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Barbecue Beached Beautiful beaches Bermuda triangle, my angle
Berth rate Calypso calling Carib me off Columbus
Delicious ~ and Caribbean Sun, ~ to be won Diving for Dream destination Go bananas
Hit me with the ‘punch’ Ice and easy Island in the sun I land in the sun
Jamaica / did you make her Montego bay not Morecambe Bay No Long Johns, silver sea Palm off
Oiled and tanned, not boiled and canned Paradise Pearl of Pirate
Pirate away / off Port with Rum Punch to enjoy Rum place
Sapphire sea Steel drums Stream to the gulf Surf you right
Surf up delights Tropical Tropical paradise

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Beach / peach / reach / teach / speech / each Cayman / say man / hey man / OK man
Paradise / ice / slice / spice / trice / twice / suffice / precise / entice / advice / devise / sacrifice Rum / tum / mum / some
Sand / grand / land / band Sun/sea sand/ tropical land

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Morrisons/ Hooper’s Hooch/ Jamaica holiday: I would like to drink Hooper’s Hooch in Jamaica because:
Funshine drink, fresh fruit flavour, Mor-isons to be marooned in Jamaica
Calypso rhythms, Hooch on ice, a shady spot - paradise
Hooch, sun, sea, sand bring Caribbean magic to this tropical land
Reggae, rhythm, Hooch in the sun, sheer indulgence, relaxing begun
Crisply refreshing - chilled with ice, sun, sea, sand - paradise
Enjoying Hooch on exotic shore - thought leaves me thirsting for more
I would love to enjoy the Jamaican sunshine because ... 
D&G and Caribbean sights - a tropical mirage of double 'deLights'!
I would like to spend a family holiday in St Lucia because…
Like delicious Geest bananas at Co Op price, we'd be the happiest bunch in paradise
I would like to take a Geest family holiday in St. Lucia because ...
Simply idyllic, it's paradise perfected, like the Geest bananas my Co-op's selected
Co-op hand-picked Geest guarantees, Caribbean delight that's certain to please
Caring Co-op, tropical feast, paradise island, tastiest Geest
Tasted Geest sunshine from my Co-op store, has whetted my appetite for a Caribbean shore
Co-op and Geest are a tasty combination, St Lucia would be a great vacation
Like delicious Geest bananas at Co-op's price, my bunch would love paradise
Sun, sea, sand and bananas galore, thanks to Geest and our Co-op store
Co-op value, delicious Geest flavour, as if that's not enough, there's St. Lucia to savour
Our bunch want a tropical feast, courtesy of Co-op and Geest
With delicious Geest taste and Co-op's price, you'll find the happiest bunch in paradise
From Co-op stores to windward shores, any wonder Geest brand scores
White sands, warm seas, Geest bananas to savour, a Co-op inspired Caribbean flavour
Calypsos and cocktails, lazing all day, thanks Geest and the Co-op, a great holiday
We want to peel off under the sun, with Geest and Co-op - our number one
St. Lucia holiday in the sun, Geest bananas second to none, the Co-op pleases everyone
Delicious, nutritious bananas in Co-op aisles, reminds me of the tropical sun in the Windward Isles
Delicious Geest from our Co-op store, convince us St. Lucia's the place to explore
Geest and Co-op go hand in hand, a tropical experience from a quality brand
This Co-op would make a dream come true, windward to a feast in Geest paradise
With delicious Geest bananas at Co-op's price, we'd get our dividend in paradise
Geest bananas and Co-op, what a team, best taste, best price, a holiday dream
Co-op never leaves freshness to chance, I'd sample the product straight from the branch
I eat lots of bananas, to the Co-op I'm always going, but I have never ever seen a banana that's growing
Geest bananas, Caribbean sun, from co-op to St. Lucia, sounds a whole bunch of fun
Like the banana I enjoy the best, which is why Geest outshines the rest
We could have a beast of a feast with Geest bananas
Savour the flavour, treasure the treat, sun, sea, and sand, Geest bananas to eat
At Co-op, bananas are always economical, but a trip to the Caribbean would be Geest'ranomical
A'peel'ingly tropical, at Co-op prices, we'd be the happiest of the bunch in paradise
From bountiful aisles to beautiful isles, fly Co-op's Geest of honour with Caribbean smiles
Geest bananas delight me, St. Lucia excites me, please Co-op invite me
Like Co-op's delicious Caribbean bananas, St Lucia would be full of Geest'ern promise
St. Lucia's exotic location, for a Geest vacation, seems like paradise, at the Co-op price
Need no persuadin' at 49 pence a pound, St. Lucia plus Geest - paradise found
From the Co-op and Geest a fantastic trip, to the Windward Isles, the place to unzip
The Windward Isles will bring us smiles, a Geest winning prize in Co-op aisles
Hitting the Co-op and Geest jackpot, gets the feeling hot, hot, hot!
