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Adventure / Adventure forth      African Queen      Ahead of the game     Always ready for spoor / sport    
Animal instincts Animal magic Animal rights/ sights  Animated     
Beauty Big cat/ Big catch/ Big guns     Born free      Buck    
Bushed      Call of the wild     Cape Capture   
Cheatah/ Cheat a     Cheer me ‘up’/ when Victoria ‘falls’       Chimp, chimp cheery Earn my stripes    
Escape the concrete jungle      Famous spots     From darkest Africa to ...      Game for Gnu/ new adventure  
Gnu what I want      Go ape     Good in-tent/ intent    Great adventure
Great rift from Great white hunter ... of the sun/ a tan        Gunning for          Herd / heard
Hunt Hunter of value          I’m a wildebeest for   I’m only human... want to be Cheetah’d
I’m wild to get away  If African... I can       Jumbo opportunity/ chance etc Jungle booking
Jungle juice      Jungle of Just what I’m giraffter        Kenya/ Can you believe it        
Knock spots off         L. E. Fantasy        Law/ lore of the jungle          Lion
Lion’s share     Lodge a       Lying in wait  Mara / Ma a    
Masai      Monkey about Monkey with      My lazy monkeys    
My tribe would       Not a tame holiday      Not deer / dear ...but antelope       Out of Africa
Out of African        Paw marks       Paws/ Pause for  Rains      
Raw/ Roar deal Really wild       Re-lion / Relying       Rifling through       
Roaring success          Safari / So far as....  Safari of delight Safari so good      
Scene/ seen        Set my sights       Shoot           Snap      
Species of        Spot check/ cheque Spot on Spot the     
Sundowners         Tame      Tarzan/ Jane        Taste for adventure       
Track down        Trail after Trail blazing Trails/ tales of the unexpected
Tree tops       Trek Trek after        Trunk packed      
Uganda/ you gander   Uncage the        Untamed         Veldt
Vine for        Voortrekkers Water hole         Where I lodge        
Wild beauty Wild for Wild life...good life Wild time
Wild weekend Wild with        World of adventure    Zebra crossing
Zoo’logical conclusion

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Cheetah/ Beater/ Neater Game/ Tame/ Fame/ Name/ Same
Indoors/ Outdoors/ Roars Jungle/ Bungle
Plains/ Gains/ Rains/ Manes Roar/ Raw/ Paw/ More/ Gnaw/ Saw/ For/ Core
Track / Pack/ Knack/ Lack Trail/ Pale/ Male/ Mail
Wild/ Mild/ Beguiled/ Styled

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Elsenham conserves are special because...
From darkest Africa to remotest Cheltenham, discerning connoisseurs demand Elsenham
Cape produces the finest apples and pears because…
Carmen Miranda would have to agree, Cape fruit is ‘ahead’ on quality!
Cradle of life, children of ham, fruit from God, grown by man
Where the sun has his hat on, the fruits tastes spot on
Whatever the field - this country has the best
They tickle my tasting tackle
Cape air has warmth, hope and clarity
Their sun-sets the standard that never flags
God proposes - Cape disposes
Swinging fruit of sweet creation, hence come for to carry you home
They are my come-fruit en-joy!
Nelson Mandela’s abundant sun, now shines on everyone
They’re kind to their grannies and they care for their pears
Hope has been replaced by world, sun and goodness
Thrifty pickers for their stickers
Where diamonds enrich the ground, tree-mendous gems are found!
Freedom always tastes good
There is no apartheid between superb flavour, quality and value for money
They are the sunshine fruit of rainbow people
A Cape apple a day, keeps the All Blacks at bay!
Once ‘peared’ off, you’ll live ‘apple’ly ever after
They have their hearts in the fruit, their souls in the trees
Whichever you're biting it’s the taste you're liking
They’re like sunshine on a cloudy day
Even Superman couldn’t fly without a ‘Cape’
Sunshine and soil of quality, ‘packham’ with vitamins A ‘N’ C
Their world fruit cup runneth over
South African roots, make the juiciest fruits
Stunning country, varied soils, they couldn’t look better painted in oils
It’s juicy flavour squeezes the others into touch
Seed and setting are perfect for earth’s greatest variety show
They’re gold, green and red, thirst quenching thoroughbreds
Dew fresh from due south, comes delicious flavours beyond ‘com-pear’
Succulent flesh, unique flavour, even the sun comes out in favour
There’s always Good Hope of sweet sunshine!
They’re scrum-ptious
Good taste is obviously skin deep
The African sun has a warmer smile
If the sticker’s not on it, the flavours not in it!
