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Absorbing   Author  Best seller  Blockbuster
 Bodice ripper  Bookish  Bookworm  Bring to book
 Chapter and verse  Classic  Coffee table  Companions
 Cooking the books  Cover to cover  Critic  Dream
 Edition  Education  First edition  Good read
Gripping   Hardback  Imagination  In the good books of …
 Inspiration  Library  Literature  Magnum opus
 Manual  Nom de Plume  Novel  Pages
 Paperback  Paperback writer  Pen name  Penny dreadful
 Plot Potboiler   Print Publication 
 Pulp fiction  Racy  Read  Read between the lines
 Reference Remaindered   Review  Romance
 Saga  Selection  Slim volume  Softback
 Spin a yarn  Title  Tome  Tract
 Volume  Whodunit  Work(s)  

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 Tell us why you would like to win Blackwell's Christmas collection…
 Blackwell's Christmas Book Selection offers such a wide selection; if we won it would be, a very happy family
 The new Virginia Andrews at Tesco is a hidden jewel because…
 It's another facet to one-stop shopping.
 I love because ...
 Just like a good book, its pages are always open
 Which is your favourite penguin classic and why? ...
 The epic of Gilgamesh - the oldest surviving epic poem and greatest paean
 to friendship in literature containing the pre-biblical sources of The Flood.
 A great historical literary document
 I would like to win a set of Penguin '60s because…
 These handy sized books include the best of all time, from modern to classic, literary to crime
 A collection of gems is the classic way to make a diamond anniversary sparkle
 A compact library with books supreme, surely is a reader's dream
 A perfect selection for hours of leisure, the Penguin collection of classics to treasure
 A sampler pack of famous fiction, will overcome my space restriction
 All reading is magic - from comic to tragic
 Although twenty would be plenty, and forty would be great, the set of sixty Penguins is the way to celebrate
 Ancient or modern, heavy or light, each is a classic in its own write
Author's intervention and reader's imagination, are interwoven threads forming the perfect combination
 Big on content, small in size, all the titles to tantalise
 Busy mother, gardener and cook, little time to read a book, realist now such pleasure is missed, books impossible to resist
 Classic books, quality supreme, Penguin books are a reader’s dream
 Classic novels to popular fiction, plenty of choice whatever your diction
 Collector's items every one, for generations they've outshone, all others in the publishing game - distinctive logo, respected name!
 Compared to an orange Penguin tale, other books seem to pale
 Critics gave them rave reviews, Penguin's collection is headline news
 Every minute, every hour, sixty 60’s to devour
Famous titles, classic themes, endless enjoyment with Penguin's dreams 
Fascinating reading, compact and neat – this 'novel' idea has other books beat (6-0)!
For a diamond anniversary, it’s crystal clear who’s best, priceless value guaranteed, a cut above the rest
For literature wide and the classic word, you can't do better than follow that bird!
For six decades, dangling us on the hook, they’ve brought heroes to glory and villains to book
For sixty years - an inspired creation, all those books - a cause for celebration
From Amis to Arendt, to Wodehouse and Waugh, happy sixtieth Penguin - the books we adore
From Amis to Woolf, from novel to verse, Penguin's fabulous selection - but which one is first!
From Animal Farm to Lady Chatterley’s Lover, each is a delight at the turn of the cover
Getting older, slowing down, body feels Jurassic, I want to keep my mind in trim by reading Penguin classics
Great value paperbacks full of laughter and tears, Penguin’s given ‘volumes’ of pleasure throughout the years
Happiness is only a word away
I am a readaholic - my tipple is pure ink
I can live without fortune, and I live without ‘good looks', but not in this world can I live without books
I'd be proud to share in six decades of glory, for Penguin itself is a legendary story
Like classics past, 60's novels were written to last
Literary integrity, sixty not out, quality reading I couldn't do without
Long hot summer, mind getting stale, refresh your brain with a Penguin classic tale
Marvellous plots and classic reads, are super value - Penguin leads!
Page by page. I'd enjoy them all, each with the power to enthrall
Penguin books are good for thought, just a glimpse and your interest is caught
Penguin books are much the best, ‘volumes’ better than the test
Penguin books have style and verve par excellence, literary, from ancient times to modern climes, the choice is legendary!
