Words / Ideas Rhymes Winning Tiebreakers



35 mm Album Amateur Aperture
Battery Blow up Blur Camera never lies
Click Close ups Colour Colourful adventure
David Bailey Develop (ed) Enlargements Expose (d)
Exposure Fast speed Film Flash / flash in the pan
Focus Focussed Frame (d) Frame - filling
Framing Hot snap / cool In a flash Lens
Life thru a lens Likeness Load Negative
Open and shutter case Over expose (d) Pan Perfect focus
Photo finish Plate Picture / put in the picture Portrait
Print (s) Processing jungle Professional Red eyes
Reel Roll after roll, mile after mile Say cheese Sharp focus
Shoot Shutter / speed Slide (s) Smile
Snap Snap happy Snappy days Speed
Steady hands Super snaps Tripod View finder
Wide angle Wind Zoom  

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Battery / flattery Beginner / winner
Fast / last Flash / cash / dash
Picture / adventure Snappy / happy
Style / smile View / renew / rescue / debut / grew / clue / true / value

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I think that the Citroen Saxo car would be the best car for me to 'picture my travels' because…
The Saxo's just right for me and my fella, I do love 'Prints' Charming - signed Cinderella
Prints by Kodak brings out the best in my photos because…
Never just comme ci comme ca, Kodak results are ooh la la
Samsung cameras and the Vauxhall Tigra make a winning partnership because…
To own both would be a personal coup, coveted by many, achieved by few
You're always a winner with Prints by Kodak because…
Holiday snaps or Olympic sprints, it's Gold every time with Kodak prints
I can picture myself in New York with Kodak because…
Negative vibes soon disappear, for a 'storey'book ending seems ev-esso near
I've tried other brands, pretty tragic, switched to Kodak, 'Ultra' magic
Caught on Kodak, never forgotten, Big Apple memories won't go rotten
Manhattan memories fade so fast, Kodak care ensures they last
Virtual reality is nothing new, Kodak makes tall storeys come true
Recording memories day or night, stars, stripes, it's the Liberty way
Zooming around, rolling in late, Kodak preserves things in a good state
Berlitz and Supasnaps are the perfect holiday combination because…
One exposure made me a fan, now I snap up Berlitz wherever I am
I always use Kodak Gold Ultra 400 film to capture my Christmas memories because…
Snap the halls with vibrant holly, Gold holds fast to moments jolly
Why you would buy Kodak films from Morrisons...
Prices Click, service is snappy, perfectly focussed, keeps shoppers happy
Princes Mackerel fillets are best because...
They provide fast frame-filling feasts
I should win the BMW Z3 Roadster because…
Experts perfect it - connoisseurs select it
I picture myself driving around in this flashy topless number.
I want to develop a sharper image
Like Kodak I'm sharp, focussed and ready to zoom!
Romantic, exciting, reliable, true, wish BMW made men too!
Working wife, devoted mum, now deserves some seriously sporty fun
I believe Reala is a revolution in colour negative film because…
Reala is now the terminology for accurate colour technology
I buy Fuji film from Index because…

Life's memories fade too fast, Fuji and Index ensure they last

I would take a Kodak fun flash camera on location with me because…

From my pocket in a flash, lots of fun for little cash

I trust Fuji film to capture any image because…
Family memories fade too fast, Fuji film ensures they last

I can't picture life without it

Why do you want to win this prize?

It's a magic place to celebrate, ten years of wedded flak, no chance could I forget that date, Canon prints it on the back!

Winning a Canon EOS 500N would let me…
Achieve superb results with ease, thanks to Canons expertise
Blackmail my boss (and his secretary) and get myself promotion!
Capture my husband actually taking the family to the cinema
Capture precious moments to last - family memories fade too fast
Click some pics, on my way to the flicks
Focus on kids 'seen and not blurred'
Make each shot a focussed job - goodbye to fuzzy blob
Record family action, - because snappy Canon's a star attraction
Remember fun and laughter, today, tomorrow and generations after
Replace present camera - almost Jurassic - with star performing Canon classic
Shoot pictures, everyone a winner, making Lichfield look a beginner
Take photographs that never diminish - always winning the photo finish
Take photographs!
Take photos of neighbours sunbathing nude - that will teach them!
Take wonderful pictures daily, on yer bike David Bailey!
Turn my little memoirs into large Renoirs
Turn my memoirs into Renoirs
Zoom, focus, shoot with ease, tomorrow's technology today, yes please

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