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InTENTion Outdoors Rucksack   

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InTENTs / Intense  Snack/ Rucksack 

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I would search the maze for French apples  because.... 
Fresh French fruits could mean an aMAZEing prize to conTENT my family
For aPEELing crunch, aMAZEingly taste, inTENTion would be to find with haste 
They're a handy snack, for my rucksack 
The CV270 cartridge is the deal cartridge for backpacking because… 
It's quick to assemble, easy to stow, gives every backpacker a bright 'Set-up and Glow'
I'd like a weekend for two in the countryside because… 
Attentive service I like, for this occasion - skip the HIKE 
Bike it or hike it, with Millets I like it 
Camping, skiing or hiking, Millets is always to my liking 
Gentle stroll, mountain hike, Millets have the clothes I like. 
I could play the wild Rover, from Yorkshire to Dover 
I'd like to be a Highlife Rover 
Millets motto is customer care, a breath of fresh air. 
Millets protection, Highlife care, Rover on road, romance in air! 
Quality hotel, Rent-a-Rover, super weekend, living in clover 
Stylish motor, luxury billets, thanks to Kenning's Highlife - and Millets 
What is your favorite cider drinking occasion 
Cider's great for camping, the flavour's in-tents! 

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