President Butter is truly the taste of France because…
Impeccable taste, cosmopolitan feel, a French connection in every meal
There is no comPARISon
C'est magnifique and Eiffel for it
One taste of President and Eiffel for it
C'est extraordinaire, it's natural and tasty, a gastronimic affair
Just one taste and Eiffel in love
Cooking becomes an Art de Triomphe, that beurre'sts with flavour
Its tres bon constitution is a French revolution
I believe that sponsoring Team Flora in the Flora London Marathon helps everybody because…
Today's fun run becomes tomorrow's fortune won
A unique 'feat' that improves the 'heart beat'
A little co-operative helps to spread a lot of goodness
Bodies balanced, fitness - a capital spread, the best thing on sliced bread
By keeping on the right track I can spread a little happiness
By spreading this yellow treasure, I'm giving everybody pleasure
Community spirit with donations to come, 'spreads' a little happiness to everyone
Endeavours of the quiet kind are a roaring success for all mankind
Even housewives who run to stand still benefit from the Flora thrill
Every little can make a big difference in a race for life
Everybody can play their part, towards a better world and healthier heart
For those in their prime, Flora provides stamina for racing against time
Helping good causes shows they care, spreads healthy message all can share
In thought, word and deed everyone is a winner
It goes to a fund dear to our 'hearts'
It keeps us all in running order
It promotes a wonderful feeling of companionship and goodwill
It puts everyone on the right track for a healthy life
It should help to spread the fitness and not the fatness culture
It will be the start of a long running relationship
It's a race that sets the pace - it's ace
It's the pack in the lead which helps those in need
Like lady Di it spreads joy along life's way
One race team - lets share Diana's dream
People running, people giving hearts together to make lives worth living
Physical pleasure, moments to treasure, and help for charity beyond measure
Pushing heart, not all fun, making a difference in the long run
Put to the test it beats all the rest
Raising money helps dreams come true, getting fit is good for you
Remembering Diana, helping to care, 'spreads' a message the world can share
Run for Flora, fitness, fun, show you care, run the marathon
Runners get fit to make charities healthier
Simply the heart of the matter, healthy living spread on a plate
Some lead, others follow, team Flora help now and tomorrow
Son, daughter, husband, wife, are streets ahead and fit for life
Spread Flora with our knives, 'cos London marathons save many lives
Team Flora makes our happiness spread
The Memorial Fund gets a leg-up, health and fitness gets a pick up
Their caring, sharing and daring, helps charities get 'a spread' by miles
Their marathon efforts help everyone on the earth's crust
There are no losers with Flora choosers
They turn miles into smiles, supporting charities that are all worthwhile
This co-operative effort emphasises, fitness, fun and finances
Triumph over adversity is not achieved without sacrifice and endurance
Under health and happiness banner, we pay tribute to Diana
Using instead, no fear to tread, with lovely light spread
We race for a healthy today, with Flora winning all the way
With every purchase, a glittering price, Flora cuts cholesterol down to size
With Flora fitness, wait to witness, co-operative fun, on this marathon run
Working together, having fun - raising funds for needy ones
You can always rely on 'favourable' results
Neighbours and Willow are the perfect teatime treat because…
With creamy Willow's delicious blends, no wonder neighbours become good friends
These two for tea, make tea for two, an essential daily rendezvous
Neighbours cliffhangers may get you excited, but Willow's flavour leaves you delighted
They're both legends in their own teatime
Gossip from Neighbours, Willow on bread, Both are tasty and easily spread
From Ramsay Street to Dairy Crest, their producers 'chum out' the best.
For style and performance unsurpassed, Willow and Neighbours are perfectly cast
Being upper crust and well bred, like Willow, Neighbours fame has spread
It's Kylie likely there's no better taste
My favourite programme is churned out down under, while Willow is churned out wonder!
Once - completely devoid of charm, had tea with 'Flora' and 'Emmerdale Farm'
Both Neighbours and Willow have recipes clever, winning ingredients mixed in together
Creamy Willow, with a slice of 'Oz' - Wizard fare if ever there was!
Your camcorder at school teatimes could record, 'Willow and Neighbours' being adored
Willow brings taste to every occasion, family, party or Neighbours invasion
Willow for tea, kids squabbles cease, letting me watch Neighbours in peace
Both have the quality that matters most - consuming interest, coast to toast
Tears and laughter sandwiched together, friendships rewarded with spreadable pleasure
For double pleasure use your loaf, relax, switch on and enjoy both
Love thy neighbour as a friend, love thy Willow as a blend
Finding Neighbours hard to swallow? Spread some Willow, enjoy a wallow
Without them my Koala can't bear it and my Eucalyptus leaves!
They're an un'Koala' fled success, 'transporting' you after a day's duress
Busy housewife, little time, Neighbours and Willow suit me just fine
They're a 'put your feet up' combination - fascinating viewing and taste sensation!
Like good friends, they 'Will O W'ways be there
Willow always tastes the tops, Neighbours tops the TV slots
Neighbours tops the viewers poll, Willow tops their teatime roll
Together they make teatime absolutely 'Madge ic'
Neighbours for taste, Willow for cream, put together, a teatime dream
Crumpets with Willow, wonderful treat, with my daily fix of Ramsey Street

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