They are the best ‘table’ ware money can buy
The summer sun causes an ‘eatwave
Fertile orchards and sun-drenched trees – Isaac Newton would ‘fall’ for these!
They bring a harvest of taste to fruition
A humble Cox cannot compare, to South Africa’s regal fare
It is an Eden of an orchard
They’re African ‘gems’ and a favourite of ‘mine’
Everybody loves feeling fruity
It has its own table in the sun
They are the sunshine in our lives
When it comes to the crunch, a world of flavour bites back
The Cape is the apple-and-pear-way to heaven
Its drenched in sun, in a happy nation, Cape fruit-perfect creation
The Kenco Coffee Company are the real coffee experts because…
Kenya not smell? Have you not heard? Drinking anyone Elsa's is absurd.
I would like to visit South Africa because…
Helped by great wine and Nelson Mandela, South Africa is now a deserved best cellar
I would like to go on safari because…
AfriCat helps wildlife through every season, assisted by IAMS, what better reason?
IAMS cats should thrive, lets help them survive
A safari excites me, wild animals delight me, hope IAMS invite me
I'd like to win a fantastic holiday to South Africa because…
Maybe I’ll meet that wonderful fella, president, leader, Nelson Mandela
Lordly lions, hyenas laughter, Krugers hallmarks are what giraffter!
I’d get a copper tan, silver sands and golden memories
I would like to visit South Africa because…
Lions, springboks, clear blue skies, the fruits of refusing to compromise
Seeing the rugby world cup final with Citizen will be…
An excellent 'Watch', 'Second’ to none, all it's 'Clocked' up to be, 'Time’ honoured fun
A 'trying time’ with some kicks and scrums and bated breath until the cup is won
You can taste the Cape summer sunshine at Somerfield because…
Fresh fruits of the season from African shores, your Gala pearformance deserves our appleause
Picked with care, packed at peak, the selective flavour is quite unique
With fresh juicy goodness that thrills everyone, at Somerfield you can escape to the sun
Cape fruits and their sun-drenched flavours, bring sunny smiles to Somerfield savers
Cape's sheer excellence and Somerfield's flair, when put together make a sunsational pair
From Somerfield branches, it's Cape I adore, each captivating bite leaves me drooling for more
They're crisp and sweet, thank you South Africa for producing this treat
Pip, pip. hooray sunsational crop, freshly picked at our favourite shop
Apples and pears with cape-ripened skin, means the stairway to taste-heaven's within
Taste buds escape to a sunnier shore, courtesy of favourite Somerfield store
Winter, Spring, Somer or fall, there's a Cape fruit to suit all
Cape's super natural , beyond compare, a round of appleplause for Somerfield's summer fare
Every fruit is a little treasure, bursting with goodness beyond measure
Spectacular fruits, excuse the pun, aid my escape to Somer sun
Somerfield cuts out red tape, so superb fruit speeds from Cape
Tasting Cape sunshine from Somerfield store, has whetted my appetite for South African shore
Soaked in sunshine, tended with care, supplied by Somerfield a natural pear
The price can't be beaten, the quality's fine, Cape and Somerfield simply shine
Sun-drenched freshness and South African smiles, ensures a warm reception in these British aisles
South African beauties from sun-drenched land, put sunshine taste in palm of your hand
The fruit is aromatic and sweet, from the South African heat
17 varieties all tasting great, from South Africa to Somerfield by the crate
Seeing Cape on Somerfield's label, means mountains of flavour on the table
Somerfield's Cape fruit's glowing skin, are just bursting to send juice running down my chin
Cape fruits do their sunniest best, to comply with Somerfield's stringent test
Their price appeal and quality seal give Somerfield shoppers a sunshine deal
It’s the gateway to an African experience
Juicy, crisp and beautifully tanned, Eve had one in Eden and got mankind banned
Just follow South Africa's sunshine route, escape to the sun with Somerfield's fruit
The ripening heat of South African sun, ensures Cape quality is second to none
Cape fruit delights me, South Africa excites me, hope Somerfield invites me.
With luscious fruit from the rainbow nation, I escape for a sunshine celebration
Fruits mouth-wateringly fresh and juicy to the core, perfection's spelt Cape in this sunniest store
Cape fruit once bitten brings an 'eatwave to Britain
Expert growers discover the route, to bring us juicy sun-drenched fruit
Cape's juicy fruit, their healthy pride, have weeks of sunshine packed inside
For apples and pears by far the best, Somerfield and Cape outshine the rest
Sun-drenched South African orchards fertile trees, produce fabulous fruits with great capacity to please
The fruit is picked and packed at exactly the ripe moment
Soaked in sunshine, tended with care, there's nothing more natural anywhere
Bursting with taste juicy crisp and sweet, January to September an every day treat
Distinctive flavour perfected through time, creating delicious fruit -quite sublime
Cape summer sunshine in apple and pears, guaranteed to give smiles bigger than Tony Blairs
Appeeling fruits South Africa yields, prepeared for me courtesy of Somerfield
They store Cape fruit so inviting, the sun bursts out when you bite in.
