Jack loves his L.A. Lights because…  
 LA Lights for kids are the best. The brightest choice – forget the rest
 I enjoy eating Sun-Maid raisin loaf because…
 Cinammon swirls, raisins plump and fruity, give Sun-Maid more body than a Baywatch beauty
 Sun Maid's delicious fruit packed loaves, are the Californian 49ers real treasure troves!
 I'm California Dreamin' with every scrumptious bite, packed with juicy raisins - an 
 epicure's delight!
 Sun-Maid selected what nature perfected - and there's no better 'raisin' than that!
 It's the fruit, the whole fruit and nothing but the fruit!
 Such quality taste, so healthy, nutritious, plump, sunny raisins - ah! purely delicious
 It's the cinammon swirl with the raisin whirl, makes me a Sun-Maid girl.
 In quality taste and nutrition, Sun-Maid outshines the opposition
 Warm and fruity, I can’t wait, it leaves me in a Golden State
 The taste is delicious, the flavour so great, only the best, from the sunshine state
 It'S bUrsting with raisiNs, reasonably priced, teMptingly tAsty, and already slIceD
 Full of goodness through and through, it's delicious, nutritious and versatile too
Sun-kissed raisins in breakfast bread, would Rip Van Winkle out of bed! 
 With taste explosions and raisins galore, there's no better loaf in your local store.
 Happiness is, counting raisins one by one, dreaming of that letter - 'Congratulations you've won'
 Toast it, butter it, breakfast or tea, happy and healthy this is the key.
 The finest ingredients make it nutritious, then Warburtons bake it and make it delicious!
 With plenty of fruit, my palate to suit, it's slightly spiced and reasonably priced
 Its blissful flavour can't be beaten, each sunsational slice is swiftly eaten
 Unique, Nicely spiced, Inexpensive, Quite delicious, Unequalled for nutritional value, Energy giving
 Constantly Appetizing Luxurious Impressive Fruity Outstanding Rich and Nutritious with Ingredients in Abundance
 California prunes are deliciously different because…
 Low in CALorIes, afFORdable and NutrirtIous, A temPting tReat, succUleNt and dEliciouS
 Dole California raisins and prunes are ideal for health conscious people because…
 Gold medal performance is Dole's tradition, first for taste, first for nutrition
 Natural, delicious for young and old, with California sunshine, Dole wins gold
 Naturally healthy, full of nutrition, if going for gold is your ambition
 Quality taste from breakfast to dinner, Dole nutrition, the gold medal winner
 For fibre, flavour, fitness and fun, Dole wins gold - our number one
 100% natural, wholesome and nutritious, Dole's sunshine products are simply delicious
 Californian sunshine provides the nutrition, giving dole fruit the gold medal position
 They're deliciously fruity, energy giving, ideal for a healthier style of living
 In their field outright winners, providing wholesome treats for lunches and dinners
 Essence of sunshine, guaranteed zest, Dole is the gateway to personal best.
 Californian sun and Dole tradition, produces quality fruit packed with nutrition
 For snacks, breakfast, lunch, dinner- nutritious, delicious, Dole's a winner
 Natural, doleicious, packed with sun, they're gold medal winners for everyone
 Tended with love in Californian sun, Dole dried fruits rates NO 1.
 If health and fitness is your dream, Dole's track record stands supreme
 Soaked in sunshine, tended with care, a gold medal winner anywhere
In the race for a healthy today, Dole's the winner all the way 
 They're packed with energy, wholesome, sweet, a sustaining snack, a meal-time treat
 For sunshine fitness they beat the rest, California quality at its best
Full of goodness through and through, they're wholesome, nutritious and delicious too
Californian sweet sunshine in every pack, the truly 'gold' medal snack
Dole Californian raisins are ideal for the healthy family because…
California's the 'Gateway' to America's west, Dole the 'Gateway' to nature's best
Quality taste and healthy nutrition, Californian sun the Dole tradition
Full of fibre, soaked with sun, regular nourishment for everyone
For a tasty treat that's highly nutritious, nature ensures they're purely Doleicious.
They are sunshine packed Californian gold, nutritious enjoyment for young and old
Sun packed and nutritious, they are naturally Doleicious
Quality stamped in American tradition, they are natural, delicious, full of nutrition.
Breakfast, lunch, tea or dinner, deliciously healthy, the family's the winner
Cereals, cakes, savoury, sweet, Dole's high fibre versatility is hard to beat
Sun-drenched, sun-dried, naturally sweet, Dole Raisins are wholesome and ready to eat
Dole don't risk random selection, every raisin is picked for perfection
Tasty, versatile, healthy, nutritious, Dole Californian Raisins are simply Doleicious.
Family fitness, that's my goal, I'm always sure to score with Dole
They're grown and dried in Californian sun, natural goodness for everyone
They're Dolelicious, Doleightful and Dolectable!
With fruity nibbles all the rage, Dole Raisins take centre stage
For raisin' standards seldom seem, we plump for Dole, seedless supreme
Super in salads, sweet tasty snacks, pleasures in puddings, perfect lunch packs
They make all things ‘dried and fruitful' for eaters great and small
Soaked in sunshine, tended with care, there's nothing more natural -anywhere
Naturally perfected, grown by the sun, naturally selected for a growing sun.
