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Always get their man Appalachian Bear essentials Buffalo
Can-ad-a Canada’s glory Clear blue skies CN tower
Cold nights Cool Crisp Crystal streams
Dominion Eskimos Falls down famously Fishing
Fresh cold winters Go to great heights Goes down famously Golden Horseshoe
Great lakes Inspiration Klondike gold Labatts
Lake Erie Lake Ontario Lakes Lumber jack
Maple leaf Maple syrup Mounties Niagara falls
Nova Scotia Ontario Pacific  Pioneers
Plains Prairies Province Quebec 
Refreshing River deep, mountain high  Rockies Spectacular scenery
Spectacular sights Snow capped mountains  Sunny summers Toronto

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I would like to go to British Columbia because…
I could swap the iron and hoover for a 'Whistler stop tour of Vancouver
I drink Labatt Ice because…
N'ice'ly chilled, brewed with care, crisp and refreshing, like Canadian Air
Bored lager drinker, seeking thrills, loves the hugs, loves the chill
I would like to break the ice in Canada with Labbatt Ice because…
Super cool quenchers, Labbatt's Ice bounty, ice-breaking topic with Canadian Mountie
I would like to win a fabulous holiday in the Canadian Rockies with Wardair because…
My reward for Co-Op shopping would be Rocky Mountain hopping
My ambition’s quite specific – see the Rockies and Pacific
I could tuck into my flakes, cruising on Canada’s Lakes
With these wings it would be an all time high!
I’d love to join an affair with Co-Op and Wardair
Winging Wardair to Vancouver beats harrassed housework with the hoover
They offer more than bear essentials without mountainous prices
Wardair go to great heights to show the Rocky delights
Snow capped mountains, crystal streams, super airline, must be dreams
Snow or cereal, I enjoy my flakes!
I would feel like one of the old pioneers
Canada’s bounty always nets her fans
It would be a ‘moving’ experience with ‘people who care’
Ward-Air-ver you want, Canada has it!
I’d see Buffalow – without the Bill!
Super flights, spectacular sights, Can-ad-a memory, for cold winter nights
Mountain air with ‘Ward’ care makes the perfect pair
I’d be up in the air with people who care
Its corny, but I’d flake out if I won this
Wardair’s power and Canada’s glory, this combination’s my fairy story
It is the smoothest way to take a Rocky trip
With buffalos and panoramas Canada must be herd and scene
I’d see lakes, eat steaks, thanks to Co-op cornflakes
With Wardair you go even faster than with bran flakes
I’d have a cereal with a happy ending
Scenery impressive, the Mounties Imperial – anticipating the next corny ‘serial’
Canadian Rockies, fantastic sight, Wardair travel fantastic flight
It’s an adventure, a dare from the ‘people who care’
I drink Labbatt's because…
I recommend Labatt's supercool bite, at forty two degrees fahrenheit
It's Canada's finest Moose Juice
Malcolm urges I obey, always drink a Can - A - Day
From my bargain trading post, Malcolm's favourite thrills me more
Why do you want to go skidooing…
Pulse racing, cheeks aglow, thrilling rides across crisp snow,' non-stop
Excitement, fun and hold, moments to treasure - memories pure gold
Clearly Canadian is pure refreshing and distinctly different because…
Clearly Canadian's crystal cascade, is naturally top of the fruit parade
I would like to dash to Toronto with Sainsbury's because…
There I'll find my golden bounty - Toronto, Labbatt's and a Canadian mountie

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