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Camcorder Capture Fast forward Focus
Lens Load Magic moments Memories
Remote control Replay Rewind Tape
Timer Video Zoom Zoom in on

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Cassette / wet / jet / debt / get / net / sweat / threat / bet / whet / let / met / pet / regret / set / yet / sunset / upset / brunette / asset / upset Play / delay / way / stay / away / pay / gay / bay / lay / ray / decay / day / hay / spray / may / pray / stray / say / sway / portray / nay
Tape / gape / escape / ape / scrape / shape / drape / cape View / renew / rescue / glue / debut / withdrew / crew / flew / grew / who / clue / new / rue / stew / chew / dew / due / loo / moo / knew / shoe / true / few / brew / do / too / sue / stew / through / queue / cue / value / review / menu / rendezvous

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I think it would be cool to win a camcorder because...
Camcorders capture Jamaican spice, Tesco's canned cool runnings of life
Camcorder - memories - what fun, seeing me limbo under the Sun
Sizzling value - hottest brand - magic moments 'in the can'
Drink with spice, Tesco price, zooming in on paradise
This home movie maka moves her takes some of Old Jamaica
Tesco prices, Old Jamaica brew, every dudes dream cam true
I'd be cool, calm and projected
Samsung captures with cool precision, indulging in hot Jamaican tradition
My name for a film starring Jacob's Crackers is....
You've gotta pick a packet or two
One hundred and one temptations
He came, he saw, then he ate them all
Come up and eat me sometime
The life and loves of a cheese devil
Romancing the cheese
Video Screen stars eat Princes spreadables because...
It's paste, Jim - but not as we know it
They know how to make knife-edge thrillers
Even E.T. 'Tis said, phoned home for his spread
Co-op Leo's helps me focus on summer because…
When the heat is on there's no crisis with 'Epic' products at budget prices
I want to win a camcorder because…

Dreams caught in a fraction, press the button, zoom into action

Actioncam was an easy choice because…

It is easy on the pocket, easy in the hand

I would like to win a camcorder with Pampers because…
A nappy clad bottom which wiggles, must be filmed for future giggles
Camcorder memories show days gone by, when Pampers kept my babies dry
Capturing smiles, memories so happy, a gurgling baby in his pampers nappy
We're in the picture with Princes meats because…
Before Mum says, "Hocus Pocus", delicious dishes are in focus! 
Epic feasts or snappy eats, the highest standards Princes "meets"
Lights - Princes - Action, a meal is "produced" of satisfaction
Roll camera, 'pan" meat, "zoom" to table, "cut" and "eat"
The family tastebuds record delight, demanding replays every night!

A "slice" of this action means no "cuts" in satisfaction

All Princes fans like "meating" stars in Cannes!
Always "snapped" up the moment they're exposed!
Even Hannibal Lector must have heard, succulent Princes are preferred
Everyone knows Princes Ace - just an open and shutter case
In our 'joint", tasty Princes are the focal point!
Lights, camera, action, Princes is the star attraction
Meatballs - take two - roll 'em (in gravy and cut!)
Meatier than Schwarzenegger! Spicer than Cher! Princes performance we prefer
Mum focuses on Price Cuts since Dad got the "chop"
Perfection portrays Princes name, tasting it Kwikly confirms that acclaim
Princes focus on quality - I zoom in for the take
Princes have MGM appeal - Magnificent Gourmet Meats!
Princes snap up Brownie points for using finest quality joints

Princes winners in the can, turned Dad into "action" man

These excellent performers attract more fans than anything in "Cannes"
They taste great in Hollywood, but better in Can(ne)s
They're all-ways "framing" tasty
We "focus" our attention on Princes and simply love rep'eats
We can develop a "reel" meal in a flash
We click for the meatiest "roles" with no hidden "extras"
We have auditioned the rest, Princes plays the part best
We know Mona's grin - was a Princes Meatball - popped in!
With Princes setting the scene, ordinary dishes become haute Cuisine
You just "snap" your fingers to "develop" meals that "click"
Co-op British sausages are perfect for every occasion because…
All strings right and beautiful suit eaters great and small
Co-op don't tell porkies about their products
Cocktail party? Barbecue feast? They provide the most, but cost the least
Each time you say "sausage" you make a smile
Every meal seems like a banquet with their co-operation
Flavour, size, different varieties, like the Co-op they are high "society's"
From Cumberland to Lincolnshire they're the pork of the town
It's British flavour we seek - seven days without them makes one weak
On life's roundabout, they're a square meal
Once fried - never forgotten
The quality is right - the change is left
Their focus on quality, ensures we always zoom in for the take
They are links with the past
They give you incentive to be inventive
They mind their barbecue business
They please Mum and Dad and us, "The New Generation"
They're always devoured at "high speed" through "wide apertures"
They're traditional favourites - nationally (keep your hands off E.E.C.)
Thick, thin, on a stick, their performance is always slick
Whatever the weather they always turn out fine
With every age - they are always a rage
With your "pause" on perfect porkies, there will be many repeats

You have a world of menus at your fingertips

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