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Coast to coast, they give the most Complete my case Cut corners but never miss a turn Cut prices, not corners
Friendly face in a foreign place Global alliance is all I need Globe trotters friend Guide to page anywhere
Guide to resort to I rest my case Know where to go Lowdown on the high spots
Narrows the search to broaden the mind Never lead you astray Never misguided Passport to
Put the knowing into going Salt and pepper for unseasoned travellers Take the wondering out of wandering The must for wanderlust
The perfect place to go They put you on the spot They show the way to save on your stay Ticket to ride
When you gotta go, you gotta know Where would I be without them Without ~ I’m a stranger in paradise

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Concise / price Cook / book / look / took
Information / exploration / vacation Tips / trips / dips / grips / lips
Way / stay / may

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I want to go around the world because…
I have a spirit of adventure that only STA travel can foster
It is a challenging pursuit and I have the courage
Hasta la vista Manchester rain - aloha Hawaii, Sydney and Maine
Worlds of mystery to unravel now it's possible thanks STA travel
Wouldn't I just love it if that happened
From Tiberian mountains to Spanish costas, always seeking golden Fosters!
Strength and spirit, adventure true - I'm an ideal export too!
I want to be bound for everywhere you've been
My thirst for adventure Fostered by STA travel will finally be quenched
Seeing other people's horizon broadens my own
Fostering a roving spirit is the best way to export adventure!
UniJet has the Holiday you need because
You select. Unijet direct. ABTA protect
If you are seeking sheer perfection, Unijet offers a wide selection
They make your needs their business
I'll be taking Kellogg's Frosties on my UniJet Florida holiday because…
Frosties provide 'Kwik' fortification, for exploring Unijets dream destination
Pancakes for breakfast are not my scene, but Frosties with Disney would be a dream
Unijet is my first choice for a Florida holiday because…
Using my loaf to Unijet there; Florida holidays with people who care!
You're miles better with Orchid Travel and Soreen because…
Soreen delights me - Menorca excites me - Hope Orchid Travel invite me
Mastercard and Thomas Cook go together well because…
Together they give a travel style, without hook, hitch or crocodile
With minimum fuss, maximum speed, this global alliance is all I need
Perfect planning, pay with plastic, together they trip the flight fantastic
When travel requirements must be met, they make the best combination yet
New York of Neverland, fantasy hooked, this Peter Pan's definitely hooked!

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