Who is your favourite Disney character and why…
Cinders, at Argos Cinders life did change, after choosing from the Philips range
Fairy God mother - Cinderella's dreams came true, Philips maybe mine will too!
Mickey Mouse because really unique, like Philips and Argos, c'est magnifique!
Peter Pan because I'm hooked on Philips products at Argos
Sleeping Beauty because with marriage pending, shops at Argos for a happy ending
Walt Disney is the man for me, the magician behind the fantasy
Spending my premier points at Argos this Xmas means…
Argos pressies fill up our sack, pounds saved, still in the black
Argos shops are a Christmas dream, with competition prices for gifts mainstream
Bags of choice, less to pay, more festive fun on Christmas Day
Converting power for my engine into extra power for my purse

Enclosing Premier Points in Santa's letter, guarantees Argos gifts priced much better

Less expensive in store, Premier Points galore - smiles all round for sure
Merrily choosing from ranges enticing, with Premier Points 'sleighing' the prices
Miles run on Mobil, points to gifts galore - but no bill
Mobil, Argos perfect friends, helping you save money each time you spend
My car becomes a Christmas sleigh, Argos shopping the low bill way
My Mobil shopping, means Argos are chopping, prices on all my Christmas shopping
My season is merry and jolly with quality gifts whilst saving lolly
No bill, Mobil more free shopping each time I fill
Oil fill Santa's sack, and chance I'll get my money back
On bargains galore, I can save more in my favourite store
Premier Points clocking on the dash, means for me more spending cash
Saving pounds and pence on Premier presents, that must make sense
Stocking up with savings galore, extensive choice who could ask for more
There's no coupon botheration. at the Premier filling station

This year his sack was looking thin... until Mobil invited Santa in!

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