Pocket classics in every sense, interesting, fun, and for very few pence
Racy romances or adventures and thrills, fiction or factual, a Penguin fulfils
Since ‘sixty glorious years’ have passed, I’ve ‘great expectations’ their fame will last
Supplies are limited to say, to win them is the only way, to own this literary array
Take it as read from an ardent book lover, you CAN judge a book by the Penguin on its cover
The Penguin choice always superb, you know you’ll love them from the very first word
Their portable, pocket-able and perfect for travel, quality novels for my brain to unravel
There's something for everyone the family's all agreed, sixty Penguins would make ‘a darn good Read’
These mini gems in the Penguin mould, give a selection of authors, new and old
They are bound to show in some small measure, what Penguin publish for our pleasure
They give literary excellence, humour and drama, unrivalled good value, a real stress-calmer
They pioneered a unique thesis, affordable, literary, masterpieces
They're a classical reminder that Penguin's far ahead, and a perfect introduction to authors not yet read
They're the literary set I'd love to be in with
This special choice of authors ensures a varied read, a novel prize that guarantees to meet my summer need
To bring the characters into my home – perfect companions foe when I'm alone
Travelling to work each day by rail can be quite taxing, with Penguins I'd escape delay, reading and relaxing
What bliss to curl up and hide, and enjoy reading from a range so wide
Whatever your age what more could you need - than a whole pile of Penguins for a jolly good read
Whether romance, mystery, horror or crime, your mind is freed, beyond reality and time
BBC books, videos and spoken word are the best because…
Be it leisure, pleasure, knowledge of the past, or laughter that you're after - their range is unsurpassed
Chapter, verse, sound and vision, comes to life with great precision
For comedy, drama, discovery or leisure, Auntie's top moments are caught forever
For value and quality I have to concede, no-one can beat the good old 'Beeb’
Informative, gripping, hilariously funny, whatever the theme, they're great value for money
Nations listen, individuals treasure
Three nights in Provence offers the perfect escape because…
My peaceful pleasures on the Provencale trail, are Pastis, postcards and reading my Mayle
I would like Geoff Hamilton to visit my garden because…
I need a sage to spend some thyme helping me to get my garden in mint condition
I believe I would be accepted at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry because…
I would like to learn to be less muggled up
My dad's warlock, my mum's a witch and my sister is a toad with attitude
Quidditch is not in the National Curriculum
When 'Tidy your bedroom' mother cries, I disappear before her eyes
I buy Pears because…
Easy to find with facts abundant, Pears makes other reference books redundant
For a great name in reference, Pears is my preference
Its pages I never 'flick', for its invaluable reference its the book I pick
Oranges are not the only fruit
You'd be bananas not to
I rely on Collins Wordpower because…
I need my Collins dictionaries at school, I was top in French and English
It's a source of inspiration, for every fertile imagination, clear and concise, brilliance at rock-bottom price
My vocab's extensive when Collins is near, I'm a 'mazed' how comprehensive, definitions 'crystal' clear
When I'm having trouble with expression, Collins creates the right impression
When lost in jargon or puzzling phrase, crystal clear Collins guides through the maze
When words fail, Collins prevail
I purchased this Collins Ideal book because…
Incomings, outgoings, profits & wages, are safely recorded on virus-free pages
A neat design, clear and concise, a trusted name, a competitive price
As I said to the Yeti on the railway platform - "Great station-hairy!"
Chaotic son in student squalor, need Ideal diary to emerge a scholar
Euros, dollars, pounds & pence, Collins Ideal Books make good 'cents'
High tech accountants get executive stress, Ideal book users have time to impress
Ideal with all the clerical stuff, I needed better than just good enough
It's been designed, printed, bound with care, using quality paper and Collins flair
It’s totally bug and virus free, so no Millennium crash for me!
Jetting the world or working at home, so simple to use in any time zone
Of an attractive design, clear and concise, a trusted name at a competitive price.
Sheet for sheet, its contents and value can't be beat
The beauty business is great fun, but the taxman wants the figures done
The pages inside are just the right size and the outside cover matches my eyes
Though keeping accounts is alw'ays a bore, Collins ensure that it's never a chore
Unlike my computer, it won't byte' back!
Value & quality, writing with style, 'Ideal' for its purpose it won by a mile
When balancing the books Collins figures best - there's no accounting for the rest
When I’m cooking the books, I use the finest ingredients!
With affairs in order and easy to see, the Millennium Bug won't bother me
I enjoy reading because…
Authors’ invention and readers’ imagination, are interwoven threads that form a perfect combination
Books do more than educate, they stimulate, motivate and liberate
Books give so much laughter, many tears, and lots of love throughout the years
Favoured author or nom de plume, whatever my mood, books speak volumes
From thrillers to classics; fact or fiction, every book is my addition!