Tropical Island, beautiful life, take the custard, not the wife
Co-op go bananas, save me a ton, Geest offer a chance to peel off in the sun
Co-op for value, Geest for quality, St Lucia for beauty, what a holiday
Co-op's Geest bananas, nutritious and fruity, compliment St Lucia's astounding beauty
I'm bananas about bananas and a Caribbean holiday would be a feast with a Geest
Golden yellow, in perfect condition, Geest grown bananas are full of nutrition
Every minute would be a treat, with Geest and Co-op in the driving seat
Best of the bunch, top of the tree, is why St. Lucia a-peels to me
We will fly east, invited by Geest, what a feest, I'll Co-op!
The bendy yellow fruit, in the snazzy yellow suit, gives nutrition to boot
Geest bananas are simply the beest, and better than all the reest
Plane'ly Co-op and Geest are second to none, for zipping off tastefully in the sun
St. Lucia is simply beautiful, like Geest bananas from the Co-op
This fruitful island definitely a'peels', like Geest bananas and Co-op deals
Co-op produces quite a few smiles, originally found on the Windward Isles
Nutritious, delicious, Geest in bright yellow jacket, like Co-op and St. Lucia - ye canna whacket!
Caribbean sunshine, absolute bliss, like Co-op bananas, too good to miss
I would like to barbecue on the beach in St Lucia because…
Birds Eye burger from Iceland aisles would taste great BBQ'd on the Windward Isles
Necta offers a taste of paradise because…
This tropical treasure wins gourmet praise, every piece perfect – no castaways
Necta fresh pineapple is delicious and so easy to use because…
Picked prepared and packed at perfection, removes uncertainty from selection
I'd like to spend a little time in Barbados with Babysham because…
Nothing beats bubbly Babysham whilst basking on Barbados beaches
Tia Maria cream liqueur and a holiday in Antigua make for the perfect exotic indulgence because…
Optic’al fusion - pleasure distilled, together they are ‘le-cure' for all ills
I would like to cruise the Caribbean because…
Extra Mild climate, King Size ship, Super Kingston awaits a wonderful trip
Spain sent Columbus in 1492, please Dorchester I Asda go too
Reading Le Carre in the Caribbean is paradise because…
I'd relax in the sun as each dastardly crook, by the master of thrillers, was brought to book
The palm trees sway, the sun is hot, and I've all day to follow the plot
Reclining on hot Caribbean sand, Le Carre's latest in my hand, deep blue sky matching sea - absolutely bliss to me!
Whatever your age, what more would you need, sipping rum punch with a jolly good read
Page by page, dreams you capture, time on my hands to start another chapter
Of the spice of adventures, the touch of class, stirring imagination and the ice in our glass
Basking, swimming or with hand on tiller, in more ways than one, I'd enjoy a real thriller
With books by master, the sand and the sea there's no place on earth that I'd rather be
Hidden away from prying eyes, suntan serving as disguise, reading under a coconut tree, no one here will bother me
Relaxing in sunshine, I'd read till lunch, but like the rum, these books pack a punch
It's a travellers dream, by day or by night, an author supreme, a reader's delight
Hellmann's Mayonnaise and Dressings and St Lucia are an ideal combination because…
Scrumptious salads, sapphire sea, message reads, don't rescue me
Autan is the best because…
It turns shifty little "flippers" into "nippy little shifters".
I'd like to take it easy with British pork pies because...
