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Alive Amps Appliance Battery
Blow Cell Charge Conduct
Connect Contact Current Earth
Electrical Electricity Energy Flat
Graphite Juice Lasting Live
Longevity Negative Off Ohms
On Outshine Portable Positive
Power Resistance Saving Shock
Socket Stamina Switch Taped
Technology Value Volts Watts
Wire Wired    

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Appliance / reliance / defiance / compliance / alliance / science / silence / violence / clairvoyance Automation/ reputation
Battery / flattery Brand / hand / band / grand / stand / manned / bland / canned / land / panned / sand / fanned
Bright/ light / sight / right Perfection / reflection / selection / detection
Plug / bug / jug / slug / drug / tug / snug / smug / shrug / thug / rug / hug / lug / dug / mug Pockets / sockets
Power / flower / hour / our / dour / cower / shower / tower / sour / flour / scour / devour Socket / pocket / locket / docket / rocket
Switch / pitch / enrich / which / witch / hitch / rich /stitch / itch / ditch  

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I suggest the following as the new name for the Duracell 'Run The Bunny' game…
Rabitting On
Bunny on the Run
Superbun Run
Rabbit Warren
Revenge of the Electric Bunny
Rhythmical Rabbit
The Current Run-Ny
Run Rabbit Run
Bunny's Warren Mania
The Pink Panther
I choose Vidor batteries at ASDA because...
Vidor power and Asda prices, just 'watt' we need for the 'current' crisis
I buy VARTA batteries at ASDA because...
Varta batteries boldly glow, where none have ever shone before
Asda powers the pockets, for Varta to make all systems go
The Varta triangle means space age power at down to earth prices
ASDA and Varta create low price encounters of the most powerful kind
They beam you up and never let you down
ASDA - one small price for man - Varta, one giant bargain for mankind
Even NASA can't surpass a Varta power pack at ASDA price
Their power's astronomical, the price in ASDA - nominal
They get a superstore of power at a down-to-earth price
Varta are to power what ASDA is to savings
They get a superstore of power at a down-to-earth price
Varta are to power what ASDA is to savings
Like solaras, ASDA and Varta are the perfect chargers
Shopping at ASDA they're obviously smarter for value volts they veer to Varta
No other battery, no other store, pocket the difference, who wants more
I buy Varta batteries at International stores because...
For power so bright, Varta's right, International shoppers have seen the light
Varta make light of being International champions
Varta is an International source of power
Many enlightened shoppers carry a torch for International - Varta powered of course
International shoppers expect the best, Varta batteries outlast, outshine, outclass the rest
They maximise the count-down change when lifting off the Varta range
Batteries without Varta power - like a shuttle launch without zero hour
Varta the wide world over, pack the power of a super nova
I like being smarter with long lasting Varta
I know those blue and yellow packs means Var-ta-lot of reliability
I buy Varta batteries at the Co-op because...
With Varta-powered toys the only pit stop is bedtime
Batteries without Varta power are like a shuttle launch without zero hour
A node is as good as a wink with Varta
I use Memorex rechargeable batteries because they...
Are by far the best at outlasting the rest
Are charging ahead in the power race
Are price shattering - their rivals have taken a battering
Are the 'current' hit
Are providers for all ages, giving lost power to wages
They go flat out when other batteries are out flat
One's fully powered longer, the other's powerfully stronger
I don't like being caught with my batteries down
Their sounds are crisper from a roar to a whisper
They are the big noise in the corridors of power
They take the snap and crackle out of 'pop'
I get encores after the others have played their finale
Good listening is amplified, good value is satisfied
They give a marathon run in aid of clarity
They put more watts in every OHM
They know watts watt
Its the best way of playing for extra time
They prefer service and satisfaction rather than the old hard cell
They are part of RAC's super cell-action
They beam you up and never let you down
They come from a power-packed team where longer life shines supreme
Its the cell of the century
I couldn't switch on to anything better
Its the one I choose first - to last
Torches beam, shavers keep shaving and CD power means I keep raving
Graphite technology provides the spark that leaves the rest in the dark
I want to be switched on for the Millennium
It sells fast because its cells last
I use Ever Ready Power Plus batteries because...
They're the greatest things for torches since darkness
Their force out-cells the others
They're Ever Ready, Ever Steady, Ever Go!
For light, sight or sound, no better can be found
In the reliability stakes they always make the 'running'
They're the long distance runners in canned energy
They're better and they're stronger - they're Ever Ready longer
In the long run, they leave the rest standing
Its a power station you can afford
Put to the test, they beat the rest
*I would like to win a Smart car because…
Economical to run, like Energizer it gives hours of fun
Energised, silver and black, with a smart performance others lack.
Intelligent design, powerful transmission, smart like Energiser, outlasts competition

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