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A Bud in the hand... A head start Ale Ale'ing
Ale'ways Always in good company Always wins Amber
Amber Nectar Ambrosia Anheimer-Busch Authentic
Bar Barley Barrel Beer
Beer festival Beer for good cheer Best brew Best cellars
Biere Bierekellar Bite Bitter
'Boddies' Body Body with strength Born in .... Raised in glasses
Bottoms Up! Bottle feed Brand buyers Break a habit
Brew Brewer Bud Can after can
Can(ned) Cask Case Cerveza
Cheers! Chilled Chill(ing) out Choicest hops
Cider Classic Class in a glass Classic
Clear head above the rest Cold Cold filtered Colt.... Trigger
Consistent quality Consume Continental Cool
Cool and dark Creamy Crisp Cry in your beer
Defy competition Delicious Draught Dray
Dribble Drink Drop Every drop gives a lift
Excellent taste Export Ferment Festival
Fill to the rim Filter Finest beer Flavour to savour
Foam Foaming with flavour Four pack Frothy
Full bodied Glass Glass of its own Goes down famously
Goes down a treat Gold(en) Good cheer Good head
Got others over a barrel Gravity Guinness Half
Half empty or half full Head Head for happiness Heavy
Heine-can High glass Holds its head high Home inn-joyment
Hopping mad Hops Ice cold Ice cool
I have the hands, it has the body I'll drink to that! Inn-signia for Instant pleasure
It's brew-tiful Keg King of beers Lager
Launched a thousand sips Leader of the pack Less filling! Light
Light refreshment Long life lager Malty Mature
Mellow Mild Mine host More hops
Multitude of tins Nectar No arms, no legs, plenty of body No drought about it
Older 'Bud'weiser One over the eight Only a ring pull away On the house
Open Orchard Outglass Packs a kick
Perfect brew Pils Pint Pint sized
Plants Plenty of body Pop open Premier
Premium Pressed Pub Pull a Colt
Quench Raising glasses to Real ale Refresh(ing)
Reigns where it pours Reviver Rice Rich
Ring pull Rhythm and booze Roll out the barrel Rum Salute!
Satisfaction Scrumpy Seldom equalled, never excelled Selected cereal
Shandy Sip sip hooray Six pack Smooth
Socialise Sophisticated Special brew Spike a beverage
Spill your drink Started so ale finish Stay cool, keep your head Stein
Stoned Stout Strength Strong
Sublime Superchilled Swig Swirled
Tampa Tankard Taste Tastefully canned
Tastes great! The genuine article The pause that refreshes Thirst
Thirst class...thirst glass Thirst for knowledge Thirst quenching Thirst rate
Thirst for success Three sheets to the wind Tin Tipsy Top of the hops
Traditional Tube What'll you have? Whet your whistle
Whoop it up Widget Winner by a head Yeast

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Adventure / quencher Ale / sale / fail / pale / male / scale / tale / hail / detail / retail
Ambitious / delicious Beer / cheer / dear / fear / clear / year / steer / gear / hear / near / rear / tear / sheer / volunteer
Bite / right / delight Brewin' / McEwan
Brews / Booze / use / excuse / refuse / confuse / amuse / lose / chose / whose / snooze / blues / news / ruse / views Body / strength
Bud / bird / buddy / bard / but / buck / Buddha / butter / better / bug Canned / grand
Cheerier / criteria Chilled / thrilled
Cider / decider / divider / seasider / wider / outsider Class / glass / brass
Craft / draft / draught Flow / glow / Saltzenbrau
Lager / saga / larger Mature / brewer
Nation / sensation No hassle / Newcastle
Pleasure / treasure / measure / leisure Richer / pourer
Stella Artois / bar Strength / length
Taste / placed / braced Weiser / wiser