When ‘uppercrust meats’ with Somerfield price, my taste buds cruise to paradise
There is nothing to declare but satisfaction, Caribbean cruise an extra attraction
Tender pork in tasty crust, these portable treats are a picnic must
For goodness sake, they make a first rate, tasty bake
They’re oh so tasty, big or weeny, lovely pastry, each one’s dreamy
They’re wholesome meals, nutritious and tasty, all wrapped up in delicious pastry
Nothing would be finer than a pork pie on a liner
Relaxation, sunshine, Caribbean cruise, like Somerfield’s fine crispy bakes, who could refuse?
I’d be an ‘uppercrust’ diner, on a Caribbean recliner
From barbecues to campers, British Pork Pies pamper hampers
Whilst baking gold under tropical sun, Somerfield pies could melt my tongue
I would like to spend a family holiday in St Lucia because…
Like delicious Geest bananas at Co-op's price, we'd be the happiest bunch in paradise
I'd rather go bananas in St Lucia than go nuts in Brazil
One banana, two banana, three banana, four, we could go bananas on St Lucia shore
One part Co-op, two parts sun, mix in family pour out fun.
Roaming taste buds seeking migration, sunny St Lucia perfect destination
I would like to take my bunch out there, peel off and go bananas!
Like bananas, we enjoy the tropical sun' once peeled off we're ripe for fun
To be Windward bound with my family bunch, I'd thank Co-op's bargain bananas lunch
Paradise lost would become paradise found, with our favourite fruit growing all around
This Caribbean paradise is planned for leisure, where Geest bananas are grown for pleasure
I'm a couch potato, but I could go bananas for a sun lounger in St Lucia
Like Windward bananas, it would be fun, being woken each morning kissed by the sun
Going bananas with my little clan, why dats de place to be man!
Bananas go Geest, bananas go Gwest, St Lucia's the place where bananas taste best
It's the unpeeling feeling I find so appealing
The perfect place to pick Geest bananas, just win first prize then pack your pyjamas
With Geest taste and Co-op price, our tastebuds fly to paradise
Geest and Co-op already hit my spot, but St Lucia would be the jackpot
Warm blue seas and beaches of white, like Geest bananas - love at first bite
Bye bye Co-op, see you next week, splitting to St Lucia, Geest bananas to eat
I love KA because…
It brings the taste of JA to the UK, OK!
Making music, having fun, KA-rulsing in the sun
It tantalises your tastebuds with flavour and sparkle just like the Caribbean
Interesting flavour, lively fizz, like Reggae, is the bizz
One sip makes me feel like I'm on holiday
Tasted on a Reggae basis, will Jamaica you feel so good
Sand, sea and sun, tinking KA in JA with our mum
This krazy kool KA fan gets 'fixxio-therapy' from every can
It brings the sunshine here from JA
It has 'Caribbean 'carnival in a KA
It has a cool tropical taste and reminds me of Jamaica
It tantalises parts you never even knew you had
Paradise would surely be, sundrenched beaches, KA and me
It's a refreshing cold drink, that makes me reminisce of Hot Jamaica
Cool, refreshing, second to none, you can almost feel that Caribbean sun
Its a taste of the Caribbean in a can, no travel required
It has that fruity, lively, taste of a drink that makes me proud to be a Jamaican
Delicious taste, refreshing treat, tastebuds dance to the Reggae beat
Irie taste and flavour perfection, removes uncertainty from my selection
Tingling flavours, sensational fruits, left me quivering right down to my boots
It wakes up your tastebuds to the Caribbean sun
It's simply different to all others, a flava to sava
It tickles my tastebuds and tantalises my tongue
It brings the sun and a splash of Reggae my way
It is sooo Fruity and has such original and juicy flavours
It never fails to refresh me like no other soft drink - Irie
It gives me the real taste of Jamaica
One part Jamaica, two parts sun, stir in KA pour out fun
Blasting off with sunshine abundant KA makes other drinks redundant
It is really wicked and it tastes so good
It's a kool attitude drink to be seen with
Its taste is so unique and filled with funkiness, worth every penny
Great taste, prize winning quencher, pull the ring on Jamaican adventure
Being a flavour to savour, it's enough to 'Jamaica' you visit Jamaica
KA reigns when it pours, tropical tastes from paradise shores
It brings home the sweet taste of JA
The Caribbean treasure in every can sparkles like no other, man
Morning, noon and night, my tastebuds are kaptivated in Caribbean delight
Because it is as sweet as JA
Refreshingly tasty, second to none, one sip transports you to Jamaican sun.
