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Alive Amps Appliance(s) Astra-nomical value
Audio Automation Battery Battery of excuses
Beam me up Beaming with Beams across nation Best reception
Beyond their time Bits and bytes Blaze Blow
Boldly glow where none have shone before Brand Bright Brilliant
Brilliant performance Capability Caught with my amps down Cell
Channel hopping Charge into action Charge to the front Charge
Chores Completes the picture Computes the Conduct
Connect Contact Control panel Controls the
Convenience Corridors of power Craftsmanship Creature comforts
Current Current bargain Current hit Dark
Dazzling Dependability Design Dishing up selections
Down to Earth Durable Dynamic Earth
Ease of workload Easily operated Easily cleaned Economy
Efficient Elbow grease Electric Electricity
Electrifying Energy Ever ready for Ever Ready, willing and able
Excellence Expert-ease Fade Fast forward
Fine tuners / tunas First because they last Flash into action Flashing
Flat Flex Force Frequency
Fuse Future dimension Futuristic Galaxy of
Generate more Gleaming Glittering Glowing
Good connections Goods Great deals Guaranteed reliance
Heavenly prices High in potential, low in charge Hi-tech Illuminating
In your ohm Intense Juice Lasting
Leading light Leave others flat Life Light
Light prices / costs Light years ahead Live Live to
Live performance Long-life Make light of it Makes all things clear
Manufacture Mobile Modern Multimedia
My son beams Name in lights Needs no adjustment Negative
Network Never a dull moment Never cell you short Never in the dark
No more chores No shadow of doubt No shocks Nothing better has come to light
Off Ohms On line On
Outlook brighter Perception Performance Picture
Plug Plug into Plugged into Pole position
Positive Positive saving Potent Potential
Power to your elbow Power Power(ful) Powerful bargains
Precision Pride of place Programmed in Pull the plug on prices
Quality Receives great Reception Receptiveness
Remote control Rental charges Repeats Replay
Resistance Re-store the power Right wave length Rivals merely glower
Science Screened to See the light Selection
Service Shadow Shining Shining examples
Shock Shocking Short circuit Shows up the others
Socket to 'em Socket Sophisticated Spacious
Spark into life Speakers Spotlight on Star reception
Staying on Storage space Strong Style
Style/ styling Super cell'ection Superb quality Surfing the Net
Switch Switch to Switched onto Technology
Terminal Throw light on Time for leisure Touch button
Tuned to Turn me on Unsurpassed Up to the minute / ahead of its time
Value Viewing Viewing opportunity Vigorous
Vision Visual Visual perfection Volts
Watt ohms need Watts good for your... Watts being saved Watts
Well connected Wire Wired for Wizardry

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Appliance / reliance / defiance / compliance / alliance / science / silence / violence / clairvoyance Automation/ reputation
Battery / flattery Brand / hand / band / grand / stand / manned / bland / canned / land / panned / sand / fanned
Bright/ light / sight / right Inspiration/ imagination/ dedication/ innovation
Lower / power/ glower Mine / line / shine / dine / fine
Perfection / reflection / selection / detection Plug / bug / jug / slug / drug / tug / snug / smug / shrug / thug / rug / hug / lug / dug / mug
Pockets / sockets Power / flower / hour / our / dour / cower / shower / tower / sour / flour / scour / devour
Socket / pocket / locket / docket / rocket Switch / pitch / enrich / which / witch / hitch / rich /stitch / itch / ditch
Tip / zip / whip Work done/ fun

