I smoke Benson and Hedges Superkings because…
Benson & Hedges is in pole position with their winning formula and make Asda lap the opposition
I'd like Findus Lasagne and Asda to give me a taste of Italy because…
Saucy, beefy, between fresh sheets; Italian fantasy? No, Findus treats
Unbeatable prices - authentic cuisine - visit the source? My ultimate dream
Wonderful Venice, romantic Rome, no win? Enjoy Findus at home
I choose Vidor batteries at ASDA because...
Vidor power and Asda prices, just 'watt' we need for the 'current' crisis
I buy VARTA batteries at ASDA because...
Varta batteries boldly glow, where none have ever shone before
Asda powers the pockets, for Varta to make all systems go
The Varta triangle means space age power at down to earth prices
ASDA and Varta create low price encounters of the most powerful kind
They beam you up and never let you down
ASDA - one small price for man - Varta, one giant bargain for mankind
Even NASA can't surpass a Varta power pack at ASDA price
Their power's astronomical, the price in ASDA - nominal
They get a superstore of power at a down-to-earth price
Varta are to power what ASDA is to savings
They get a superstore of power at a down-to-earth price
Varta are to power what ASDA is to savings
Like solaras, ASDA and Varta are the perfect chargers
Shopping at ASDA they're obviously smarter for value volts they veer to Varta
No other battery, no other store, pocket the difference, who wants more
Time is well spent at Asda because...
Their prices are cut at every stroke
The prices are under close watch every second of the day
Its got the stock to make you tick
Their prices stand still while time marches on
They put back the clock with their prices
You clock in for variety and clock out with value
For quality and taste I always choose Asda British sausages because…
Lights, camera, action, British bangers are Asda's star attraction
They're an all star cost that's unsurpassed
They're just the ticket for tasty snacks, Oscar winning sausage packs!
Value, taste, meaty, lean, - only the best get through Asda's screen
I'd like to be sipping Budweiser courtesy of Asda because...  
For a Kraken Good Time it Asda be Budweiser 
I always eat Asda pastes when playing video games because…
Asda are price "Street Fighters 2"
Asda/Nintendo console winner, has turkey paste for Christmas dinner  
Energy packed, flavours galore, they always improve "Super Marios" score!  
Greatest taste by far, for battling the moustachioed megastar  
Nine flavours plus Nintendo action, guarantees 25 "bits" of satisfaction  
Super fayre, Super Mario, what a pair no compario  
Tetris culminates in despair, Asda's pastes win fair & square  
They're scrummy, yummy, here's mummy with more for my tummy  
Watch my fingers go, with a "sandwich" course in Nintendo  
With Asda the "end-of- level" door is always "ajar"  

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