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Al fresco Ashes Baa-becue Bacon
Bangers Barbecue Barbie Beefburgers
Charcoal Chargrill Chops Fire
Flame Flames Fuel Garden
Great outdoors Grill Heat Hot
Indoors or al fresco Kebabs Kettle Lighter
Marinade Outdoors Party Picnic-pick-me-ups
Rain Sauce Sausages Sear
Sizzle Steaks Summer Sun
Throw another shrimp on the barbie Tucker Zing  

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Barbecue / argue / avenue / new / ballyhoo / bamboo / blue / brew / canoe / chew / clue / coup / crew / cue / debut / do / due / ensue / few / flew / fondue / grew / impromtu / interview / into Charcoal / bankroll / bowl / buttonhole / cajole / casserole / cholesterol / console / control / creole / dole / droll / enrol / extol / goal / patrol / rock & roll / self control / sole / soul / stole / stroll / whole
Outdoor / ambassador / competitor / corridor / dinosaur / exterior / for / interior / meteor / monitor / nor / or / superior / visitor Sauce / course / force / resource / reinforce

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My summer's made with Heinz because ...
When sausages and burgers become burnt remains, adding Heinz means nobody complains!
Heinz and Somerfield discovered flame, putting taste and value behind their name!
Heinz put the "mm" into summer barbecues - a match marinade in heaven
Dressings for salads, sauces with zest, exciting barbies - Heinz do it best
When burgers lack that extra thing, Heinz sauces add the zing
Heinz is a gastronomic treasure, enhancing our summer al-fresco pleasure
With burgers, steak, bangers or fish, Heinz completes our B-B-Queue dish
With my ancient barbie roaring away, Heinz ensure a sizzling summer's day!
Summer BBQ's take some beating thanks to Heinz 'seasons' greetings
For a tasty barbecue made in heaven, add a dash of '57!
Even irritating insects take flight, when alfresco meals have that extra bite
Summer heat, sheer delight, a taste remembered with every bite
My lazy hazy mayonnaisey days of summer are He-inz'pired
Perfect for today's 'sizzle'ised society, nothing but Heinz 'sunsational' variety
People of taste need no persuasion, summer and Heinz the perfect liaison
Barbies are boring, salad's undressed, without the accompaniments Heinz do best
Super barbie, roast or grill, just add Heinz - simply brill!
Sandwiches, salads, steak or chops, Heinz great quality will top the lot
When Heinz is on the scene - picnics and barbecues become haute cuisine
Sun in the sky, barbie ignited, Heinz on the table, diners delighted
Their tasty selection always delights, Somerfield picnics or barbecue nights
The freshest salads and most succulent meats, I prepare - but Heinz completes!
Heinz - the source of summer pleasure, means halcyon days of outdoor leisure
The choice of over 57, add a little taste of heaven
Abracadabra! They're right on cue, for a tasty exciting barbecue
Served without fuss and little delay, Heinz is perfect the outdoor way
From spicy squeeze to marinade, Heinz wins every accolade
For saucy, spicy, lipsmackin' fare, nothing beats Heinz in the open air
Easy, squeezy, spicy too, the tastiest addition to my barbecue
Sticky fingers, tasty chops, eating out is really tops
Barbecue, sandwich, snack or main course, Heinz guarantees an excellent sauce
When forkz jingle, guestz mingle, Heinz great flavourz make tastebudz tingle!
Dad's barbecued burgers are usually iffy, Heinz resurrects them in a jiffy!
Hours of sunshine sealed inside, yummy, delicious, Somerfield's pride
At every picnic or outdoor scene, Heinz taste-tingling varieties reign supreme
Barbie-queues will start to grow, when summer sauces are on show
Husband cooking, what a disaster, Heinz turns tears into laughter
Hubby's cooking a culinary disaster, till Heinz transformed him to a barbecue master
Heinz guarantees a 'hot' reception, 'flaming' good value without exception
Every plate that delicious Heinz graces, brings sunshine smiles to hungry faces!
Sizzling flavours at little expense, the Jones' are drooling over the fence
Heinz tasty assets, so well dressed, light my fire to summer success
Warm sunny days, long summer nights, the perfect setting for Heinz delights
Heinz varieties set the scene, for fun and friends and summer cuisine
Whatever the occasion, inside or out, Heinz have it covered - without doubt
Somerfield sausages, salad and sauce, Heinz tasty flavour added of course
Hot sun, aromas to savour, trust in Heinz to deliver the flavour
I would like to drink Hooper's Hooch in my garden because....
When throwing parties in the sun - Hoopers Hooch provides the fun
Hooch's flavour is beyond compare, tastes even better in open air
