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Abstain 'Absolut' perfection Abstinent Alcohol
Alcoholics anonymous Alcohol and drugs Alcopops Always in good company
Always wins Amber Baileys Balloon
Bar Barmaid Barman Bartender
Barrel Best cellars Bite Body
Body with strength Bootleg Booze Born in .... raised in glasses
Bottoms Up! Bottle feed Brand buyers Brandy
Break a habit Brew Can after can Can(ned)
Carafe Carry out Case Champagne
Cheers! Chilled Cider Class in a glass
Classic Cocktail Cognac Cold
Colt.... Trigger Consistent quality Consume Cool
Cool and dark Creamy Days of Wine and roses Dead drunk
Decant Decanter Defy competition Delicious
Distill Draught Dribble Drink
Drink in private Drink like a fish Drink to forget Drink too much
Drip Drinking and driving don't mix Drink up Drop
Drown your sorrows Drunk Dry Eat, drink, and be merry
Educated drinkers.... Sinkers Effervescent Euphoric Every drop gives a lift
Excellent taste Export Fill to the rim Flavour to savour
Flow Forbidden fruit is sweeter Four pack Frothy
Full bodied Gin Glass Glass of its own
Goes down a treat Gold(en) Good cheer Got others over a barrel
Gravity Gulp Half Half empty or half full
Hand picked by Juan Valdez Hard stuff Head Head for happiness
Heavy Here's looking at you ! Here's mud in your eye! Here's to absent friends
Here's to you! High glass Holds its head high Home in-joyment
Hopping mad Hops Ice Ice cold / Ice cool
I have the hands, it has the body I'll drink to that! Inn-signia for Instant pleasure
Imbibe It's brew-tiful Lace Landlord
Lap Last orders Launched a thousand sips Leader of the pack
Less filling! Let wine breathe Lift off .... Splash down Light
Light refreshment Liqueur Liquor Loaded
Local Long life lager Lush Merry
Mine host More hops Multitude of tins Murder another case
My first case Neat New wine in old bottles Nightcap
Nip No arms, no legs, plenty of body No drought about it No use crying over spilled milk
100 percent proof Off-licence Older 'Bud'weiser One over the eight
Only a ring pull away On tap On the house On the rocks
On the wagon Open Optic Outglass
Palate Party Perfect brew Pickled
Pils Pint Plants Plastered
Plenty of body Pop open Port Prohibition 1920 to1933
Proof Pub Pull Pull a Colt
Punch Pure Purity Quench
Raising glasses to Refresh(ing) Reigns where it pours Reviver
Rich Ring pull Rhythm and booze Rocks
Roll out the barrel Round Rum Salute! Satisfaction
Scotch Schooner See double See pink elephants
Seldom equalled, never excelled Serve Sherry Short(s)
Sip sip hooray Slip a Mickey Socialise Sophisticated
Spill Spike a beverage Spill your drink Spirits
Stay cool, keep your head Stoned Strength Strong
Sup Swallow Swig Swirled
Tanked up Tap Taste Taste acquired...forever desired
Tastefully canned Taste CDuctive Tastes great! Taste sensation
The pause that refreshes Thimbleful Thirst Thirst class...thirst glass
Thirst for knowledge Thirst quenching Thirst for success Thirst rate
Three sheets to the wind Tight Tin Tipsy
Top of the hops Traditional Tube Undiluted
Vermouth Vodka Water Weak
Wet What'll you have? Whet your whistle Whisky
Whoop it up Widget Wine Wine women and song
Winner by a head Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum    

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Adventure / quencher Ambitious / delicious
Andalusia / choosier Beers / cheers
Bite / right / delight Body / strength
Booze / use / excuse / refuse / confuse / amuse / lose / chose / whose / snooze / blues / news / ruse / brews/ views Canned / grand
Cheerier / criteria Class / glass / brass
Craft / draft / draught Drink / sink / pink / blink / think / brink / wink / ink / clink / link / kink / rink / shrink
Distillation / creation Exotic fire / refreshing cool
Flow / glow / Saltzenbrau Gin / din / grin / win / sin / twin / cabin / fin / begin / thin / kin / skin / pin / spin / tin / violin / chin / bin / kitchen / origin
Merry / sherry / berry / cherry / ferry / perry Nation / sensation
Pleasure / treasure / measure / leisure Port / sport / fort / caught / sort / resort / escort / support / court
Pour / bore / adore / ore / four / lure / cure / secure /score / sure / insure / mature / encore / more / galore / before / pure / store / core / fore / chore / shore / implore / pore / soar / sore / tore / tour / roar / your / floor / door / moor Quench / wrench / bench / french / clench / drench / trench
Refresh / fresh / afresh / mesh / flesh Richer / pourer
Sip / skip / drip / grip / strip / whip / slip / flip / dip / chip / hip / lip / nip / snip / rip / trip / ship / tip / pip Strength / length
Taste / placed / braced Thirst / first / burst / worst / versed / cursed / dispersed / reversed / conversed
Toast / boast / coast / ghost / host / most / post / roast  

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Martell is my favourite Cognac because ...
To savour Cognac's liquid treasure, will always be my greatest pleasure
I've always wanted to visit Ireland because ...
Visiting Ireland with Baileys beats going to Bakewell with a tart!
To name a new cocktail…
'Wall Street' - it's a liquid asset that earns capital appreciation
I would like to visit Jamaica the home of Appleton Run because ...
Lovely scenery and wonderful spirit, makes the ideal run with a view
I want to see Black River where the best drinks come from
The qualities of Absolut that appeal most are...
Purity of Spirit, Essence of Taste, Clarity of Choice
Superior Quality - Sweden's finest Selection, Taste and Values 'Absolut' Perfection
It's crystal clear, by far, the finest, smoothest Vodka money can buy
Clarity.. Purity... Smooth Stylish Finesse.. Its Qualities are Absolutely Endless
Champions choose Drambuie because...
It's top of the league in the World's best cellars
Success reigns when it pours
Whatever the challenge, its the perfect reply
Campari and carnivals go together because...
Campari's the drink that never goes in disguise
One is well asked for, the other is well masked for
Distinctive taste definite hue, even masked the fun comes through
Campari is in full employment wherever there's enjoyment
Campari in St Marks could lead to fun and larks
Cabana Blanca rum gives me the carnival spirit because...
I get a rum feeling I want to celebrate
I think Baileys Irish Cream would make the ideal Christmas drink because…
One part whisky 'n' two parts Emerald Isle, add Baileys and pour out a smile
Remy Martin makes a great Christmas gift because…
Remy's silky smooth taste perfection, helps relieve post-pud depression
Past experience makes it the perfect present
Wise men travel from afar, to sample Cognac's brightest star
Cognac made the Remy way, raises spirits on Christmas day
Christmases come, Yuletides go, but Remy maintains that sumptuous glow
Superior cognac delivered by Santa, satisfies every discerning decanter
Say why Paris and Martell make the perfect combination…
Paris, the legendary Greek, discovered his Achilles heel. But in Paris, in France, you won't suffer mischance if you drink a Martell with your meal
Martell is my favourite Cognac because ...
To savour Cognac's liquid treasure, will always be my greatest pleasure
Remy Martin makes a great Christmas gift because…
Christmases come, yuletides go, but Remy maintains that sumptuous glow
Cognac made the Remy way, raises spirits on Christmas day
Past experience makes it the perfect present
Remy's silky smooth taste perfection, helps post-pud depression
Superior cognac delivered by Santa, satisfies every discerning decanter!
Wise men travel from afar, to sample cognac’s brightest star

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