The name explains it all, Kool and Appetizing to quench any thirst
Sunshine, sparkle, fabulous flu, KA knows where the action is
It's the millennium Shampane and nothing can be koo-lal
Caribbean refreshment locked in a can, released by a ring-pull, it's cool man
The taste is unique and second to none
It's a typically tropical taste, with the Caribbean in the KA-n
KA's choice and sparkling tingle, makes my tastebuds multilingual
Kola Shampane excites me, Pineapple delights me, hope KA invites me
No woman, no cry. No KA, I'd die!
With tropical KA and Jamaican show, time to party, reggae, steady go
It brings me back to the Caribbean wherever I am
Of its exquisite mouth-watering taste and good value for money. It's superb!
KA's sparkling taste is really whizz, perfect way to make millennium fizz
The pineapple flavour makes me think I'm in the Caribbean
It reminds me of JA, refreshing, bubbly exhilarating and irie
Sweet and refreshing on Jamaican sand, I could hear a reggae band
It has that unique taste that will sweeten any sour day
Man, delicious KA on ice, transports me to pour-adise
Opening the can releases the zing, that fruity sparkle wins Caribbean fling
Like that island in the sun, every can is full of fun
It's fruity to the palate and refreshingly different from other drinks available
It tastes so good and you can win a wicked first prize
KA's de 'shore'st way to enjoy a 'sip'-a-dee-doodah day!
Every time I open a can, it brings the Caribbean into my room
Every drop Jamaican sunshine oozing, while I'm reggae sunsplash cruising
It brings Jamaican sunshine into my life in the middle of winter
It's original, refreshing, sweet tasting and wicked
Reggae rhythms, Caribbean tan, KA packs more punch into every can
The sparkling taste makes me winde and grinde night and day for real!
Refreshing as a Sunsplash song, Jamaica with KA is where I belong
For that tropical, refreshing, fruity feeling, KA is always so appealing
One sip and it turns a dreary day into Caribbean sunshine
KA is a 'carnival in a Kan
They have long tasting flavour and leave your mouth wanting more
It is a refreshing drink which has a taste that reminds me of Jamaica
This spar-ka-ling cool tasting sensation, ka-rries the dream of a Jamai-ka-n vacation
One sip of KA and I'm Reggae for anything
Delicious, sparkling, refreshing zest - like Jamaica, simply the best
The taste and flavour brings the Caribbean feeling into your life - nuff respect
It’s a calypso on my lipso
It’s a great 'fizzio-therapy'
It skates around my tastebuds with a sensational taste
When I wish I was afar, dreams become reality due to KA
It's a taste of paradise on your palate
Sunsational taste, colour's great makes me want to celebrate
It brings alive the taste of the Caribbean in my mouth
The taste reminds me every day, of Kingston and Montego Bay
It refreshes and thirst quenches, giving meaning to that Caribbean feeling
When your tastebuds need caressing, tropical KA is a blessing
After a KA-n of KA, nothing else can Ka-lm me down
Celebrating could be fun, 'with this KA-ribbean drink in the KA-ribbean sun
It is thirst quenching, sweet and goes down a treat
Great flavours, thirst-quenching zing, for Jamaican adventure, just pull the ring
No woman, no cry, no Reggae, no life, no KA-ribbean
Sunshine drink, fresh fruit flavour, like being marooned in Jamaica
You cannot beat the true taste of the KA-ribbean in KA
When I drink it I feel, I taste, I smell the Caribbean
Topically terrific, a juicy treat, my tastebuds dance to the reggae beat
The sun shines when it pours
Served 'with ice, I feel I'm in paradise
Its erotic and fruity taste you can't resist
I would like to have a Caribbean holiday in the year 2000 because…
Caribbean Twist has given me the taste of it now I want to experience it!
I'm unable to resist a new era break in paradise with a futuristic Twist
With attractions too numerous to list, Caribbean holidays have a year 2000 Twist
Taste of tropical places, perfect blue sky and sea, seems like paradise to me
New horizons, new Millennium and unlimited Caribbean Twist ensure we'd never be blue in Barbados
Celebrating would be fun, with a Caribbean Twist in the Caribbean sun
14 nights in paradise would be tropically terrific
Beautiful beaches in a tropical location, clean blue water, what an equation
38 years in Matlock Town, seeks 2000 tropical rays to turn me golden brown
The Caribbean fizz will start the Millennium with a whizz!