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Sun dishwasher powder / kitchen appliances. Zanussi is the appliance of science because...
They put the style and convenience of tomorrow's world into today's kitchens
Their hi-tech machines are right on target for the modern kitchen
It's not only up to the minute - it's ahead of its time
Sophisticated technology so easily operated, designed to form all the jobs that irritated
It's all so specially designed with today's modern househusbands in mind
Space age styling; it fits in well, integrated in my kitchen, no one can tell!
For the busy modern mum of today, who needs her chores done in a day, Zanussi helps in every way
They have earned the greatest reputation for domestic automation
Zanussi is the brain that gets the work done. Turning all the housework in to fun
In the kitchen of your dreams, Zanussi uses many schemes. Science used in many ways, the lightening up the housewife's days
A flash of inspiration plus a spark of the imagination over years of dedication equals Zanussi innovation
I'd make my home a Hoover home because ...
Twixt dishes and floor I'd have time galore
With Hoover's dishwasher I'd trust my china nobody makes products finer
After a Hoover Blitz, my home would rival the Ritz!
To lighten Labour and lessen expense - Hoover buying is common sense
Washing up and brush and pan, went out with the bogey-man
I'd get a sparkling joint without the aching limbs
Turning my semi into a Palace, no more 'Brookside' now it's 'Dallas'
The Hoover helps a shrimp like me, do a whale of a lot
They're automatic, electronic - it makes this housewife seem bionic
I'd make my home a Hoover home because...
When they're switched on, I can 'switch off'
It's the missing link between hubby and sink
It gives me time on my hands, not on my knees
Hoover changes a 'workhorse' into a leisure centre
Only Hoover could 'Hammer' this house of horrors
Sparkling performance second to none, shows their homework has been done
You can't outmanoeuvre a Hoover
It would transform my humble abode to a Chateau 'a la mode'!
The work they share leaves me time to spare
Only Hoover's clever inventor could make my 'workhorse' a leisure centre!
Hoover's designers have used their brain, housework's done, no need to strain
There's no better life improver than an appliance made by a Hoover
Giving Hoover a twirl, changes this Mrs Mop to Wonder Girl!
Give Hoover a plug and it's top of the cleaning charts
In my 'Tomorrow's World' I could enjoy 'Play for Today'
The quality which delighted Gran has been improved for modern man
When I need to dish out power, Hoover's there whatever hour
My housework took the booby prize, till Hoover opened up my eyes
I would like to spend three days as an Astronaut because…
While Zanussi saves me toil and trouble, I'd love to orbit with the hubble
AEG Appliances give brilliant performances everytime because…
Chores turn to applause when you open AEG's doors
Like classic operas, they are well constructed, embodying style with all parts in perfect harmony
They are ahead of the game in engineering and fame
They are engineered so neat and work a treat, they function clean whilst being green
They are low in energy, high in quality, built to last and delivered fast
You can't buy better this Christmas at Comet because...
Santariffic bargains down every aisle, would even make Scrooge smile
Extensive choice, service and care, plus competitive prices theirs beyond compare
Not even Santa's sledge beats Comet's cutting edge
For Christmas presents great or small, Comet's prices beat them all
Staff are helpful, delivery swift, quality and price are always a gift
Shopping at Superdrug is electrifying because...
They are switched on to powerful bargains
The prices won't give you any nasty shocks
The sizzling low prices make your hair stand on end
Its gratifying not getting a shock each time you shop
I appreciate supercharged quality at undercharged prices
You switch to a most economical concept in shopping
They're light on price - 'amp'le choice, offers you can't refuse
Their 'current' prices are shockingly low
Prices are down to earth and quality worth a plug
I'm not too dim to spot their light charges
It's alive with bargains at shockingly low prices
They socket to you baby
They throw a little light on the subject of savings
Their sparkling reputation needs no plug
Ample choice, watt a store, prices shock, who wants more
All bright sparks save there, they've seen the light
Their prices generate sparks of joy to switched on shoppers
The bargains are powerful, the prices static
Watts high in potential is low on charge
I would like to sneak around San Francisco with Rowenta because…
By accessing Rowenta's visual display, I could discover 'Frisco dataday
I could 'Row' from Alcatraz to 'enta' the mystery dinner
I wish to know her secrets
It would be an electrifying experience
If you're 'Growenta' San Francisco, you'll keep on your toes
Now that the ironing's done, Scott McKenzie here I come
I'm on the dole and I need a hol
I would visit the Golden Gate of my dreams
If it's good as their products, there'll be no complaints
Away from home, Rowenta gives all the home comforts
It would be a refreshing, clean and smooth experience
The sun, breakers and beautiful people, beckon from its beaches
The west coast is the best coast for sneakers
It’s an electrifying city, with an electrifying experience
When I run out of steam, it would iron out any problems
It's simple to get steamed up over this holiday
The trip would match the product in excellence
Together we would leave no zone unturned
It would be the gateway to the golden city
I could steam around town, then iron out the clues
Of the sights and bright lights
The place is never off the boil
Rowenta's high-tec expertise, secures a golden opportunity overseas
It's a fantastic city of fun, sun and beautiful views
I can hack the pace without getting hot and steamy!
It's a great place to have a sneak
No other travelling companion would be as reliable
It's the golden gateway to opportunity
It would be a bridge to paradise
These key appliances provide a freeway to the Golden Gate
It would be an electric experience
I'm in my element trying to find out who dunnit
Without their Golden Gate to universal quality, I'd be lost
Only Rowenta could iron out the infamous San Andreas fault
Mysteries excite me, adventure delights me, hope Rowenta wires me.
The trail would guarantee a megathrill at every twist
Romantic Occasions Warrant Exciting New Technology Activities
I am a sneak
Electronically, they couple up well together
The city needs to iron out it's tramlines
This golden opportunity bridges the gap between work and play
To visit the Golden Gate, with Rowenta would be great
In a faulty city, faultless equipment is essential
Then I would discover the secrets beyond the Golden Gates
A trip around the bay would make my day
Golden words seek golden dream so 'wrote-an' I entered
It would be an electrifying experience
With Rowenta it would be electric
Rowenta delights me, San Francisco excites me, please invite me
Incognito with Rowenta will be a ceaseless momento
Super sleuthing in style sounds so sensational
Rowenta penetrates homes with ease, San Francisco secrets will please
We could steam up the streets in red-hot style
Prowling 'Frisco lifelong bug, take Rowentas lead, no better plug.
Rowenta's renown, makes us 'Stalk of the Town
This smooth operator sneaks while the iron is hot
It would be better than sneaking round the house
I'd have live-wire company in a live wire city
I suspect such fun rewards
Rowenta's high technology I spies, brilliant credentials for 'Frisco guide
I could 'Row' down Sacramento and 'Enta' the Golden Gate
Like Dirty Harry, it would make my day
I've never seen the Golden Gate, California seal my fate
It's the golden gateway to America
Their unique characters put them streets ahead of the rest
It is the golden gate to the new technology
Only Rowenta could devise systems to trollybus the crooked street
Like its products, it represents reliabilitv and value for money
To find Tony Bennet' s heart, is reason enough to start
We could iron out problems and solve 'who dunnit'
To compare other products with unmatcheable quality of Rowenta
Rowenta's technology stands supreme, setting standards seldom seen
I left my heart there 1990 - must get it back
It's an electrically charged experience the toaster the town
My new kettle needs a holiday
It would iron out all those hills
No secret, it's the most thrilling city stateside
A holiday in America would be a dream come true
I seek sun and bliss so I 'wrote-an' entered
We wanna socket to 'Cal' and 'Fornia' at electric centre
Rowenta the best to buy, San Francisco yet to try
Together we could light up the town
It sounds like a cast iron idea for a holiday
Rowenta always has something good round the comer

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