I would like to be a Boots Millionnaire because…
It would give me a wealthy connection and a healthy complexion
I could lavish great care on my skin and hair
Open the store, abandon the tills, wonderful shopping with no nasty bills
I'm banking on a shake up in my make up
Naturally I could look the part courtesy of my Advantage Card
It's a prescription for happiness
With your collections and care a chance like this is beyond compare
A womans work is never done, then I really have fun
Boots are expert perfectionists and cosmetic selectionists
Tired mum, busy wife, would love some glamour in her life
Boots sports preparations are ideal for me because…  
Champion I'll never be, but Boots keep me pain free  
Keeping fit meant strain and grief before Boots worked out pain relief  
Out of form, in distress, Boots have a formula for success  
When every muscle feels aflame, Boots restores me to my game  
When pain stops play, Boots save the day  

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