Words / Ideas Rhymes Winning Tiebreakers



All cut and fried Aroma Awaken tastebuds Back
Bacon Bacon Butties Bacon go - between Bacon that's making'
Bake Boiled Boneless Bring home the bacon
British Butties Counter intelligence and grilling reveals.. Cured
Cut Danepak Danish Danish before your very eyes Delicious
Eggs beg for it Eggsellent Fizzle Flavour
Fried Fry(ing) Great Danes Grill(ed)
Grilling Lean Lean times Lean to my liking
Low Fat Luscious Middle More to bacon than meats the eye Mouthwatering
No bones No bones about it Norse code No spitting image
Nourishing No Waste Nutritious Once fried, never forgotten
Pan out Popular Porkers are corkers Pork you pine for
Problems instantly cured Put their back into Put Wall's around it Quality
Rasher Rasher course of action Rasher enough Satisfaction
Satisfying Save my bacon Sizzle 'siz' it all Sizzling
Sizzlicious Sliced Slices Small fry
Smoked Streak back for more Streak to Streaky
Streaks ahead Success Succulence Succulent
Taste Tasty Tender Tops the table
Traditional Treat Twice underlined Unique
Unsmoked Value When the heat is on Writing on the Wall's

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Appeal / Meal Appetite teaser / Pocket Pleaser
Aroma / Diploma Assured / Cured
Bacon / shaken / waken / mistaken / overtaken / awaken / forsaken / taken Best / Rest / Zest
Bill / Fill / Grill / Thrill Commendation / Sensation
Delicious / Nutritious Divine / Fine
Eat / Treat Economic / Gastronomic
Encased / No waste Eggcellent Buy / Standards High
First Rate / Plate Fizzle / Sizzle
Flavour / Savour / Waver Forkful / Porkful
Fried / Pride Haute Cuisine / Go Between
Hunches/ Lunches Joint / Not Disappoint
Liking / Viking Luscious & Lean
Nice / Slice No waste / Great Taste
On Prong / No wrong Perfection / Selection
Prices / Slices Price Bashers / Rashers
Satisfies / Tantalise Succulent slices / Sizzling prices

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A Danish bacon joint from Tesco is a cut above the rest because...
It's 'Joint' advantages are tender taste and little waste
Delicious Danish is delightful because...
The sizzle 'siz' it all
The Co-operative Viking makes bacon to my liking
It is a succulent sizzler and has no spitting image
Once fried, never forgotten
When appetites tend to roam, tender Danish brings them home
That sizzling sensation is the Co-op's recommendation
Food of the Viking 'leans' to my liking
It is the star attraction for knife and fork action
Grill it, fry it, bake it - you can't beat it
The true fresh taste means there's never any waste
The nice fresh flavour never wavers
Bacon butties, haute cuisine, with Danish as the go-between
Its cured with caring for flavour fresh sharing
They're a cut above the rest, don't buy second best
With bacon or ham, it's always 'grand slam'
Its a delectable dish that deserves a degree
Tender, tempting, full of taste, none ever goes to waste
We are a healthier nation with their food innovation
Ideal barbeque, Danish on prong, funfilled party, cannot go wrong
Its freshly sliced and nicely priced
Its a money saver with a perfect flavour
Its appetising nutrition is part of our Great British tradition
In lean times, its streaks above the rest
Nobody can be rasherenough to claim otherwise
Its lean back style makes my purse smile
The aroma from the sizzle makes the homeward drizzle fizzle
It sizzles superbly, fries fantastically and tastes terrific
It saves the busy housewife's bacon
Denmark achieves perfection in the dairy product section
It's the perfect way to sail through the day
It recalls happy memories of dazzling Denmark
When it comes to rashers the Danes are price bashers
Like the Co-op I can always 'Seaways' of tastefully satisfying everybody
Eggs just beg for it
On lean streaks you can make a pig of yourself
When it comes to Norse code, its word perfect
Quality, taste, healthy nutrition, have always been a Danish tradition
The Danes take great pains to ensure quality never wanes
Having fresh Nordic flavour, its the perfect invader
The taste lives up to the aroma
Bacon that is Danish cured is bacon for the connoisseur
Sainsbury's Charter Quality British bacon is brilliant because…
It's every tum's luxury liner
The best bacon is Royal Crest Dutch bacon because…
Taste of Holland, superbly presented, leaves palates pleased and pockets contented
English breakfast? only great, provided Dutch is on the plate
With Royal Crest bacon - fried or grilled, expectations are fulfilled
Royal Crest's supporters know, it sizzles like a Broadway show
I buy Royal Crest Dutch bacon because…
Tesco and Dutch Royal Crest guarantee bacon at its best
Excellent flavour, value pack, Royal Crest bacon's a premier snack
I buy the best, this bacon has passed the test
This Fryer Tuck's so good, it would hook Robin Hood
It's a nice slice at the right price
Dutch bacon dinners, are low cost Tesco winners
It makes a meal fit for a king
The smell alone reminds me of "home" - but the flavour !
Royal Crest Dutch bacon is my cure for all grills
Tesco bacon is a winner, succulent breakfast, lunch or dinner
Rasher dates need Tesco's best, I go Dutch Royal Crest
Breakfast, dinner, lunch or tea, Royal Crest sizzles my family
Cured to absolute perfection, it "warrants" automatic selection
It's reliably PRIME CUT and undeniably CUT PRICE
Bacon butties become haute cuisine, with Royal Crest as go - between
Such savings show I get "rasher" as I go
It makes a meal complete, a real Dutch treat
When we buy bacon we always go Dutch
Only Royal Crest Dutch sizzles so much
Tesco doesn't rob you blind, Royal Crest a scrumptious find
I buy Sainsbury's Royal Crest Dutch Bacon because…
The crest on the label guarantees best on the table
The flavour I savour, going Dutch I'm a saver
No rasher choice for me! - I go Dutch with Sainsbury
Counter - intelligence and grilling, reveals a sizzling combination
Flavour's better than the rest, selectively I choose the crest
It's my favourite bacon, reasonably priced,nutritious, delicous already sliced
To me, Asda Royal Crest Dutch Bacon is…
Tasty, nutritious, quite like a dream. In my kitchen it reigns supreme
Food to savour, full of flavour, perfect to taste, without any waste
Perfectly cured, reasonably priced, A Dutch of class, slice after slice
A cut above the rest, I can tell by the crest
Such a tasty rasher, no wonder it's a smasher

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