I would like to spend a family holiday in St Lucia because…
Like delicious Geest bananas at Co Op price, we'd be the happiest bunch in paradise
I would like to take a Geest family holiday in St. Lucia because ...
Simply idyllic, it's paradise perfected, like the Geest bananas my Co-op's selected
Caring Co-op, tropical feast, paradise island, tastiest Geest
Co-op hand-picked Geest guarantees, Caribbean delight that's certain to please
Tasted Geest sunshine from my Co-op store, has whetted my appetite for a Caribbean shore
Co-op and Geest are a tasty combination, St Lucia would be a great vacation
Like delicious Geest bananas at Co-op's price, my bunch would love paradise
Sun, sea, sand and bananas galore, thanks to Geest and our Co-op store
Co-op value, delicious Geest flavour, as if that's not enough, there's St.Lucia to savour
Our bunch want a tropical feast, courtesy of Co-op and Geest
With delicious Geest taste and Co-op's price, you'll find the happiest bunch in paradise
From Co-op stores to windward shores, any wonder Geest brand scores
White sands, warm seas, Geest bananas to savour, a Co-op inspired Caribbean flavour
Calypsos and cocktails, lazing all day, thanks Geest and the Co-op, a great holiday
We want to peel off under the sun, with Geest and Co-op - our number one
St.Lucia holiday in the sun, Geest bananas second to none, the Co-op pleases everyone
Delicious, nutritious bananas in Co-op aisles, reminds me of the tropical sun in the Windward Isles
Delicious Geest from our Co-op store, convince us St.Lucia's the place to explore
Geest and Co-op go hand in hand, a tropical experience from a quality brand
This Co-op would make a dream come true, windward to a feast in Geest paradise
With delicious Geest bananas at Co-op's price, we'd get our dividend in paradise
Geest bananas and Co-op, what a team, best taste, best price, a holiday dream
Co-op never leaves freshness to chance, I'd sample the product straight from the branch
I eat lots of bananas, to the Co-op I'm always going, but I have never ever seen a banana that's growing
Geest bananas, Caribbean sun, from co-op to St.Lucia, sounds a whole bunch of fun
Like the banana I enjoy the best, which is why Geest outshines the rest.
We could have a beast of a feast with Geest bananas
Savour the flavour, treasure the treat, sun, sea, and sand, Geest bananas to eat
At Co-op, bananas are always economical, but a trip to the Caribbean would be Geest'ranomical
A'peel'ingly tropical, at Co-op prices, we'd be the happiest of the bunch in paradise
From bountiful aisles to beautiful isles, fly Co-op's Geest of honour with Caribbean smiles
Geest bananas delight me, St. Lucia excites me, please Co-op invite me
Like Co-op's delicious Caribbean bananas, St Lucia would be full of Geest'ern promise
St.Lucia's exotic location, for a Geest vacation, seems like paradise, at the Co-op price
Need no persuadin' at 49 pence a pound, St.Lucia plus Geest - paradise found
From the Co-op and Geest a fantastic trip, to the Windward Isles, the place to unzip
The Windward Isles will bring us smiles, a Geest winning prize in Co-op aisles
Hitting the Co-op and Geest jackpot, gets the feeling hot, hot, hot!
Tropical Island, beautiful life, take the custard, not the wife
Co-op go bananas, save me a ton, Geest offer a chance to peel off in the sun
Co-op for value, Geest for quality, St Lucia for beauty, what a holiday
Co-op's Geest bananas, nutritious and fruity, compliment St Lucia's astounding beauty
I'm bananas about bananas and a Caribbean holiday would be a feast with a Geest
Golden yellow, in perfect condition, Geest grown bananas are full of nutrition
Every minute would be a treat, with Geest and Co-op in the driving seat
Best of the bunch, top of the tree, is why St. Lucia a-peels to me
We will fly east, invited by Geest, what a feest, I'll Co-op!
The bendy yellow fruit, in the snazzy yellow suit, gives nutrition to boot
Geest bananas are simply the beest, and better than all the reest
Plane'ly Co-op and Geest are second to none, for zipping off tastefully in the sun
St.Lucia is simply beautiful, like Geest bananas from the Co-op
This fruitful island definitely a'peels', like Geest bananas and Co-op deals
Co-op produces quite a few smiles, originally found on the Windward Isles
Nutritious, delicious, Geest in bright yellow jacket, like Co-op and St.Lucia - ye canna whacket!
Caribbean sunshine, absolute bliss, like Co-op bananas, too good to miss
Fyffes are Fyffe times better than your average banana because…
Under the skin - perfection within
Bananas are Britain's most popular fruit because…
It's the feel good fruit in the smart yellow suit
This tropical bunch are always trendy, deliciously healthy and user-friendly
Sun-ripened fruits from tropical lands, bring nature's nutrition to the palm of your hands
They bend over backwards to 'a-peel', nutrition and taste just part of the deal
Carefully nurtures in tropical conditions - the deserving national nutritional tradition
Waitrose / Geest
Geest Holds the winning hand. Eaten for instant energy on the run or split for fun, Windward Bananas are trumps

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