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A loaf by any other name All the dough you need Always in good taste Bake
Baked to a Baked in the traditional way Baked to perfection Baked for great taste
Banquet Batches Beautiful baking Best flours of my life
Better bakes Biscuit Bite Bread
Bready steady go Breakfast Bred to be better Brown
Browned off with Bun Butter Butty
Cake Cakes make Can be buttered but not bettered Chef's special
Chocolate Complements Cookery Cookie
Corn Cottage Crisp Crispy outers
Crumb Crumbs Crunch Crunchy
Crust how you like it Crust Crusty Crusty fellow but kind hearted
Cuisine Culinary Cut above the rest Delicacies
Delicious slices Digestive Dinner Domestic science
Don't mill about, buy .....flour Dough Dunk Easy to use
Etiquette Everyone loaves a winner Fairy cakes Family favourites
Fancy Favourite breadwinner Fibre rich Filling
Finest ingredients Flexible Flour For your favourite filling
Freezer Fresh Fruity favourite Gastronomic
Go with the grain Go-between Goodness Gourmet
Grain Grains of Gran used to make Granary
Half baked prices Highest quality Hungry uprising Knead
Lean cuisine Light and tasty Light(er) Like gran used to make
Loaf Loafers love Loaves Low fat
Lunch Make the Swiss roll over Makes baking pleasure Makes super sarnies
Melts in the mouth Microwaves Mixing Moist texture
Natural Never bake mistakes No half baked ideas Nothing tops it except butter
Nutritious Oven fresh Oven ready meals Oven to table
Oven Packet Pastry Perfect pastry
Piece of cake Plain Puts the cherry on the cake Raised to perfection
Rise to the occasion Rise Rise to the occasion Risen to greatness
Rolls onto the table Round Sandwich Scrumptious inners
Self raising Slice of the good life Slice Sliced
Smart cookie Sponge Stick it to the French Sun rises in the yeast
Sun-filled Supper Take the ache out of bake Takes the biscuit
Tasty Tea The way I was bread Thoroughbread winners
To the last crumb Toast Toast of the town Upper crust
Use dough wisely Use your loaf Variety is the slice of life What everyone kneads
Wheat Wheat up my street Wheat a treat Wheaty
When it comes to the crunch White Whole meal in itself Wholesome
Worth its weight in gold Wrapper    

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Bake / Take Beginners / winners
Bite/ Delight / Light / White Boast / Toast / Most
Bread / Bred / Instead / Fred / bed / shed / fed / spread / ahead / said / read / sled / shred / wed / head / led / thread Brown / Frown / Town
Cake / Take / Make / Wake / Bake / Fake / Sake / Shake / Steak / Break / Lake / Flake / Snake / Rake / Brake / Quake / Stake / Awake Crunch / munch
Deal / Wholemeal Dinner / Thinner / Winner
Endeavour / Light as a feather Flan / Plan
Health / Meal in itself / Wealth Knead / Speed / Feed
Fluffy / Puffy / Can't get enough'y Nice / Slice / Twice
Roll / casserole / parole / goal / whole / stroll / role / hole / whole / dole / pole / sole / soul / stole / coal / bowl / poll / toll / scroll Self raising / Everyone Praising
Slices / Prices / Crisis Tasty / toasty

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I always buy Mr Kipling cherry bakewells from the co-op because ...
Tasty ingredients, temptingly wrapped, 'exceedingly good', is very apt
His cherryished recipes beyond compare, are served at Co-op with loving care
Take five Bakewells, add Co-op price, the end result is exceedingly nice
French Glace Cherries are the perfect ingredient because…
Inside, outside, or in a cluster, their colour and taste give added lustre
They're tasty, tempting, plump and bright, every caring cook's delight
Naturally succulent, their repertoire vast, the proof's in my pantry - if you're fast
These little 'gems' can 'crown' a cake, sweet, juicy, delicious, whatever you bake
Superb as ingredient, fantastic as topping, French cherries come first in my Somerfield shopping
To me, the Allinson Flour range means…
The finest flour, milled to perfection, without any doubt, the connoisseur's selection
Nothing added, nothing removed, Nature's best cannot be improved
The greatest British baking tradition - for quality, value and nutrition
Allinsons perfect it, connoisseurs select it, merry millers make it, clever cooks bake it, results justify it - I buy it
That I have at my fingertips a choice of the finest milled quality flours for all my baking requirements
Quality a century in the making, ensuring success in my everyday baking
Quality, taste, healthy nutrition, these have always been Allinson's tradition
Like Granny said, "To sow the seeds for perfect baking, you must have Allinsons in the making."
Wholesome, tempting treats to eat, traditional quality none can beat, natural goodness, taste sublime that 'proves' successful every time
Allinson Flour makes the tastiest bread and cakes because...
Even a beginner can bake a winner
It makes baking a pleasure, with time left for leisure
Crumbles are just like homemade because...
Childhood memories come back to me of homemade cookies on Granny's knee
I like eating Hovis because...  
For party snacks it is ready and willing, to enhance the taste of every filling 
Itís traditional, wholesome, tasty fare with that extra ingredient -Hovis care 
Value, taste supreme - Hovis and Budgens, a winning team 
With wholemeal goodness in every particle, traditional Hovis is the genuine article 

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