Housework ‘stitched up’, ‘sew’ relaxing’s divine, a good book to read - the pleasure is mine
I can enter a world of excitement, fantasy and new friends, from my armchair
I can travel the world, meet all sorts of people - and the pictures are better!
I think books are splendid - about villains ‘stitched up’ and broken hearts mended
It exercises my imagination and gives my feet a rest
It keeps the world at bay in bad times and sweetens the good times
It transports me away from the daily grind, to thrill, chill and romance my mind
It’s a ‘novel’ way to pass the time of day!
It’s easy to grasp a book, but impossible to escape the gripping tales within
It’s sew relaxing, a good book is worth its weight in gold
Like Stitch & Sew - they spin a yarn, and fabricate a creative charm
Patience ‘frayed’, ‘pinned’ in a ‘bind’, sewing and reading help me ‘unwind’
Personal computers may have a lead, but they’ll never replace a relaxing read
Picking up the ‘threads’. get ‘hooked’ on the theme, joining’ in the fun - pleasure supreme
Romances, horror, gripping thrillers, murders with elusive killers, racy sagas, fantasy, enjoyment is their guarantee
Thrilling adventures or a touch of class, stir my imagination when I’ve time to pass
Chronicle captures our world in print because…
It's the perfect companion for every age, a world of history on every page
I would like to celebrate the chronicle of Britain and win a Marriott weekend break because…
Quality, value, equally shared, Chronicle and Marriott perfectly paired
I shop at BOOKS ETC because...
Dickens of a choice, knowledgeable staff - Swift never Haggard, my Pound gets its Wordsworth!
It's the perfect companion for every age, a world of history on every page
I would like to have lunch with Barbara Cartland because…
Her books I'm always recommending, this would be my 'happy ending'!
I'm a chocoholic who likes tales of men heroic!
It is my dream to meet the author of books so supreme
Not much luck with Romeo selections, need Barbara's advice and geographical directions
Sixty years a devoted fan, a thrilling climax for this old man
Reading Le Carre in the Caribbean is paradise because…
I'd relax in the sun as each dastardly crook, by the master of thrillers, was brought to book
Basking, swimming or with hand on tiller, in more ways than one, I'd enjoy a real thriller
Hidden away from prying eyes, suntan serving as disguise, reading under a coconut tree, no one here will bother me
It's a travellers dream, by day or by night, an author supreme, a reader's delight
Of the spice of adventures, the touch of class, stirring imagination and the ice in our glass
Page by page, dreams you capture, time on my hands to start another chapter
Reclining on hot Caribbean sand, Le Carre's latest in my hand, deep blue sky matching sea - absolutely bliss to me!
Relaxing in sunshine, I'd read till lunch, but like the rum, these books pack a punch
The palm trees sway, the sun is hot, and I've all day to follow the plot
Whatever your age, what more would you need, sipping rum punch with a jolly good read
With books by master, the sand and the sea there's no place on earth that I'd rather be
I think the Thorsons range of health books is unbeatable because…
I’m inspired by the ancient and modem ideas, for enhancing my life and prolonging my years
Whatever the query, they have the theory
Danielle Steel is one of the world's highest flying authors because…
I read her on duty, she drives me insane, I know that I shouldn't – I’m flying the plane!
If you want adventure, but want to stay at home, pick up her 'Wings' and you'll feel like you've flown
Whether jetting the world or home alone, she's a jolly good read in any time zone
A "For Dummies" book is a bright idea because…
From disc to tape, from bit to by'te, a Dummies book will provide the light
Computing explained as clearly as poss, for those who don't know their RAM from their DOS!
Consult the Dummy, press the keys, I'm in charge with perfect ease
I 'enter' and 'exit' without really knowing, whether I'm actually coming or going
When lost in jargon and each step's a bungle, they guide you through the computer jungle
When megabytes meet micro brain, a 'Dummies' guide can make it plain
I choose Wessex in preference to other price books because…
Comprehensive information, good value and precision, make choosing Wessex
The nest 'Experts' should be…because…
Garden Design -because mansion or cottage with statue or gnome, a well designed garden makes 'house' into 'home'
The Garden For Children - because a successful future stems from careful nursery training
The Water Garden - because without an expert I'm wet behind the ears and out of my depth
I would like to visit New York because...
This bookworm longs to come out of the bookcase, bite the Big Apple and fly off into the sunset

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