Hooper's al fresco takes some beating - can Morrisons stand the seating
Tantalised by tasty Hooch on view, thirsty guests form a bar-b-queue
For picnics, barbeques, sunshine and leisure, Hooper's Hooch adds sparkle to pleasure
Barbecuing 'Somerfield Style' is great because…
With Weber's 'spirit' and barbecue packs, the lucky hostess can simply relax
I would like to barbecue on the beach in St Lucia because…
Birds Eye burger from Iceland aisles would taste great BBQ'd on the Windward Isles
Freshbake sausages are great for kids because ...
Freshbake sausages sure to please, hungry kids will 'relish' these
Wholesome fun, delicious too, they're always on our barbecue
They make barbecues go with a bang, so kids will want to invite their gang
Breakfast, lunch or BBQ treat, served hot or cold, they can't be beat
With no artificial colours, they're tasty and fun, full or quality ingredients they're sure to please mum
Aroma and taste get maximum scores, perfect when catering out of doors
They're a healthy addition to my family's nutrition
Hot and sizzling with tasty pork, finest treat at the end of a fork
Perfect for little fingers, fork or plate, Freshbake sausages taste 'flaming' great
Juicy sausages on the bar-be, give satisfaction to my little army
7UP is the perfect accompaniment to your summer barbecue because...
Whatever the British weather 7UP always lights my fire
Sizzling sausages, dad getting hot, cooling 7UP soon hits the spot
It's canned for pleasure and planned for leisure
7UP's fizz'll cool as the Weber sizzles by the pool
It's easy to 'summerize' 7UP and a barbie symbolize paradise
7UP adds sparkle which guests remember long after the last dying ember
Barbecues food delights me, Weber excites me and 7UP invigor-i-tes me
If you are up by seven you should be hungry by eleven
Candidly 7UP's in thirst position, the ultimate barbie's intromission
When sausages sizzle and temperatures soar, cool 7UP's our favourite pour
It's widespread appeal brightens up every meal
Barbecued food makes you drool but longing for 7UP so cool
From flaming June to warm September nights, refreshing tastes add charming delights
Fruity taste prizewinning quencher shy's the limit for a sizzling adventure
I need to be a cool cat when wearing the chef's hat
Sparkling zest of lemon and lime 'outcasts' the rest at barbie time
Clearly superior sparkling lime and lemon light refreshment enjoyed in seventh heaven
Fizz whisper taste tells how a barbie and 7UP always gels
There's nothing square about it the enjoyment is cubed
Weber it's sunshine or rain it will rekindle the thirstiest flame
Cool refreshment full of fun with barbecue meals and summer fun
7UP extra sparkle always tops add happy smiles to alfresco chops
When eating alfresco remember the rule - 7UP will keep you cool
When dining alfresco 7UP is perfecto
Refreshment and taste get maximum scores, perfect when catering out of doors
That 7UP fizz'll improve every sizzle
My barbecues are a sensation without 7UP they'd lose their reputation
Nothing else will stop you choking when your barbie is smoking
Weber home or away it always scores
One part barbie two parts sun add 7UP pour out fun
As the summer barbecue hots up cool 7UP goes perfectly down
Bangers burgers mackerel or meat it's enticingly tangy whatever you eat
It's the fairytale taste with the cool happy blending
The party ignites cause 7UP delights
7UP quality Safeway price is a barbeholics dream of paradise
Gee whiz it does the bizz it adds the fizz
Food on prong 7UP and Safeway you can't go wrong
It brings sparkling cool perfection to any BBQ selection
To summerize I'll let you know when I win first prize
Refreshingly 7UP ensures thirst quenching bliss out of doors
Sparkling barbie grills I find increase summer enjoyment when combined
Clean tangy taste fizz that appeals leaving thirst quenched at barbecued meals
Scorching weather sizzling food the 7UP tingle sets the mood
7UP barbecues can't be beat for quenching thirst and grilling meat
Essential ingredients of barbecue plans are twelve drought-busting thirst quenching cans
The Safeway to alfresco perfection is serving sparkling 7UP selection
It would be a barbecue boob without a 7UP cube
Even Sindy loves a barbie with a can of 7UP to hand
Refreshing taste prize-winning quencher pull the ring for barbecue adventure
It's the perfect fizz to cool our summer sizz
It's the only downpour we want
Dog pinched banger weather looks bleak everything great with 7UP fizzique
Barbecues are never bland with Weber and 7UP at hand
Whatever the weather your BBQ will fizz not fizzle out

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