Words / Ideas Winning Tiebreakers



Block Cheerleaders First down to In a huddle
Quarterback Receivers like Running back for Spend.. Get a quarter back
Superbowl Super bowl of Touch down for  

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Safeway's new beefburger range gives me a sporting chance because...
It's just the ticket for a 'quarter-back'!
I think Snickers and the NFL American Football weekends are an ideal link because...
Miami dolphins would swim a mile / Philadelphia Eagles swoop in style / New England Patriots wave the flag / Pittsburg Steelers hide their swag / St Louis Cardinals hail the people / Dallas Cowboys do it with the rope / San Diego Charges being thrifty / the 49 ers make it to 50 / Green Bay Packers pack a whack / Nutty packed snickers the perfect snack
Spend a dollar on snickers, get a quarterback
You've got to be 'peanuts' not to be 'running back' for more
They both cheer me up when I'm a touch down
Snickers is full of nutty chunks, NFL is full of chunky hunks
NFL excites me, Snickers delight me, hope you invite me
Amongst the glamour, glitz and action, Snickers are the star attraction
At home or away, they're the match of the day
When excitement rises and energy gets low, Snickers provides the get up and go
I'd be a 'touch down' in the mouth if I had to 'pass' on either
Snickers, Snickers, Snickers, Rah, Rah, Rah in our league, you'll go far
Energy, Entertainment, Excitement - both have the 3Es that are sure to please
Top attractions, second to none, Snickers and Superbowl are number one
When you drool over Snickers you never miss a dribble

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