I always buy Mr Kipling cherry bakewells from the co-op because ...
Tasty ingredients, temptingly wrapped, 'exceedingly good', is very apt
His cherryished recipes beyond compare, are served at Co-op with loving care
Take five Bakewells, add Co-op price, the end result is exceedingly nice
Mr Kipling only uses the finest ingredients for his Cherry Bakewells because…
The choicest ingredients, expertly baked, always make an exceedingly good cake
Finest ingredients ensure perfection, while juicy French cherries top my favourite selection
Mr Kipling on the label ensures perfection on the table
Wise Old Man with great perception, knows the way to bake perfections
With delicious interior and topping superior, everything else is 'simply inferior'
I think New York takes the cake because...
Madi'scone' Square Gardens, taxi 'horns', Empire 'Cake' Building, 42nd 'Treat' and Broadway tap 'chouxs'!
I would like to meet my Manchester United heroes because...
Champions excite me, Beckhams delight me, hope Sainburys invite me
Delicious Jaffa cakes everyone knows, eases aches in Beckham's toes
Exams no Giggles, Schooles grim, Butt fortunate me if Ir-win
For 'fan'tastic football skill, they 'take the biscuit' still
I'd be over the 'Full Moon'
Jaffa cake in hand, I'm in 'Neville Neville' land
Keane tackles, Beckham can score, but Jaffa Cakes I adore
Let's not quibble they make me 'dribble'
Manchester United excites me, Jaffa's delight me, please invite me
United have what others lack, everyone's favourite half-time snack
I always buy my Cadbury's cakes from the Co-op because…
Cadbury excellence, Co-op flair, taste and value the perfect pair
Cadbury's cakes are yummy, and Co-op saves my money
Cadbury's confection, baked to perfection, Co-op carries an extensive selection
Cadbury's in cakes win applause, from chocoholics in Co-op stores
Co-op gives shoppers many breaks, including delicious Cadbury's cakes
Co-op stores just right, Cadbury's cakes - love at first bite
Co-op's got what it takes, Cadbury's never bake mistakes
Delicious chocolate coating, scrumptious inners, at Co-op prices certain winners
Great selection, attractively priced, with Cadbury's chocolate I'm always enticed
I choose Cadbury's cakes galore, up my street from Co-op store
Mouth-watering cakes, super store, not even Vera could expect more
My favourite cakes, favourite store, favourite programme - encore!
Neighbourly store, compulsive snack, go together like Vera and Jack
Super cakes, superstore, we're always back to buy some more
These affordable luxuries guarantee, my Rovers Return for their tea
These exciting, tempting, taste bud teasers, are guaranteed pocket pleasers
They only stock the Rolls Royce of chocolate cakes
With Cadbury's cakes so edible, Co-op value is incredible
You can rover round, but will always return to quality
Yummy cakes, assistants jolly, ensure Co-op value fills my trolley

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