Wholly natural, naturally whole, there's only nature's best in Dole
High in fibre and nutritious, sun dried raisins - they are Doleicious.
Their sweet nutrition, sun soaked fun, suits growing children, dad and mum
Full of goodness, tasting divine, Dole Californian Raisins are packed with sunshine
Dole Standards never waiver, fast for goodness, fast for flavour
Seedless, sensible, tasty too, Dole Californian Raisins spell fitness for you
California Flame Grapes are my favourite fruit because…
Heard on the grapevine they are best tried and tested most impressed
California grapes taste delicious because…
With warming sun and gentle breeze, Californian grapes are picked to please
Deliciously fruity, from vine to table, quality assured with the California label
Each seedless grape grown 'Out West', is juicy, sweet and sun-caressed
Sweet and juicy, California's pride, hours of sunshine sealed inside
With natural goodness through and through, they're tempting, tasty and nutritious too
So sweet and juicy, ready to eat, California grapes, the anytime treat.
I would love to go California because…
Sony and surfing go together like Body and Glove
I would like to sneak around San Francisco with Rowenta because…
By accessing Rowenta's visual display, I could discover 'Frisco dataday
I could 'Row' from Alcatraz to 'enta' the mystery dinner
I wish to know her secrets
It would be an electrifying experience
If you're 'Growenta' San Francisco, you'll keep on your toes
Now that the ironing's done, Scott McKenzie here I come
I'm on the dole and I need a hol
I would visit the Golden Gate of my dreams
If it's good as their products, there'll be no complaints
Away from home, Rowenta gives all the home comforts
It would be a refreshing, clean and smooth experience
The sun, breakers and beautiful people, beckon from its beaches
The west coast is the best coast for sneakers
It’s an electrifying city, with an electrifying experience
When I run out of steam, it would iron out any problems
It's simple to get steamed up over this holiday
The trip would match the product in excellence
Together we would leave no zone unturned
It would be the gateway to the golden city
I could steam around town, then iron out the clues
Of the sights and bright lights
The place is never off the boil
Rowenta's high-tec expertise, secures a golden opportunity overseas
It's a fantastic city of fun, sun and beautiful views
I can hack the pace without getting hot and steamy!
It's a great place to have a sneak
No other travelling companion would be as reliable
It's the golden gateway to opportunity
It would be a bridge to paradise
These key appliances provide a freeway to the Golden Gate
It would be an electric experience
I'm in my element trying to find out who dunnit
Without their Golden Gate to universal quality, I'd be lost
Only Rowenta could iron out the infamous San Andreas fault
Mysteries excite me, adventure delights me, hope Rowenta wires me.
The trail would guarantee a megathrill at every twist
Romantic Occasions Warrant Exciting New Technology Activities
I am a sneak
Electronically, they couple up well together
The city needs to iron out it's tramlines
This golden opportunity bridges the gap between work and play
To visit the Golden Gate, with Rowenta would be great
In a faulty city, faultless equipment is essential
Then I would discover the secrets beyond the Golden Gates
A trip around the bay would make my day
Golden words seek golden dream so 'wrote-an' I entered
It would be an electrifying experience
With Rowenta it would be electric
Rowenta delights me, San Francisco excites me, please invite me
Incognito with Rowenta will be a ceaseless momento
Super sleuthing in style sounds so sensational
Rowenta penetrates homes with ease, San Francisco secrets will please
We could steam up the streets in red-hot style
Prowling 'Frisco lifelong bug, take Rowentas lead, no better plug.
Rowenta's renown, makes us 'Stalk of the Town
This smooth operator sneaks while the iron is hot
It would be better than sneaking round the house
I'd have live-wire company in a live wire city
I suspect such fun rewards
Rowenta's high technology I spies, brilliant credentials for 'Frisco guide
I could 'Row' down Sacramento and 'Enta' the Golden Gate
Like Dirty Harry, it would make my day
I've never seen the Golden Gate, California seal my fate
It's the golden gateway to America
Their unique characters put them streets ahead of the rest
It is the golden gate to the new technology
Only Rowenta could devise systems to trollybus the crooked street
Like its products, it represents reliabilitv and value for money
To find Tony Bennet' s heart, is reason enough to start
We could iron out problems and solve 'who dunnit'
To compare other products with unmatcheable quality of Rowenta
Rowenta's technology stands supreme, setting standards seldom seen
I left my heart there 1990 - must get it back
It's an electrically charged experience the toaster the town
My new kettle needs a holiday
It would iron out all those hills
No secret, it's the most thrilling city stateside
A holiday in America would be a dream come true
I seek sun and bliss so I 'wrote-an' entered
We wanna socket to 'Cal' and 'Fornia' at electric centre
Rowenta the best to buy, San Francisco yet to try
Together we could light up the town
It sounds like a cast iron idea for a holiday
Rowenta always has something good round the comer
What I most enjoy about Californian Wines is…
It's Classical Aromatic, Lively, Invigorating, Fruity, Often Romantic, Never Insignificant, Always Nice
Tasting the results of a dream summer
It shows its class from the grave to the glass
By itself or with a meal, Californian wine has drink appeal
Old World quality with New World zing
Drinking the golden valley sunshine of California
The big sun taste from the big sun state
It tastes nice and sunny and is 'grape' value for money
From simple meals to festive treats, Californian wines cannot be beat
Every bottle brings its guarantee, a perfection of consistency
Californian wine so tasty and fine is delicious, desirable, divine
It makes every occasion a celebration
Its super sunny - fresh and fruity flavour
It is nectar based, sunshine laced, always appealing to my good taste.
