my number one
I think Raffles and the Peuguot Style are the perfect match because…
For quality, style and priceless care, you can 'relion' this ultimate pair
Bright sparks fit Motorcraft plugs because…
Specialists perfect them, perfectionists select them
If I won a Mini Cooper I'd…
Have a clutch of minifold advantages from a greater distributor
Rhythm Country Blues is a great driving music for the Ford Maverick because…
Great vibes are amplified, when music and Maverick coincide
The Subaru Justy 1.2 4WD represents outstanding value for money because…
Two Soreen tokens, 96 pence, for Subaru Justy, must make sense
Proton is Britain's fastest selling new make of car because…
Pro design, pro built, pro me, pro you, Proton
The classy chassis - affordable dream, leaves money over - for fruity malt Soreen
The Honda Concerto suits my sense of style because…
In Concerto's there can be no second fiddle!
The car that most represents my personality…
Must be that old street car, the one named 'Desire', for I'm still a wild lady, (despite my spare tyre
Braun and Rover make the perfect combination because…
Quality, craftsmanship, style and precision make Braun and Rover an easy decision
When quality and performance are a must, Braun and Rover are names you can trust
I would choose Shell Helix motor oil for my Hyundai Lantra Cdi because…
Motorway miles, city crawl, a quality oil, protects overall
I'll always keep 'avoid motorway holdups' in my car because…
An Al way to avoid Ml delay
I find jams boring in my Rolls
It jumps queues and breeds content
It's a blockbuster
Prevention is better than queuer
I would like to own a Seat Toledo because…
With Toledo's quality, style, price and friendly finance, there's no secret what Volkswagen can do
Quality build, keen price and sharp styling, put it a cut above the rest
Quality, style and excellence, doesn't come at a better price
This front runner has style and quality, affordable price with Volkswagen reliability
With Volkswagen quality and SEAT style, it's sporty, spacious and priced to beguile
Without a doubt, it's the best about, for price and quality, it's an assured possibility
My idea of adventure is…
Taking the longest way home
Daring to tread where lesser men would be filled with dread
Trail blazing over Alaskan snow, with my husky team at full flow
Hermitite and Halfords are the perfect team for me because…
Quality products, employed with ease, give me a craftsman's expertise
How would you describe the Vauxhall Frontera Sport…
Stylish, handsome, safe and true - if only Vauxhall made men too!

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