An idyllic Caribbean rum with a view, would raise our spirits the whole year through
I would like to travel to the French Caribbean because...
It combines the best of France with the best of the Caribbean
I think it would be cool to win a camcorder the Tesco and Old Jamaica Ginger Beer hot shots competition...
Camcorders capture Jamaican spice, Tesco's canned cool runnings of life
Camcorder - memories - what fun, seeing me limbo under the Sun
Sizzling value - hottest brand - magic moments ‘in the can’
Drink with spice, Tesco price, zooming in on paradise
This home movie maka moves her takes some of Old Jamaica
Tesco prices, Old Jamaica brew, every dudes dream cam true
I'd be cool, calm and projected
Samsung captures with cool precision, indulging in hot Jamaican tradition
This home movie 'maka' loves her 'takes' of Old Jamaica
Big smiles alfresco, thanks to D&G at Tesco
By 'focusing' on Tesco first, D&G's can quench my thirst
Coolest taste, hottest flavour, captures moments for me to savour
Old Jamaica's fire, Tesco's name, set 'canny' housewives passions aflame
Tesco savings, great Ginger Beer, I 'can' capture Caribbean cheer
Film your memories while you tan, Jamaican style! Tesco can
Cool sensation, excellent store, Tesco value, zoom in for more
Doting dad without camcorder, craves 'hot-shots' of baby daughter
Summer videos? Great idea. With cool Jamaican Ginger Beer
The coolest store in town, sells the hottest drink around. Samsung for me, so I'll play again
Enjoyably refreshed for less, I'd be filming with finesse
One can zoom into Tesco and focus on great prices
Lights, camera, action, with Old Jamaica the star attraction
Every can is a 'premier', 'scripted' with DG's Jamaican flair
Lights, camera, action, within the can starts the reel attraction
Capturing memories held so dear, thank Tesco and Ginger Beer
I would love to enjoy the Jamaican sunshine because ... 
D&G and Caribbean sights - a tropical mirage of double 'deLights'!
I would like to discover the treasure of Jamaica because…
Exciting, invigorating, rich in history, enchanting, romantic, land of mystery
Jamaican Tilapia tastes best because…
No schooner marinade than done
I would like to discover Jamaica because…
I found ‘Old Gingers’ treasure in Safeway’s store, and this taste of Jamaica left me thirsting for more
I want to go to Jamaica with Tesco and Old Jamaica Ginger Beer because…
Tesco value, sweet ginger beer. Caribbean cocktail of the year!
Sunshine drink, excellent store, beautiful Jamaica, who needs more!
I would like to discover the treasure of Jamaica because…
Jamaica's magnificent 'drunken treasure' luxuriously buries thirst with pleasure
Caskets containing 'Old Jamaica' treasure, perfectly cooled, thirst quenching pleasure
Old Jamaica spice, Safeway price, limbo down to paradise
D&G, lovely beach, daily stress out of reach
Safeway stock the best it's clear, Old Jamaica's without peer
Coolest taste, hottest flavour, at Safeway's price, a money saver
Tasting Old Jamaica Ginger Beer, brings that treasure tantalizingly near
Its reputation entices, like D&G at Safeway prices
Cool location, hot sensation, D&G fires my imagination!
For treasured dreamer's recipe, mix D&G Jamaica... then add me!
Working together, Safeway, D&G, excellent value, taste and quality
Kids seek piratanical rumbustification, mum seeks sensual food and relaxation
Palm-fringed pleasure, delights untold, like Old D&G, true Caribbean gold
Smiles compulsory, no whinger here, thanks to with traditional ginger beer
Safeway value, spicy ginger beer, Caribbean cocktail bringing cheer
Beautiful scenery, sunshine, leisure, D&G ill hand doubles the pleasure
Sunshine, sparkle, fabulous fizz, Old Jamaica knows what treasure is
Safeway harbours special pleasure, amber, gold, liquid treasure
Cool D&G tastes supreme, add Jamaica for a Caribbean dream
Exploring would be great, with ginger beer as bait

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