I would search the maze for French apples because....
This fruity foursome of tasty treasure, signposts a trail of Gallic pleasure
Fresh French fruits could mean an aMAZEing prize to conTENT my family
They are gorgeous, and have more kick than French footballers
For aPEELing crunch, aMAZEingly taste, inTENTion would be to find with haste
They're a handy snack, for my rucksack
Choice selection - taste divine. The label is French, Le Crunch is mine
Every taste is catered for, with crunch and bite to the core
Gallic air and great care, creates apples beyond compare
Enza New Zealand Braeburn apples taste sensational because...
It's nature's be-all that enz-all
'A' levels, Ooo levels, whatever the test, teacher knows the Braeburns best
They a-peel to my senza taste
They mature at leisure and pip all others for peeling pleasure
For hungry cyclists they're the perfect 'meals on wheels'
After ripening in the sunshine - they reign
An Enza senza summer sational right to the core
Always delicious, maintaining tyred inners, to 'summit up' they are refreshing winners
The flavour is not skin deep - it goes right to the core
Their sound 'bite' reveals a juicy inside story
Break the peel - and release an oasis of pleasure
As a 'Kiwi - 'K' snack or to 'Enza' meal, they are ideal
They End - z - a need to eat any other apple
From Britain's most 'Raleighable' shop, New Zealand's more 'sensational' crop
They activate parts other apples don't reach
It is the mouth watering snack in the leak proof pack
Crisp, crunchy, a 'capital' buy looks to match - feast for the eye
They're every tums f(l)avourite luxury line
Imported from the 'Enza' the earth - Us ' Poms 'Raleigh'on their worth
Wheely keeps you well on the road to a healthy life - cycle
I would love to win a weekend break in Paris with Le Crunch because ...
Fine varieties, each tasting great, ooh la la Paris, lets co-operate
Paris sounds the perfect frolic, for this apple loving Le Crunchaholic
There is nowhere better for my bunch, to munch a Le Crunch for lunch
With a little co-operation, Paris is my destination
Paris in the spring will go with a zing when we're munching on Le Crunch
With Co-op's co-operation and Le Crunch's inspiration, I would make my destination a Parisian sensation
Co-op shopping just right, Le Crunch apples love at first bite
Sensational city, perfect to munch, and enjoy the delicious taste of Le Crunch
The Co-op is the best of le bunch, at selling a perfect packed munch lunch
If an apple a day brings the postman my way ... pip, pip hooray
For capital cuisine to suit every taste, Le Crunch is the apple, Paris the place.
City of romance, great family treat, Le Crunch would make it especially sweet
French hospitality, warm and inviting, Le crunch apples, delicious and exciting
A taste of Paris, absolute bliss, like Co-op's fresh Le Crunch - too good to miss
Romantic Paris, beautiful sight, Le Crunch from the Co-op, love at first bite
An eyeful of Paris, fruit from Le Crunch, this perfect combination appeals to my bunch
I'd Le Crunch at leisure, amid Louvre's great treasure with delicious pleasure
The famous five all pack a munch, so ooh la la let's have Le Crunch
Paris like Le Crunch apples, displays good luck and excellent taste
Healthy, delicious, a real pleasure munching Le Crunch to experience Disneyland's treasure
The apples en cored in every French parlour, are delicious, Braeburn, Granny and Gala
Tempting, tasty, juicy, nutrition, makes apples from France a family addition
Super Paris scenes delight, on warm romantic nights, will Co-op send me that's Le Crunch
The last time I saw Paris the apples were a soggy munch, nowadays viva Le Crunch
Sampling Co-op's Le Crunch apple array, my fancy took flight for this weekend away
Paris cuisine may have temptations, but I'll dine with Granny Smith and her four relations
Le Crunch are the favourite munch, of my healthy little bunch
Le Crunch have the tastiest pedigree, of all the apples on the family tree
I love Le Crunch apples because…
They're a champion chomp for a Champney's romp
Juicy and crisp with flavour supreme, they even fulfil my Champney's dream
Somefield Le Crunch apples offer the peak of taste because…
To be precise, the flavours entice, peak of perfection, at a down to earth price
Juicy and crisp with flavour supreme, a taste that could lead to an Alpine dream
Sainsbury's/USA Empire apples are the perfect choice because…
Others aren't 'Apache' on these new American redskins
From Britains finest shop, Americas finest crop.
I buy Washington Apples because…
Sixty something, flabby lassie, hoping Redskins will sculpt my chassis
They are rosy red, tempting to eat, keep your body fit and neat
Irresistible Redskins Co-op bought. Provide deliciously healthy food for thought
Great taste, cost a cinch, slim waist, lost an inch
These tempting red apples shouldn't be missed, even Eve the first lady couldn't resist
They're top of the crops from the U.S.A., I munch one for lunch and have a nice day
Juicy, crisp with instant zest, ideal for relieving executive stress
This healthy snack I can over-indulge, helping avoid a millennium bulge
Healthy sweet and sunshine kissed, no wonder Eve could not resist
Nutritious, tasty, handy, they're Yankee Doodle Dandy
A Washington is the apple of my eye, by far the best apple money can buy
They're yummy and scrummy and good for my tummy
Their delicious munch after lunch or dinner, as a round off is a healthy winner
Once eaten forever smitten
Sweet, fruity and juicy overall, once tasted their Monica tells it all
From seed to tree and then to me, Washington Apples harvest health with quality
Washington apples give me zest, for millennium fitness is my quest
Gently nurtured, flushed with pride, nature's finest grown state side
I love their taste and they're good for my waist
Delicious, nutritious, love every bite, now there's a healthier me in sight
Like George, I cannot tell a lie, Washington are the crunchiest buy
They make me feel fine and reduce my waistline
Washington apples must take some beating, raise fitness level by tasty eating
Just like Washington's famous resident, one bite and you feel like the President
Like Adam, I am tempted to test, a fruity beauty, nature's best
Even George and all die president's men, gave these apples 10 out of 10
Quality stamped in American tradition, they are natural, delicious, full of nutrition
Red, crisp and refreshing at an affordable price, they're a capitol way to paradise
As Monica said to her friend Bill, they go down well on Capital Hill
They're wholesome, nutritious and taste quite delicious
For a fat-free lunch, they're a c-apple-tai crunch
Not a question with which to grapple, these succulent beauties are my favourite apple
C.W.S. always knows what to pick, so with C.W.S. I'm going to stick
I need no mineral nor vitamin enhancers, Washington delicious fruit provides the natural answers
They're naturally sweet and good for you, if only Washington's could grow men too.
They have a good chain reaction, to the family's satisfaction
Red-skinned apples, easy to spot, a healthy dividend from the Co-op
These American Redskins from my favourite shop, taste good, others aren't Apache on this crop
Genetic modification not needed, these apples are No.1 seeded
Washington Reds are an instant hit, and are helping me get fizzically fit
I get the pick of the crop, from my local Co-op

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