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Cider tiebreakers
Lager tiebreakers
Newcastle Brown Ale is my one and only because…
A taste of 'Shearer' magic, an unforgettable trip, makes Newky Brown favourite for the Champion'sip'
I would like to drink Stones Bitter whilst watching the match because…
Stones delights me, rugby excites me, hope Tesco and Bass invite me
No wonder I always pick it, Stones and rugby, just the ticket
Drinking Stones gives satisfaction, sit back, relax, enjoy the action
Tried and opposition, no competition, found perfection in Stones direction
The tasiest, creamiest, best by far - the best bitter over the bar
Banks is a perfectly balanced beer because…
Quality and value, equally shared - tradition and savour, perfectly paired
I drink Boddingtons because…
With masterly craft, they brew perfect draught, that towers above all others
Pampers the palete, mellows the mood, its beautifully creamy and expertly brewed
Guinness and Dublin are a perfect combination because ...
A unique city, a distinctive brew, enjoyed by me, you, and U2
Cultural city, vibrant soul, add music and Guinness for sham rock'n'roll
Stylish city, premium beer, even Santa chills out here
'Hops' elsewhere don't leave you a keg to stand on
Smooth, strong, dark, handsome, if 'guinapped' in Dublin pay not my ransom
Bought first four pack, was it enough? Definitely not, I'm Dublin up
Experts perfect them, connoisseurs select them
Dublin masterminded Guinness, now I've started so I'll finish
Leprechauns, shamrocks, Guinness and song, who says the Irish get everything wrong
It's a pint in a jiffy, from the capital on the Liffey
I would like to drink Caffrey's in New York because…
Sightseeing stateside, New York's my dream, with delicious Caffrey's Irish Cream
Glasses up, Caffrey's down, it makes New York my kind of town
Like all great Irish ales, it goes down famously among tall storeys
Caffrey's cool creamy power, lifts me higher than Manhattan tower
Like the skyscrapers, Caffrey's beers the best, and towers above the rest
Sipping Caffrey's in Times Square, I'd be overjoyed, over there
When at Liberty to enjoy this superior brew, Times are never Square
Its high standards tower above other ales - that's no tall storey
Marvelling at skyscrapers, glitz and action, enjoying Caffrey's the star attraction
Delicious ale from Irish nation, quenches my thirst for American vacation
With the cool green can handy, I'd feel Yankee-doodle dandy
Breathtaking sights, Caffrey's to pour, sensational experiences in the Big Apple's core
Cream of Ireland tastes so fine, while enjoying big apples skyline
Smooth ale, Caffrey's Irish delight, enhances daytime touring and Broadway by night
Daytime sights, night time gig, Manhattan's the place for an Irish jig
Whether in a glass or can, Caffrey's 'makes me a happy man
Irish Sea? Stop being pedantic - for Caffrey's I would cross the Atlantic
Morrisons stock my favourite buyline, which tastes best with New York's skyline
The big apple provides thrills galore, while Caffrey's refreshes to the core
Its smooth taste and creamy head would certainly improve my 'street cred’
Down Broadway I would stroll, with Caffrey's in the starring role
It maybe Blarney, but folk swear it tastes even better over there
Caffrey's always makes life richer for this pourer
Creamy Caffrey's couldn't fail, to liberate the U.S. of ale
Cool, smooth and creamy, meets tall, big and dreamy
I'd take their 'tall storeys' with a touch of the Blarney
My tastebuds would jig and reel, to Broadway nights with Irish zeal
Morrisons, Caffrey's the perfect team, sending me on ‘ a merry can' dream
Postcard reads, "Nothing I lack, have a nice day, not coming back."
When Caffrey's 'opens' on Old Broadway, I can celebrate the Irish way
It's an ale in a glass of its own
Caffrey's Irish ales, keeps me cool for shopping at Bloomingdales
Cool creamy Caffrey's my favourite buyline, love to see New York's skyline
Taking in the sights, brings a thirst for Broadway nights
Caffrey's delights me, New York excites me, hope Morrisons invites me
Caffrey's ale and New York sights, make happy days and exhilarating nights
Of creamy days, refreshing nights, while drinking in those big apple sights
New York's State building, Caffrey's in hand -smooth and dreamy real grand
Nobody could draft a better plan, than enjoying Caffrey's with Uncle Sam
Caffrey's quality hits sky-scraper heights, cool smooth, creamy always delights
Complementing the Empire State, smooth Caffrey's will exhilarate
Caffrey's exciting New York tour - 'ale' be in heaven, to be sure
To visit New York is my dream, quaffing Caffrey's adds the cream
This exciting, cool, refreshing quencher, would liberate my taste for adventure
Since kissing the Blarney stone one night, 'tall stories' are my delight
I would like to hear the American language softly spoken
Quaffing in Brooklyn, sipping in Staten, perfect for downing in Downtown 'Can-hattan'
True Irish flavour, New York bright lights, sampling Caiftey's enjoying the sights
New York sights are really swell, but Caffrey's delights this liberty belle
New York is superb for leisure - Caffrey's ale completes the pleasure
Where everything is biggest and best, quaffing Caffrey's is the coolest quest
It's the Big Apple of my emerald eye'll
Packing suitcase in a rush - lots of 8-pack and toothbrush
I would like to investigate a mysterious murder with Kestrel & McEwans export because…
A good head with plenty of body always gets results!
Elementary, my dear McEwan - I always detect when something is brewing!
Even Poirot's intellect couldn't detect company more select or more refreshing!
Having tackled my first "case", I could murder another!
It's thirsty work being a super sleuth
My wife would kill me if I bought another brand of beer
These two brews provide the clues to beat those murderous mystery blues
They're taste thrillers and thirst killers
Who's guilty - William, Harold, Oliver, Delia, Una, Neale, Iris, Terry? Guess
With murderous intent my thirst is well spent
I take home Stones bitter/draught because…
After one try it got maximum points
Any other hops wouldn't leave you a keg to stand on
Home is where the half is!
It beats the scrum at the local pub

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Cider tiebreakers

Lager tiebreakers