I like to buy British at Budgens because…
When quality and taste are a must, British and Budgens are names to trust
Budgens Beef, The Orient Express and Concorde make great partners because...  
All three are superstars in Europe's team of quality and excellence 
A taste of luxury is their theme, combining quality with haute cuisine 
Barriers are broken for succulent taste, luxury travel and exhilarating haste 
Each regularly passes quality tests, maintaining traditions of absolute best 
It's no mystery they are all thrillers 
Teamwork combines style and efficiency with value, class and tradition 
They all combine 1st class pleasure, sheer indulgence and times to treasure 
They all travel well 
They are the best in tradition and quality; yesterday today and tomorrow 
They are traditional, classic and supersonic 
They each represent quality and the best in their class 
I like eating Hovis because...  
For party snacks it is ready and willing, to enhance the taste of every filling 
It’s traditional, wholesome, tasty fare with that extra ingredient -Hovis care 
Value, taste supreme - Hovis and Budgens, a winning team 
With wholemeal goodness in every particle, traditional Hovis is the genuine article 
Budgens / West Country beef
There's nothing added, nothing removed, West Country Beef cannot be improved
It passes Budgens quality test maintaining traditions of absolute best
Budgens beef proves lovely and lean breaking barriers of British cuisine
Quality selected a taste unique, fresh in Budgens, c'est magnifique

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