Their sun-kissed fruits sweet to the core, bring you back for more and more
Somerfield provide what others lack, South African fruit which make lips smack
They're crunchy, sweet and full of zest, South African sun Mandela's best
Fresh new season, fruits sunned to perfection, bursting with taste Cape's finest selection
When Cape and Somerfield are peared thereafter, shoppers live appley ever after
Cape has the sunniest disposition in the field, one bite and the summer is revealed
Non-stop sun means flavour beyond compare, Granny Smith and I, appley shop there
Seven great flavours vitamins rich, only problem is deciding which
Cape's glorious sunshine rich fertile land, produces apples and pears that taste really grand
From Table Mountain shadow, to Somerfield shelves, what a bountiful way to indulge yourselves
Bursting with flavour, from sun-drenched trees, even Isaac Newton would fall for these
I've pearticular cores to be impressed, with these two I've bagged the best
Cape fruits always in fashion, tenderly grown consumed with passion
Juicy and crisp, with flavour supreme, a taste that could lead to an African dream
Clean fresh air, warm glowing sun, grown in freshness, South African fun
They're a shining success with a taste to impress
Picked, packed, delivered post-haste, guarantees freshness, nutrition and that wondrous Cape sunshine taste
South African's finest, a fruity delight, entices the palate with every bite
Crisp, tempting, juicy and nutritious, the prices are Golden, the fruit delicious
Natural delicious for young and old, with South African sunshine Cape wins the gold
Fresh fruit tasty and juicy too, available to pick from a branch near you
Cape apples are all sun-kissed, so Somerfield's selection shouldn't be missed
Full of Cape goodness with the taste of sunshine, Somerfield's choice is also mine
Their apples and pears taste so delightful, South African sunshine sweeten every healthy biteful
Soaked in sunshine, pearfectly apeeling fruit I adore, pip, pip hooray for my Somerfield store
Spring may be gloomy, summertime bleak - Cape's juicy goodness brings the sunshine I seek
Fresh and juicy apples and pears, a taste of summer from a store that cares
Even granny couldn't ask for more, than the juiciest pear in the store
Bursting with flavour everyone sun-kissed, Somerfield's Cape are too juicy to resist
Somerfield help me keep in shape, with healthy goodness from the cape
There is just no mistaking those extra hours of sun intaking
Masters of the trade we all agree, they only sell fruit of the highest degree
South African sun and Somerfield pearfection, appley combine to produce the finest selection
Delicious sunshine flavour, versatile to use, my only problem is which one to choose
Every bite is pure sunlight
To be precise, the flavours entice, sunshine perfection at a down to earth price
I could appley eat a top red - or perhaps a bon rouge instead
A wealth of health, a juicy treat, tastebuds dance to the Afro beat
Every sun-kissed fruit that Cape select, has the quality and flavour Somerfield's customers expect
South African sun and tender care, produce mouth-watering fruit beyond compare
Before they arrive on Somerfield's shelves, Cape Apples and Pears were sunning themselves
Bursting with flavour, ripened with care, so fresh you can imagine you're there
Sun packed pearfect African delights, natural delicious enjoyed by healthy appetites
Cloaked in sunshine, juicy to the core, perfection never Veldt like this before
They look and taste crop-dead gorgeous
A mountain of goodness packed with smiles, brings summer to our tables without travelling miles
When your taste buds need a good first aider, Somerfield brings in the Cape crusader
It's packed inside fruit from the Cape, and each delicious bite lets it escape
There's nothing added, nothing removed, because nature's best can't be improved
This fruitful alliance takes some licking, from any branch it's there for the picking
For quality, taste and fresh picked aroma, Cape and Somerfield deserve a diploma
Delicious flavours beyond compear, appley eaten anywhere
Crunchy, juicy. tangy, sweet, whatever the season, a sunshine treat
South African roots grow the juiciest fruits
Once you’ve Veldt their firmness and savoured their sweetness, you never get Boered with them
I'd love to explore Africa with Mighty Joe because...
His local knowledge would take me far - even maybe find a Spar
Mighty Joe's tender at heart, his African homeland's where adventures start
Going ape would certainly give me the Joe-down on Africa

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