With weather so stable, it's great on the table
It tastes like California itself bright, fresh, enjoyable - it makes everyone cheerful
Quality, variety, value, excellent fruit, buttery oak Chardonnays, spicy Zinfandels
The golden glow from the golden state
Its vibrant American warmth with no hint of brashness
The sunshine shows through in it's fruitiness
They combine sun, warmth, confidence and skill to give quality and value
You can taste the sunshine and the atmosphere
Good fruit, good nose, nice length, quiet doze
It's a wine that entices at irresistible prices
American fruits plus Californian sun, equals unique taste and star-spangled fun
Its flavour, character and sunshine zing
The sunshine taste in the bottle
The sunshine taste from the sunshine state
Its full bodied Fruity flavour which makes it a drink to savour
It tastes fresh and fruity, oozing sunshine and California's beauty
Its fruity full bodied flavour, good value I can often savour
A flavour to savour at a price that is nice.
Sun drenched grapes, straight from the vine, produce a wine so divine
It's the sunshine state that makes the wine so great
Consistent quality, vintage perfection, my choice at Sainsbury's without exception
With every sip the sun shines through
The taste of liquid sunshine in a glass
Its ripe berry taste - that's class in the glass
They are as bright and sunny as the Californian sunshine
California's Appealing Luscious Intoxicating Favours Of Real Note In All Nearby Sainsbury's
The wine from Monterey really makes my day
It tastes a treat, dry or sweet, at a price that's neat
It makes me feel great in this Californian state
Quaffing wines so much superior, they bring a glow to my interior
The brisk, fresh, taste reminiscent of the vitality of the golden state
The way it compliments each place and conjures up a golden state
It is the toast of the West Coast, mellowed in the sun
Rouge, rose or blanc - it's the sunniest plunk'
It puts one in a sunny state
You can taste the sunshine
Party time or romantic dinner it never fails to be a winner
The clean fresh fruit burst of sunshine in every lingering sip
Red or white, smooth and clean, surely it's the American dream
The flavour, that's it's forte - with a body that's decidedly naughty
One swallow makes a summer
It's divinely fresh, deliciously fruity and distinctly user-friendly
No pretension, no pomposity, just sheer taste generosity
The taste, the body, the sunshine - the Californian dream
It brings the taste of Californian sunshine to your glass
The quality taste of sunshine in a bottle
From the way out west, the taste and flavour is the best
Tasting this liquid sun, what pleasure, makes every bottle such a treasure
That fruity warmth of the west, so no need for your vest
It's Crisp, Appetising, Luscious, Innovative, Full-bodied, Outstanding, Rounded, Notable, Inviting and Avant garde
Party, lunch, formal dinner, rich smooth taste, certain winner
It pampers the palate, mellows the mood, and compliments almost any food
The combination of Old World promise with New World zest
It epitomises all the vitality glamour and sunshine of the New World
I can taste the fruit and the sunshine
Versatile wine, almost a steal, on its own or with any meal
You can taste the sunshine in every glass
Californian Sun grows fruit so fine, they produce the most superior wine
It puts you in the Sunshine State
Whether rose, white or red, tasting proves it's well bred
The golden state wine experience in every glass
Distinctive character rich in flavour and premium quality
Their distinctive fresh taste great flavours from a great state
Every mouthful glows as gold as California sunshine
Their quality, elegant balance and full fruit flavours and value for money
Full of flavour, sun and fun
The taste of bottled sunshine
The taste of sunshine
The new world verve and sunshine combining with traditional grape varieties
The golden sun shines through every delicious glassful
Fullness of flavour, a fruitiness to savour, from the sunshine state
With every glass the memory of the West Coast hospitality returns
Fragrant, delicate distinctive nose, but impossible to capture in short prose
The taste of liquid sunshine
It's Charming And Lively Invariably Fruity Or Robust, Nicely Inexpensive - Absolute Nectar
Golden sunshine and Pacific zest sparkle in every glass
The taste of liquid sunshine in every glass
The good value all American sunshine taste - second to none
Native Zinfandel - intense berry flavour, buttery Chardonnay, so perfect to savour
Forget Francais, Deutchland and Yugoslavia, the best value wines come from California
The West Coast flavour at a price to savour
The taste of the golden sunshine
It's Charming, Aromatic, Light, Innovative, Fruity, Original, Refreshing, Nectar, Inexpensive And News!
Sipping the sunshine

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